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Bella Cullen, Edward Masen. Highschools most popular couple. Right after graduation, Edward runs away, changing his phone number and never telling anyone where he is. What will happen when Bella and edward run into eachother about four years later???


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( Bella's POV) High school

Edward Masen. I knew without a doubt, he was the guy I always wanted to be with. I found myself constantly thinking about him when he wasn't around. We were great together, we even made the High school's future list. We were the most likely students to end up getting married.

Graduation day was fast approaching. Edward and I would be going to college in Florida together next fall. Except, Edward had been acting weird. He was quiet all of the sudden. He would shrug or nod instead of talking to me. I was honestly worried something was wrong. Then came the fatefull graduation day.

" Edward Masen!", The principle announced. Edward walked onto the stage and got his diploma. I waited until my name was called.

" Isabella Cullen!", I went and retrieved my diploma. Edward seemed,.... Jumpy. That's when it happened. Last thing I know, I'm seeing my boyfriend's silver volvo racing down the road. I even see the suitcases piled into the back.

( Present day)

Here I am, a twenty five year old woman, sitting at home, remembering my ex. I had just finished packing, I was moving to California with my Family. I didn't want to be to far away from them. In the morning, the Uhaul was coming to get my boxes. My phone starts ringing and I rush to answer it.

" Hey mom.", I say into the speaker after seeing the caller ID.

" Bella, please tell me you aren't curled up on the couch eating ice cream.", My mom knew me so well.

" No, I had to answer the phone, I'm now sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream.", I laughed.

" Smart ass. Listen, make sure you don't forget anything. Especially your lap top. I can't even remeber how many times we had to buy you a knew one seeing as you lost the previous one.", Mom laughed.

" I only lost three mom. I was away at college, and living off of chinese take out and pizza.", i excused

" Oh bella. So, you have your apartment lined up? Everyhing ready to go?", mom babied me too much,

" Yes mom, dont worry i wont have any boys over after nine.", i joked.

" Sweet heart, I'm starting to think you need boys over after nine.", Mom sighed as my mouth dropped.

" What are you trying to say mom?", I asked astounded.

" Bella, you need to get laid. I know I'm your mother, but still, you need a man.", My mom said.

" Who says I don't have ocasional one night stands mom?"

" Bella, I know you. You still haven't gotten over Edward, and don't lie by saying you and Edward never slept together, I saw him sneeking out on saturday mornings.", I flinched when she mentioned Edward.

" Whatever, how's Ali and Em?", I changed the subject.

" Emmett's his usual fifteen year old self and Alice is still the hyper four year old.", Mom laughed and I joined her. Emmett was eleven when i started college and Alice was born after I had started college, and was a senior. Let's just say she was a suprise to all of us. I'm twenty one years older than my sister.

" Are they excited for the move?", I asked curiously.

" Yes, Emmett's already loading up his things and Alice, well she's dancing around the living room telling us she wants to be a ballerina or a movie star in California.", Mom said.

" Typical Alice.", I laughed.

" Oh, honey what's your adress again? I want to program it into our GPS.", Mom asked.

" It's apartment seventeen on Lucard street. You can't miss it.", I said.

" Alright, well, I'll let you get some sleep. See you in the morning.", Mom and I said goodnight and I fell asleep on the couch. As always, I dreamt of my runaway love.