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The Vampire's Daughter

When a 12 year old girl, who looks exactly like Rosalie, comes to Forks what will it mean for Rosalie and Emmett? Not to mention that when she looks into someone's eyes she knows exactly who,or what, they are, and everything about them. P.S.- please review and this is my first fan-fic, so please go easy on me.


1. Arrival & the Family

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Here I am in a new town, soon going to a new school. WHERE do I live now? Forks, Washington. Ugh. I HATE it here, it's such a small town. Not to mention I have to live with FIVE brothers and my dad. My mom died when I was 2 years old. I really miss her. My brothers are Max and John, who are both 18,Chris, who is 16, and Joe and Edd, who are both 15.And MY name? Rosalinda. I grow up in a family FULL of BOYS, I am a tom-boy, and WHAT is my name? ROSALINDA!! Only 1 of THE MOST girly names POSSIBLE and I get stuck with it. Ugh. By the way I'm 12 and I'm the youngest because I am adopted.

Anyway we just got here yesterday and are still unpacking. Atleast it's sumer, so we won't have to worry about school for a while. Well it's SUPPOSED to be summer. But honestly it still feels like winter. I mean it's RAINING!

Just now my brothers walked in. "Hey what hppened to knocking?" I siad. " Sorry Rosa-" Rosa is ny nick-name"-want to come to town with us? We heard about a park not too far away." Max said Yay! I love parks. "OK" I said "Just let me hang up some of my clothes. So when I was done we went to the park.

Max was right we could walk to the park-wich I would pobably do often. When we were walking the rain eased up to just a mist. Thank You!

When we got to the park I saw that it was just us and 1 or 2 other families. I couldn't really tell, they were all standing together talking. When we walked through the park gates a teen, who was playing a little girl who looked about 5 years old, looked up and saw Cris. He shouted "Chris?" My brother looked up at him and said "Jacob? Jacob Black" Chris it is you!"He shouted, leaving the little girl with the group, he ran up to Chris. "Hey Jacob. It's been a wihle hasn't it?" Chris said. That's when Jacob saw the rest of us."Hey Max, John, Joe, Edd. He looked at me and said "Umm I would say hi but I don't know your name." After he said that a girl from the group started to lagh. When she finally recovered herself she said, "Jeez, Jake, you just sounded SO stupid." "Well I really DON'T know her name!" He said. That's when I spoke up, "My name is Rosalinda, or Rosa, for short."

Then I heard a blond haired girl from the group gasp. I just tried to ignore it, but I couldn't help thinking -"What was THAT about?"

Then Chris asked, "Uh, hay Jake wanna introduce everyone?" "Oh right, " he said "Well this is Sam, Emily, Paul, Jared, Embry, Quil, Leah, Seth, Collin, and Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Jasper, Edward and Bella, Renesme, Emmett and Rosalie." So the one who gasped was named Rosalie.

"Wow that's alot of names to remember."Joe said "Oh, shut-up!" Chris said.

We spent about a hour at the park, but then Max said "Well we better get going" to Jacob. "Why?" I asked. He turned to me and said "Remember that Dad wanted to talk to us?" "Oh, yeah" I said excited. Dad said it had to do with my real parents!

So after we said good-bye to everyone we were on our way home. When we got home I started to cook some pasta- since I was the only one in this house that could acually cook food that was edible.

When I was done cooking diner Dad got home, he was a cop so he got home sort of late somtimes. We all sat down at the table. Dad got right to the point "Ok, as you all know this is about Rosa's birth parents." he said "Rosa I never told you this, but they left a letter for you when you turned 13. But I thought that since we just moved I would give it you know." Then he hande me the letter. It said-

Dear R osalinda

You are 13 now! i just want to tell you your father and I never wanted to give you up, but we had to for your saftey. We both cried for days after you were gone. We hope you enjoy where you are living and your new family. We both miss and love you so much. We are sorry we ever had to give you up.

Love Mom and Dad

R and E

After I read the letter out loud I looked at my brothers and my Dad and said "I need to go for a walk." I got up up and grabbed a jacket and walked outside. Nobody tried to stop me, they knew I needed some alone time and that I would be fine walking alone in a small town like Forks.


My daughter is in Forks! Uh-oh. I really hope Edward didn't hear that. "What?" Edward yelled. Too late. "Well remember when Emmett and I went away for a year 12 years ago?" I asked "Yes" Carlisle answered "Well I sot of had a kid." "What?" Alice asked. "I thought we couldn't have kids?" "That's what I thought" I said "Maby I got lucky."

"This is amazing." Carlisle said "I wish she knew who we were." Emmett said sadly. "Emmett, you know she wouldn't be safe living with us." "I know, I know. I just wish we never had to."he said. "Wait, she was comletly human." Jasper said confused.

Just then Rosalinda walked into park alone. She was holding a paper and looked so sad. I wonder why?


I walked into the park, great the group of people was still there. I think I might use my little gift to find out more about them. For some reason when I look into someone's eyes I know everything about them.So I looked into thier eyes, and what I found wasn't very pleasing. They were all vampires and werewolves. Except the little girl she was only half-vampire. Then the boy named Edward said "She has a gift. If she looks you in the eye she knows everything about you, including weather or not you are a human."

Everyone gasped and looked horrified, just then something hit me, Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen are my parents!

My parents are vampires?