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Love Story

New boy, Edward Masen,finds love in high school. He meets sporty Bella Cullen, captain of the track team. Will she fall in love with him back?


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

I knew Bella's practice was over, and I was debating when to call her. I didn't want to seem too desperate. I also didn't want to seem like a jerk. So, I decided to just call right now. The phone rang and an angel answered it.


Bella, hey it's me, Edward, Edward Cullen.

Oh, hey Edward. What's up?

Um, I just wanted to see when you wanted to study. I didn't know what time or day you would want to do it. Study I mean.

Can you come over in an hour? You can stay for dinner if you'd like also. My mom's making chicken parmasian.

Ya, sure, I'll be there in an hour, speaking of which, where do you live?

Oh, I live at 1901 Forks street. I'll see you in an hour. Bye Edward.

Bye Bella.

So that conversation went easy. An hour later I hopped into my car and headed to the cullens. When I pulled up my mouth dropped. The house was huge, and the whole backside was made of glass. There was a massive garage and a huge inground swimming pool including a hot tub square in the middle of it. I walked to the door and knocked. A minute later, the little girl I saw at the track opened the door.

" Hi ", I mumbled awkwordly.

" Hello, you must be Edward. My sister invited you over. Do you want to come inside? I think my sister has a crush on you 'cause when you called she ran to the phone and smiled and blusheded. Then after you stopped talking she ran in her room and started trying on all her clothes. I have a best friend his name is Jasper, he's as old as Emmett, but he's really nice. Emmett's my brother and Bella's my sister. Her real name is Isabella Marie Cullen, but she doesn't like being called Isabella. My name is Mary Alice Cullen but I don't like the name Mary so you can call me Alice.", Alice said in a rush that I struggled to hear. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.

" Emmett! What the hell is wrong with you! Why did you drop my cell in the toilet?", I heard Bella yell from upstairs.

" Well, if you wouldn't be so damn girly maybe you would have realized alice has been talking to your date for the evening, you needed motivation and now you need a new phone too. Have fun explaining that to mom.", I heard Emmett snicker from upstairs.

" Mommy! Bella said Hell and emmett said Damn, they have to put money in the swear jar!", Alice ran into the kitchen I followed her.

" Hello, you must be Edward. It's nice to meet you.", Mrs. Cullen gave me a quick hug and then turned to alice. " Sweety, go get Bella and tell her Edward is here. Tell her and Emmett to bring me their wallets so they can put money in the swear Jar too." Alice nodded and ran upstairs.

" It's nice to meet you Mrs. Cullen, your home is amazing.", I smiled.

" Oh dear, call me Esme. And thank you. Sorry about Alice, she's a little, hyperactive.", Esme laughed. All three kids came bounding down the stairs, Bella had a wet iphone in her hand.

" Mom, Emmett put my phone in the toilet then peed on it! It's disgusting, yell at him or something.", Bella begged. Emmett gulped and I saw the look of pure dissapointmet on Esme's face.

" Emmett Cullen. You will buy your sister a new phone, understood and Isabella, why would you even touch it if he... used the restroom on it?", Esme asked incrediously.

" Well, I... I don't know. I wiped it off, but then water started seeping out of all the holes in it. Plus, I um, I was, waiting for a call.", She said the last part quietly.

" Alice, go play in the backyard, Emmett, go to the store and buy your sister another phone, Bella your 'study' parter in here.", Esme said. Bella's mouth dropped and she blushed.

" Hey Bella.", I greeted her.

" Hey Edward, um, do you want to study outside or in my room? Where ever you want to study It's fine with me.", She stuttered out. I chuckled. Alice ran back inside and grabbed a cookie.

" Bella likes you Eddie. That's why she's stuttering.", Alice giggled and ran back outside. Bella's mouth dropped and she blushed bright red.

" Well.... um.", I stated, I 'm sure I was blushing too.

" Bells! You got another letter!", A blond haired man yelled as he walked into the kitchen with Esme. He saw me there and his eyes narrowed.

