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Bella Cullen, Edward Masen. Highschools most popular couple. Right after graduation, Edward runs away, changing his phone number and never telling anyone where he is. What will happen when Bella and edward run into eachother about four years later???


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

Bella Cullen. Her and I, we were the most perfect couple. I fell in love with her the first day in kindergarten. I was the new kid in town, and Bella was the doctor's daughter. At age fifteen we started dating. At age eighteen, I ran away from her. Don't ask me why because I don't have an answer. I changed my phone number, email, hell, I even deleted my facebook.

So, here I am. Living in apartment sixteen on Lucard street in California. When I ran away, I ran to Forks washington. From there I moved to sunny California. Yesterday I found out I was getting a new neighbor. I am a ER doctor. I graduated pre med and medical school early due to me always studying, even in the summer. It was the only way to get my mind off, her.

I just recently started dating again. I'm dating a girl named Tanya Denali. She works for a fashion agency.

The next day I was woke up to the sounds of feet running in the hallway and a child giggling.

" Alice! Your sister doesn't know we are here!", A woman scolded the child.

" Do you think she has a boy in there? She never has boys with her.", the little Alice girl giggled again.

" Alice, she's probably sleeping. She drove all day to get here.", The woman talked again.

" Mommy, why doesn't she ever gets a boyfriend?", The little girl asked. I could barely hear her.

" Alice, I can't tell you. I'm sorry.", the woman sighed. I couldn't help but think about hearing her voice somewhere before.

" Is she a lesbian?", Alice asked. My jaw dropped.

" No alice, she likes boys. She just doesn't go out anymore.", the woman said.

" Mom! What the hell are you guys doing here? I told you, I'd meet you up at the resturaunt when I finished unpacking my bedroom.", I heard a knew voice, now this one, I knew I remembered, I just didn't know who it belonged too.

An hour later I walked out of the building to get to work. I saw a new car in the driveway and knew it was the neighbor.

( Bella's POV)

So, my mom and sister pay me a visit. I trip in the park, racing with alice and break my hand, so here I am, sitting in a hospital waiting room, fixing to get a cast.

" Isabella Swan?", I heard the nurse call. She led me to a room and told me the doctor would be right with me. When he did come in. My mouth dropped to the floor.

" B-bella?", Edward stuttered.

" Um, maybe I- can we please just fix my hand. I don't- please.", I begged. Not looking him in the eyes. Alice ran into the room crying.

" Sissy! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! It was an accident! I promise I'll be good! Don't hate me.", Alice grabbed onto my leg and sobbed, Edward looked at me in shock.

" Alice, it's ok. I'll be fine, it wasn't your fault. How about we go to my house later, and we'll cuddle on the coach and eat Ice cream all night. Does that sound good?", I gave her a smile.

" Mommy says you sit and eat Ice cream on the couch cause you refuse to get laid. Emmie says that too, he thinks your turning into a lesbian.", Alice said. My mouth dropped.

" Alice, tell mommy, that she and I are going to have a looong talk. And tell Emmett, that as soon as I see him, he'll have a broken hand. Now, go and tell them, then we'll go to my apartment and instead of eating Ice cream, we'll watch movies and play games. Now, go.", I pushed her in the direction of the door. I then sat down on the bed while Edward inspected my hand.

" So, you never, slept with anyone else?", Edward brought up.

" Not that it's any of your buisness, but no. I didn't want to. I finished college without going to a single party. I don't even drink. My mom tried getting me to do all that but, I was to busy. I needed to keep my mind off of things. And then she found out she was pregnant with Alice and I fianally got away from her dating talks. But now she's bringing it up again. New town, new life. I don't want my life to change.", I sighed.