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mason and nessie meet fate

at the meeting with the volturi bella is still pregnet and gives her self in to save everyone 15 years later she leves the volturi and goes to live withe the cullens but has to leve twins mason edward anthony cullen and rennesmee carlie cullen to live with the volturi.109 years later they both leve to track down there mom. how will the voltrui react? what will bella do? how will nessie and mason react to the cullens? how will the wolves and the cullens react to them? how will edward react to them? will they servive?

i am not stephine myer and do not owne any charters apart from mason please reviwe nicely my first fan fiction

2. they leve

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nessies pov

i ran as fast as i could i was just behinde my brother mason with my choclate colured hair streaming out behind me i dared a look back and then i saw all of the volturie was chaseing us they needed us in there garde.

"run mason there catching us up!" i schreamed at him

ok im going he screamed back