" Hi daddy! Um, this is Edward, he goes to school with me. You said I had a letter?", Bella smiled shyly.

" Hello Edward, and yes it's from Brown University. By the way, call me Carlisle.", Carlisle smiled and handed Bella the envelope.

" Another scholarship application. That's seven now.", Bella sighed.

" I ran into your track coach. His wife went into labour. He asked me to ask you to direct practice until he returns.", Her dad said proudly.

" Really? I mean, I know I'm team captain, but I didn't think he thought I was that good. Wow! This is.... Amazing!", Bella seemed thrilled about this. I smiled and chuckled a bit.

The weeks passed by fast, Bella and I found ourselves hanging around eachother alot more. I'd even taken her on a date or two. Bella was really excited for the state track meet. She would be in the last event that would determine whether or not they were the champions. She also had to decide who the next team captain was.

The day fianally came for the last track meet. It was almost time for the last event, and Bella was no where in sight. The coach called her name through the intercom and Bella stumbled out from under the bleachers. She looked weird. She was clutching her stomach and she was sickley pale. Her parents looked at eachother in worry and went down to the fence, me following.

" Bella, what happened are you all right?", Carlisle asked his daughter.

" I- I'll be fine, let's- lets just start the race.", Bella told the ref. He nodded and shot off the gun. Bella came in first, winning the entire meet but as soon as she crossed the finish line she fell onto her knees. Carlisle and Esme ran over, and I trailed behind them. Bella was clutching the dark blue of her Uniform, she moved her hand and there was blood on it. I lifted up her uniform and saw a huge slash mark on her stomach. Esme gasped while the refs called over the ambulance. Alice who was with Emmett, were both crying. I didn't know what to do.

When we were at the hospital the police showed up and needed to talk to Bella. I was in the room when they talked to her.

" Isabella, can you tell us what happened before you got the wound?", the tall skinny officer asked.

" I was going to the concession stand to get a water. I always buy one right before one of my events.", Bella said tiredly.

" What happened next?"

" I bought the water. When I turned around I saw a few of my team mates. They had all won their events so I congradulated them.", Bella muttered.

" Who were the teamates?"

" Jacob Black was there with his girlfriend, Tanya Denali. Along with them was Tanya's twin sister Irina Denali. Vanessa Wolfe was there and Jared Wolfe.", Bella flinched.

" What happened next?", the officer asked again.

" They said that I was a waist of space on the team. I was good for nothing and the only reason I was captain and got good grades was because I was the doctor's daughter and he paid everyone off.", Bella's tears fell.

" Who hurt you Bella?"

" Jacob, had the knife, Tanya and Irina held me in place, Jarod held Vanessa back who was freaking out, when she saw what they were going to do."

" So, Vanessa, she didn't want to harm you?"

" No, she is actually a friend of mine. Jacob, Tanya, Irina and Jarod however are a different story. They think because my parents are rich, I buy everything. Including people's effection. However, ask my parents, I bought my own car, I pay for all my school stuff, I'm even trying to convince them to let me pay for college. I don't care for money. They think, that's all I do, use money. So they wanted to teach me a lesson."

" Who stabbed you and what did they do afterwards?"

" Jacob stabbed me. They heard my name being called over the intercom and ran. I saw them by the finish line, I finished my race and collapsed. That's all I remember. Well besides the pain.", Bella's tears were coming out in rivers now.

" Thank you Miss Cullen. I assure you, once we find these children they will be arrested. Now, I'm assuming you want to press charges. So for that there will be a court hearing, and can you please tell me the ages of these children?"

" Um, ya, Jacob is sixteen, Tanya is eighteen, Irina is eighteen, Jarod is seventeen and Vanessa is eighteen.", she told them. The officers finished their questioning and left. Looking at Bella so helpless, volnurable and scared, I came to one of the most important and biggest realizations of my life.......... I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Isabella Cullen.