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part 1 of my version of twilight

this is slightly different from the series because bella is a vampire but there is no renesme . (bella isnt in the first chapter) i am learning about my powers in the first chapter .

hope you like this

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I was in the hospital for cutting again and trying to overdose on my sleep medicine and this was because my only parent (my mom) died . The only reason i was in the hospital was because i had sent out an im that i would be dead by 12:00 pm . I started cutting my left arm (im right handed) . Then as the paramedics came in i showed them all the sleeping pills i had then i downed them . Then i slumped over and i looked down and saw blood gushing out my arm . The hot looking paramedic ran to me and picked me up in his strong arms . Then i passed out in his arms . An hour later i awoke to being in a hospital , and now we've come in a full circle . They put me in a room . After they left the room i jumped up and ran out the room . I ran past the nurses station and i heard them say a patient was loose . I was running down a hall way when i felt a stone cold strong arm create an inescapable snare around my waist . i screamed in frustration . I looked up and saw a hot blond male doctor . that didnt stop me for long . i imediately started to struggle again . Then i was hit with the knowledge that the guy that was named carlisle cullen . Carlisle picked me up and carried me back to my room . carlisle strapped me down and then left . then carlisle came back with a needle full of ziprexa . then he injected it into me . i screamed in pain . Then i passed out . I woke up an hour later to the cool light pressure on the inside of my left wrist (my right one is bandaged up) . my eyelids flutter open to see carlisle . he looks down and when he sees my eyes open he smiles . I instantly start to sob . i no longer had a family . ''why are you crying"? asked carlisle . i just shook my head and sealed my lips and refused to talk . he kept asking me questions but i did not answer . Then he pulled out a cell phone and began to talk quietly . And then out of no where i was hit with the kowledge that carlisle and his family are vampires . i then pass out from fear . i wake up five minutes later when a bronze haired vampire like carlisle came in . i realized that the boys name is edward . i was about to scream when edward had his hand over my mouth keeping me from doing that . i struggled to no avail . then i was hit with the knowledge that edward is a mind reader . i finally gave up struggling and went limp . what is it you all want from me i thought wearily towards edward . "we want to talk to you but you would not answer so carlisle called me" said edward . "and i have a feeling your going to have to meet the other person he told me to bring along soon " continued edward . that was it . i began to become so frustrated so i jumped of the bed and hurled myself at edward . as i was doing that i ran into the other person and i knew that his name is jasper and that he controls emotions and that he is a vampire too . i was about to try to scream again when jasper covered my mouth like edward had . i started to struggle extremely hard . and then jasper looked into my eyes and then everything went black . in my dreams i was being chased by a newborn vampire . i scramed in fear in my sleep . then i was shaken awake by edward and jasper . i started crying . then i was in edwards arms . i nestled my head into his stone cold chest . he just sat there with me in his arms while i was crying and he tryed to soothe me . "why are you crying" he finally asked . " because i have no family left" i wailed . "and when i get out of here im going to kill myself" i said matter of factly . "then we must never leave you alone at home because you are moving in with us because alice saw it " said edward . and then they both left me alone in the hospital room obviously how many things in this room i could use to hurt and or kill myself . i wasted no time . i found a pair of scissors and cut open the bandage and sliced open my left forearm . then i took the sheet and ripped it and tied it around my neck extremely tight . five minutes later carlisle , jasper , and edward rushed into the room . they rush to me in vampire speed . i tried to move backwards but i was to weak . carlisle quickly untied the ripped sheet that was tied around my neck while jasper held me still in his strong arms . then carlisle rebandaged my left arm . "i dont want to live any more and when i get out im going to kill myself" i said . and then i started to sob in jaspers arms . "well we are not going to let that happen" replied carlisle . what carlisle said made me think . and then i jetted out of jaspers arms . he was so stunned he froze . then i jumped on top of carlisle and threw a punch straight into his perfect mouth . and doing that broke my right wrist . and then i felt jasper pull me off of carlisle like i weighed nothing , and in his case i probably did . i struggled futiley in jaspers arms . and then i passed out due to jaspers power . I awoke a day later to another vampire with carmel colored hair and her face was heart shaped . i was hit with the knowledge that her name is esme . i was about to rip the tube out of my nose but esmes hands stopped mine . i glared at her and her expression softened . I was suddenly hit with the knowledge that an event would give me the power to have any power i wanted for any reason , time , and where i wanted it . then my brain focused back on reality . then i was hit with the knowledge that esme was my new mother . and that jasper , edward , and emmett are my brothers . and that bella , alice , and rosalie are my sisters . and that carlisle was my new father . i smiled . and then jasper walked in and must have felt how tired and exhausted i was . he came quickly and rested his hand on my shoulder and then i fell into a deep peaceful sleep that i had not had in a long time . i awoke to being in esmes arms . later i got discharged into the care of the cullens . i was still weak so jasper carried me out to the car and handed me to emmett . knowing that if he didn't that i would break free and jump out the car and therfore kill myself . i knew this soon as i was being handed to emmett . before he could get me near the car door i broke free of jaspers arms and ran like a bat out of hell . i was almost to the exit when emmett caught me . he tucked me into his chest like a football .