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Past and present connecting.

Bella and Edward were high school sweethearts until edward went to a different college. They broke up. Bella became a rich and succsesfull writer in two years. Edward moves into his new mansion and meets the neighbors, who are suprisingly familiar.


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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, we're going to different colleges, I don't want to have to be in a long distance relationship. You're going to Dartmouth, I'm going to Florida. I think we should... I think we need to break up.", Edward said. Edward Masen was my boyfriend. We were currently nineteen, and about to head off to college. He wanted to play football for Florida and I wanted to go Ivy league. I never thought we would break up.

" Edward, I- I love you. I thought you loved me too.", I felt like crying.

" Bella, I do love you. That's why I have to let you go. You're Bella Cullen. The smartest girl in Forks, Washington. You've got a great life ahead of you. ", Edward looked away from me.

" You are going to school to become a teacher. You have a great life ahead of you too.", I was practically begging.

" No, the truth is. I don't love you anymore. I did at first, but I fell out of love with you.", Edwards lips mashed into a hard line. I felt a tear escape my eye.

" Fine, if you don't love me. I'll see you whenever. By Edward.", I turned and strode away.

( Edward's POV) Two years later.

I just graduated, I went to school throughout the summer. Truth be told, I lied to Bella. I still loved her and always would. But I wasn't good enough for her. She deserves a guy who will always have fun around her, not hold her down. Anyway. Today, I'm moving into my new house. It's a mansion. My neighbors must have kids because I see a playset in the backyard. Maybe I should go visit them. Yep, I would go visit them.

I walked up to the door and knocked. I heard kids giggling.

" Come in! Liam Jett you sit down and eat the rest of your mac n' cheese!", I heard a woman yell. The door was opened and I saw two little boys running in the hallway only in boxer shorts. One was wearing spongebob ones the other was wearing super man.

" Mommy, I'm a super hero, I don't needs to eats.", The little boy in the superman shorts said with his hands on his hips.

" Liam, superman ate all his food, that's what makes him big and strong, so now you need to eat.", I walked in and saw a woman putting liam into a booster seat.

" Does Anthony have to eat?", Liam asked. I saw the other little boy sitting on the couch sleeping, well almost sleeping.

" He already did, after you eat it's nap time, then Nana's coming to take you to the park.", The woman said with a sigh. She turned around after the little boy started eating.

" I'm so sorry, Hi I'm B- Edward?", I looked into her perfect chocolate brown eyes.

" Bella! Wha- when, what are you doing here?", I fianally spit out.

" I live here with my twins. I became a writer and have four New york bestsellers out. ", She took a deep breath.

" You, you have kids? They are your kids?", I said exasperated.

" Ya, Liam Jett Cullen and Anthony Decklin Cullen. They're two, well almost two.", She said. Two? That would have to mean... Oh god, were they mine?

" A-are they mine? Liam, he has the same hair as me, but your eyes. What about Anthony? I see he has your hair, what about his eyes?", then the realization hit. Liam, that was my favorite uncle's name. Anthony was my middle name.

" Anthony has green eyes. And yes, they're yours.", she said quietly.

" Why didn't you tell me about them? I would have been there!", I was suddenly angry and sad at the same time.

" First, I didn't think you'd want them seeing as you didn't want me. Second, I tried calling you, it said your number had been changed and I could never find your damn dorm room!", She whisper yelled.

" Bella, I lied about not loving you! I knew you would have come to Florida, so I lied. Dartmouth was your dream school. And my phone was stolen, I had to get a whole new number because the person who stole it kept making calls and texting.", I said. Tears fell from Bella's eyes. Liam came running around the corner in a superman costume.

" I'm superman!", He told Bella.

" Yes you are! How about you go to your room with Ant and go play Superman with him alright?", Bella suggested, liam nodded and went to wake Anthony up. We went and sat at the kitchen table.

" So tell me about our boys.", I smiled. She smiled when I said our boys.

" Liam is older than Anthony by eight minutes. Liam weighed four punds six ounces, and Anthony weighed Four punds three ounces. Anthony started crawling around eight months old and Liam around nine months. Both of their first words were mamma. Liam absoulutely loves superman, Anthony loves batman. Their birthday is February twentyfirst. What else?", she smiled.

" Um, how did your parents react? When you told them?", I asked.

" Well, my mom was pissed at first. My dad was nothing but supportive, but the first ultrasound came around, my mom fell in love, and I found out I was having twins. They are now the most spoiled children in town.", Bella laughed. I smiled. All the sudden two little boys ran down into the living room.

" Mommy! Mommy! The phone ringed and Nana was talking! She said that she was coming over and that she was going to take us to the Nanimal park!", Anthony yelled.

" Oh really? Did you ask if Papa was going to be there?", Bella asked in an amused tone.

" No he nots. Nana says he's being superman rights now. He making coughy people betters.", Liam sighed sadly.

" Who' s you? You's in mamma's piture! She tays tat you's usdeded be her friend boy!", Anthony smiled at me.

" You and Ant have same eyes! We has same hair!", Liam laughed and pointed at it. I looked at bella and she nodded.

" I'm your daddy, I was on a trip, but I'm back now.", I said. Both boys jumped into my lap and kissed both cheeks. I laughed and hugged them back.

" Are you a tuperhewo?", anthony asked with an eyebrow raised.

" Well, I don't know. What do I have to do to be a superhero?", I asked amused.

" You has to help people! And like Papa, you has to be really really smart! And you has to play with us, and like our mommy! If you don't like mommy we have to kick your butt. We did that to Paul, he told mommy she was stupid and a B word.", Liam told me with a sad sigh. Who the hell was Paul?

" Who's Paul?", I asked Bella.

" He's my third cousin. He lives on the reservation in La Push.", Bella blushed.

" Why did he call you a B word?", I asked.

" When I told him I was pregnant, we were really close. His girlfriend overheard us, she didn't know we were cousins, and she dumped him because he ' cheated ' on her.", Bella smiled and laughed and shook her head.

" Wow, that's.... mean.", I chuckled.