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College bound small town teenagers part their seperate ways. Bella has to find her ex and tell him about his baby. But will she ever get the courage? What about when he comes home for christmas?


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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, I'll always love you. I'll see you at christmas.", My boyfriend Edward Cullen kissed me goodbye and left in his Volvo.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan. My family consists of my father, Charlie Swan. My mother, Renee Swan. My older twin brother, Emmett, and myself. Emmett is older than me by twenty minutes. Usually twins are closer together in age, but mom had problems with my birth. My chord was wrapped around my neck and I came out backwords, not to mention I had to share a womb with Emmett. Emmett was a ten pound baby, compared to my little five pounds. And we were two weeks early. Emmett's all muscle, I'm, well I'm the klutz of the family.

Two months after Edward left I kept getting sick. I didn't know why. Emmett kept trying to convince me to go to the doctor, but I'm stubbern. I don't listen to people, and I hate doctors, well needles to be more exact.

" I'm taking you to the doctor Isabella! Don't even try to fight it, you keep getting sick, we need to find out what's wrong.", My mother yelled after the fifth time I threw up today. She got me dressed and we headed to the hospital. They took blood and we waited an hour for the results. Fianally the doctor walked in.

" Hello Miss and Mrs. Swan. I'm doctor Gerandy. Well Isabella, All your bloodwork came out perfectly normal. But there is something you should know.", the doctor seriously added.

" What?", my mom said in a shaky voice.

" Congradulations, you are eight weeks pregnant Isabella. I assume Edward Cullen is the father and I correct?", the doctor smiled. My mouth was wide open and my mother was stunned into silence. We were carefull, how could I be pregnant? How was I going to tell my nineteen year old boyfriend he was going to be a father. He was out having fun at NYU right now. His family was in town. Edward had a brother and two sisters. Jasper was sixteen, Rosalie was fifteen, and Alice was six. The nurse brought in a sonagram machine. She put the jelly stuff on my stomach and then smeared it with the wand thing.

" That right there is your baby. From the looks of it, you are around ten weeks pregnant. I'll print up some pictures and give you a minute.", The nurse left the room. I was still in shock.

" I thought you were being careful isabella.", my mom mutterd.

" I was! Well, except ten weeks ago at our graduation party. How am I going to tell Edward? He's at NYU! He shouldn't have to be held back because of me.", I had tears pouring down my cheeks.

" Are you planning on... keeping the baby?", my mom asked.

" Yes, it's my baby. I already love it.", I stated and touched my belly. The nurse walked in and handed me the images. She muttered her congradulations and sent us on our way. My mom and I were silent the whole way home. We got home and I knew they would immediatly ask how it went. The worst part? Edward's parents heard I was sick and were at the house checking up on me.

" Hi Carlisle, Hi Esme. Thank you for coming to check on me but I'm fine.", I gave them a small smile.

" You look like you've been crying, are you sure your all right?", Esme asked worridly. I nodded and decided just to get it out there. I looked at my mom and she gave me an incouraging smile.

" So, I went to the doctor, they said everything was normal, but in seven months, I'm going to be having a baby.", I felt the tears slide from my eyes. Everyones mouths were agape except for mine and my mother's.

" D-does Edward know?", Carlisle asked.

" Not yet, I don't know how to tell him. I don't want him to worry or give up his dream of going to NYU because of me. You know he would too. So Maybe at christmas, I'll tell him.", I said. Christmas was two months away. I would be four months pregnant.

Those two months passed quickly. Before I knew it, the day had come when Edward arrived in town. I had a doctor's appointment, and found out what the sex of the baby was. I decided I would tell Edward after dinner then tell the family the sex of my baby.

I put on a shirt that concealed most of my baby bump. Everyone already knew I was pregnant, except Edward. Alice had nicknamed the baby pumpkin patch. She was excited to be an aunt. Before I knew it, dinner time was here. I knew Edward was downstairs, but I didn't know how to face him.

" Where's Bella?", I heard him ask. I walked down the stairs and smiled at him. A eye creasing grin lit up his face. He hugged me tightly to his chest, and our baby decided to make it's presence known, and kicked, right where my stomach was touching his stomach.

" What the hell was that!", He jumped back in surprise.

" That Edward, was your daughter.", Everyone but Edward smiled. I saw a tear fall onto his cheek.

" W-when did you find out? How long have you been pregnant? Why didn't you tell me?", He said in a rush.

" I found out two months ago. I'm four months and a half months pregnant. I didn't want your college experience to be ruined with me having a baby.", I felt tears prick into my eyes.

" Ya, you're having a baby, my baby! Our baby! I should have been the first person you told! Instead I'm the last! Our daughter is in there, I don't care about where I go to college. I care about you, about our daughter, our family! I love you, I would do anything for you! Who- who was there when you found out?", He had red rings around his eyes.

" My mom, then I told the family when I got home. I was scared- I still am scared. Edward, we're nineteen and having a baby.", I started getting emotional.

" I'm transfering here to washington. I want to be with you. I want to go to doctor's appointments, and be there for the birth and wake up at two AM to take care of our child. I want to be a family, not just some nineteen year old boy, who leaves his girlfriend and child to go to the party college. I didn't even want to go to New york in the first place. So, I'll be here, by next month.", He took my face in his hands and kissed me softly.

" So, It's a girl?", he asked excitedly.

" Yes, the doctor confirmed it this morning. She's a girl.", I smiled as his eyes lit up.

" She's going to be my little princess.", He state dtouching my tummy.

" Her name is Pumpkin patch! Not princess!", Alice huffed. We all laughed, and hugged her.

* my cousin wanted to name his little sister pumpkin patch. Just thought it would be cute to put in there.*