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College bound small town teenagers part their seperate ways. Bella has to find her ex and tell him about his baby. But will she ever get the courage? What about when he comes home for christmas?


2. 2

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( Bellas POV)

Edward made good on his promise to transfer. He was home in less than two weeks. Emmett decided he wanted to nickname the baby 'Squirt'. Rosalie, my mom, Alice and Esme dragged me shopping. Alice has alot of energy in shopping at only six years old. She told the lady at the store, ' My brother's girfriend is having a baby. She's a girl and her name is pumpkin patch. Emmy, my big brother, likes to call her squirt, cause she's little. '

Currently at the moment Emmett gathered Rosalie, Jasper, and Alice around me to show them something.

" Alright, Bella lay down. I'm going to put this piece of paper on your stomach, and you are going to try and get the baby to kick. Now, Ali, watch the paper when the Squirt kicks.", Emmett put the piece of paper on my stomach. About two minutes later she kicked and Alice squeeled in delight. Edward walked in and laughed.

" What are you guys doing?", he chuckled looking at me. As soon as he spoke our daughter kicked like she always did, causing the paper to move, Alice to squeel, Edward's eyes to light up and everyone else to smile.

Edward and I moved into a three bedroom apartment his parents insteded on getting us. We also tried to figure out a name for our daughter.

" Gracie?", Edward suggested. I shook my head no.

" Kayla?", he said. Again I shook my head.

" Arrison?", I shook my head.

" Logan?"

" That's a boys name Edward.", I laughed.

" Girls have boys names sometimes. There's alot of unisex names out there.", he smiled and touched my belly.

" Really? Let's talk about something else. When are we going to start on the nursery? Your mother really wants to design it, she wants it to be a suprise too.", I brought up.

" We should probably start on it soon. You're five months along, and I know for a fact you are going to want to see it before the baby comes. Plus, we don't want our child to suffocate on paint fumes.", he chuckled then saw my scared expression and muttered a 'kidding'.

We were over at my parents house. The Cullens were there also and Emmett decided to start telling some Jokes.

" Ok, so, what's better than feeling up a baby? Feeling up a baby with three nipples!", Emmett laughed. Everyone stared at him. He was really starting to piss me off with these jokes.

" What's worse than a pile of a hundred dead babies? A pile of dead babies and one in the middle eating it's way out!", I fianally had it. I slapped him across the face and everyone was stunned into silence.

" Would you shut the hell up! I'm pregnant, I don't want to hear about dead babies! Or feeling up a baby with three nipples! It's not funny!", I growled.

The dinner went on like nothing happened. Only Emmett didn't tell anymore jokes about dead babies.

" Do you need anything Bella? Ice cream? Poptarts? Anthing?", Edward asked when we got home. He was great when it came to all this stuff. He once went out at three AM to get me dairy queen. It was a 24 hour dairy queen. He was going to be a great father.

" Nope, I'm good. Now, let's cuddle and go to sleep.", I smiled and pulled him onto the couch. I fell asleep in his arms while he whispered romeo's lines into my ears.

The next day I went to my parents house while Edward was in class. The Cullens were over there as well, Alice was basically attached to me.

" Bella, when is the baby gonna be bornded?", she asked.

" Not for a few more months. I am five months pregnant, and it takes nine for a baby to be born, so about four more months.", I smiled at her. She touched my stomach when the baby kicked.

" Oh, is Eddie going to be there when the baby is bornded?", she asked.

" I hope so.", I pressed my hand to my stomach where my daughter was playing soccer.

" How are babies made Bella?", she looked up at me. Everyones eyes were on me and they were trying to hold back their laughs.

" Oh, look at the time! I should go call Edward and tell him where I am.", I tried to get up but Alice made me sit back down.

" How are babies made Bella? My friend Garrett's mommy is having a baby, and your having a baby. How did the baby get in your tummy? How's the baby gonna get out? Did you have to eat it? Garrett says his mommy told him the doctors put the baby in her belly button and the baby is now growing inside his mommy. Did the doctors put the baby in your tummy?", she kept asking questions. Emmett laughed and everyone glared at him.

" No Alice, Edward put the baby in there. He put it in there at their graduation party. Little squirt was an accident!", Emmett said in a long breath. By the end he was laughing so hard he had tears streaming down his face. Everyone was glaring at him.

" But how? How did Edward put her in your tummy? Garrett said his daddy gave the doctor his magic wand and the doctors used it to put the baby in his mommy's tummy. Did Edward use a magic wand?", she narrowed her eyes.

" Oh, he sure did! He just broke the magic wand cover!", Emmett laughed again. I wanted to punch him. Esme grabbed his ear and pulled him to the chair and sat him down, right before yelling at him. Edward made it the appropriate time to arrive.

" What's going on?", he asked, he was laughing as he saw Esme yelling at Emmett and Alice hovering over my stomach.

" Alice asked Bella how babies are made.", was all my dad had to say. I blushed as Edward laughed.

" Well, why is Emmett getting yelled at?"

" He said you used your magic wand but the wand cover broke and that's how there's a baby in my tummy.", I said as Edward growled at Emmett.

" Emmett, you are nineteen, grow up!", Edward groaned. We spent the rest of the day talking about the baby and school.