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Love Story

New boy, Edward Masen,finds love in high school. He meets sporty Bella Cullen, captain of the track team. Will she fall in love with him back?


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( Edward's POV)

" Um, hi, I'm Edward Masen. I'm supposed to pick up my schedule.", I told the chubby secratary. I had just moved from my birthplace in Chicago, to Pheonix arizona. I'm eighteen and in senior year of high school.

" Yes of course. Here's a map of the school, and your schedule. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask anyone. Oh, and we have a pep rally today before seventh period.", Chubs said.

I'm Edward Anthony Masen Junior. My dad is a world famous lawyer, my mom is a pre school teacher. My birthday is June 20th. I have green eyes and bronze penny colored hair. I'm good at running, my favorite animal is a mountain lion. I'm going to UCLA. I'm an only child, and I've never even had a crush before.

" Oh, I'm so sorry.", a girl said, picking up her books, she had run into me.

" It's alright, I'm Edward Masen.", I held my hand out. She shook it. I fianally got a good look at her. She had mohagany hair down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were pools of chocolate brown. She had slightly tanned skin, and was skinny but you could tell she had muscles.

" I'm Isabella Cullen, but you can call me Bella. I have to get to class, but I'm sorry again.", She smiled and took off in the direction of her class.

Seventh period rolled around and I headed to the gym. The coach came up to the microphone.

" Here at our school, we hold pep assemblies for most sports. These include football, soccer, basketball and track. Today our varsity girls track team has a meet in the next town over. We now ask for a few words from our girl's track team captain. Miss Isabella Cullen!.", the coach called. Wait was he talking about the girl I saw earlier? Bella walked up to the stage and over to the microphone.

" Hey guys. We've had a great season so far. We've won every meet, and invitational. We even keep our grades to the top. We put our hard work to use every week, just to prove to other schools, we can't be beat. Whether that's academic or physically. I'd like to also mention, Angela Weber, she broke the record for long jump last weekend with a jump of thirteen feet four inches. LET'S GO BEAVERS!", Bella finished and walked off stage while all the students were cheering.

Two weeks later I decided to use the track. I had football coming up and wanted to get in shape. There I saw Bella Cullen with a bunch of little kids. I decided to watch her, not creepily or anything.

" Alright guys, who knows who I am?", she asked them all. A little girl with black spiky hair raised her hand.

" You're Bella, my big sister! I'm gonna be just like her when I gets to high school.", The little girl stated. I didn't know Bella had a little sister.

" Thank you Alice. Alright guys, just follow me, and be carefull not to fall, we're just going to jog a lap around the track alright?", she smiled at all the little kids and they nodded. I watched as they all ran around the track. Bella kept at a pace that the kids wouldn't get to tired of. I watched them for an hour. They did long jump, sprints and some of them tried high jump. Bella spotted me and smiled, but also blushed.

" Bellsy Boo! Mom and dad said they want you to drive me to Jasper and Rosalie's!", a buff fifteen year old told Bella. I assumed this was her brother. But is Jasper her brother?

" Alright Emmett. Just let me make sure all the kid's parents got them and I'll take you to R and J's house. I'm taking Alice to the movies tonight so I'll drop you off on the way.", She yelled to him.

" K bells. Hurry up, I need to see my Rosie.", Emmett took off to finish his laps around the track. Eventually all the kids got home and Bella left with her siblings. I ran two miles.

The next day at school, was easier, although, my thoughts never left Bella.

" Yo! Cullen, need a ride home?", A tall indian boy asked Bella.

" No Jacob, even if I did, I wouldn't be as reckless as to get on the back of a motorcycle with a sixteen year old.", Bella rolled her eyes.

" Come on Babe! You know you want me, and with my bike we can take a little ride to the beach and maybe I don't know make out a bit.", Jacob suggested wiggling his eyebrows.

" Jake, my father, would kick your ass, if I even thought about getting on the back of that death trap. Plus, I need to be in top shape for the state meet, I don't need any broken bones.", She growled.

" You need a life Cullen. I'm two years younger than you and my life is ten times more exciting.", Jacob laughed. I felt like punching him in the face.

" Your life is exciting? Are you getting six scholoarship offers? I didn't think so. Are you captain of the track team? Didn't think so. My life is a hundred times more exciting than your's Black, and for the record, call me Cullen again, and you'll lose more than just your pride.", Bella glared than stalked off. Jacob growled. I decided to take my chance and talk to Bella.

" So, where are your scholarship options?", I asked. She saw me and smiled.

" Um, Dartmouth, Florida, Harvard, UCLA, NYU, and Udub. It's great to see you again, without bumping into you that is.", She smiled sweetly and blushed.

" Wow, have you decided where you're going to go?", I asked.

" No, I sorta want to be close to home, I love my family to much to only see them a few weeks out of the year. What about you?", She raised an eyebrow.

" I don't know. I was thinking maybe UCLA.", I admitted.

" Hey, I heard you're pretty good in AP biology. Do you think you could help me?", She asked sheepishly. I was shocked. Bella was so popular and I was the new kid on the block.

" Um, yeah, sure. Here, put you're number in my phone and I'll call you to set up a date... I mean study session.", I blushed as I handed her my phone. She chuckled and programed her number into my cell.

" Cullen! Get into your uniform and start your laps!", The coach yelled from the track.

" Yes Coach, sorry Coach! Bye Edward, call me later.", She stood on her tip toes and planted a kiss on my cheek. Right as her lips touched it felt like a serge of electricity had gone through our skin.

" Bye Bella, I'll call you.", I called as she ran towards the locker room.