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Coming Back

Isabella Swan was bullied by her nieghbor Edward Cullen. When her parents divorce she goes to Pheonix with her mom, leaving her father and twin brother behind in forks. Senior year comes around and Bella moves back to Forks. She's ready to show everyone the new Bella.


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( Bella's POV)

At age eighteen, my parents, Charlie and Renee Swan had me and my twin brother Emmett. At age five my parents dropped us off for our first day of kindergarten. At age seven, my best friend Edward, found a new best friend and started bullying me. At age twelve my parents got a divorce and I moved to Pheoni xwith my mom. Emmett Stayed with my father in forks. At age at age thirteen, my dad got remarried and had another child. At age seventeen, my mom got remarried to a pro baseball player and I was being sent back to forks on my eighteenth birthday. I'd visited my father twice a year, since the divorce, but never stayed longer than a week. But now, I'm spending my senior year there. My mom literally told me she didn't feel like being tied down with a kid, she wanted to experience the honeymoon phase again, so I was being sent to live with my father.

" Bella, this doesn't mean I don't love you. I still do, I just, need time away from you and Emmett.", Mom tried to explain.

" No need to explain anything mom. I get it, having kids wasn't what you wanted. Just don't call me crying when Phil wants kids, and you don't want to be tied down. I'm not coming back. I mean, you couldn't have waited until after my birthday to send me away? I'm turning eighteen god damn years old, you're sending me away on my birthday!", I cried.

" Isabella, don't be an infant. And when Phil wants children, I intend to give him some. But sweety, we want to be our own family for awhile.", Mom gave me and earnest look. I just glared back at her.

" Bye Renee. Have a good life with your new family.", I walked into the plane and didn't even glance back.

Well, I guess I should explain myself. I'm Isabella Marie Swan. I have a twin brother, Emmett Alexander Swan. My mom just got remarried a pro baseball player, Phil Dwyer. My dad got remarried five years ago to Sue Clearwater, nine months later little Seth Swan was born. I have a step sister, Leah Clearwater. My ex best friend and worst enemy is my soon to be neighbor. I play guitar, piano and I sing. I used to model, but got bored with it so I quit. I have wavy mohagany hair and when the sun is shining you can see natural red highlights in it. My eyes are chocolate brown. I'm eighteen years old as of today.