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College bound small town teenagers part their seperate ways. Bella has to find her ex and tell him about his baby. But will she ever get the courage? What about when he comes home for christmas?


3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

It was now , March. We were holding the Cullen- Swan family reunion. Both our families get together and just have fun. Theres little kids, teenagers and adults. We got together, ate, talked and played sports. My aunt Carmen and uncle Eleazer got there first with their kids, Kate and Tanya. Kate and Tanya were twins. Yes twins run in the family, They are both nineteen like me. We hadn't really told any family I was pregnant. Everyones mouth dropped as they saw me.

" Aunt Carmen! Unlce Eleazer! I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Edward Cullen.", Edward shook their hands. Tanya had her eyes on him, she always hated that I got alot of attention from guys.

" Let me guess, some guy knocked her up and your dating her so she has support?", Tanya hissed.

" I'm the guy that knocked her up. That's my baby girl in my girlfriends stomach, and I've been dating Bella since freshman year. And don't speak rudely about her, it's unattractive. Let's go Bells, I bet my daughter is hungry.", I was laughing. Even Tanya's parents were laughing.

" Yes, let's go feed our baby.", We walked to the snack table. My four year old cousin Embry got scared when he saw me.

" Bella, why is your tummy big?", he asked shakily.

" There's a baby in there.", I told him. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped. All the sudden he starts crying and runs to my Uncle Sam.

" Daddy! Bella ate a baby! She has a baby in her tummy and she ate it!", he wrapped his arms around his fathers leg, while sam was laughing his head off.

" Embry, Bella didn't eat the baby, the baby just lives in her tummy right now. In about two months the baby will come out of her Belly.", Uncle sam wiped his son's tears away.

" Oh, is it a boy or a girl. I'm a boy.", he stated.

" Why don't you aske Bella.", Embry walked back over to me.

" Bella is the baby a boy or a girl?", he asked in a whisper.

" It's a girl.", I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

An hour later I was sitting in a chair and Edward was playing with a piece of my hair. Everyone seemed to be watching us. Tanya had a frown on her face.

" Alice Rosalie Cullen?", Edward suggested touching my stomach.

" I like that, your sisters would be happy.", I smiled at him.

" Yes, but this isn't about them. This is about our baby girls name, she's going to be stuck with it for the rest of her life.", Edward Chuckled.

" Ya, I know. I just want it to be... fitting for her.", I put my hand over his which was on my stomach.

" Me too.", he agreed. Tanya walked over, and made a disgusted face.

" I bet that baby isn't even Eddie's. I bet you cheated on him.", she sneered.

" First of all, my name is Edward, not Eddie. Second, I wasn't drunk when I slept with her on August third. That's seven months ago, which is how far along Bella is. Third, She loves me and I love her. Plus, even if I wasn't with her, I prefer brunettes, blondes aren't my type.", Edward spit at her. He was glaring and she looked lost.

" Um... Well, still. Bella isn't even that pretty and she's all round now.", I felt a little bad but not so much.

" Bella's not pretty. She's beautiful. And she's pregnant! There's a baby inside her. My baby, I would know, I put it there.", Edward growled. Everyone started laughing, except the little kids who had no idea what was going on.

It was around eight o' clock. Edward pulled me into the middle of the yard. Everyone looked at us. I could feel my self blushing.

" Bella, We've been together since freshman year. Before that, we were best friends. You held me when I cried after my dog ran away. You tutored me when I was failing history. You sat with me on the park bench, making fun of all the people doing stupid stuff. We've always been together in one way or another. When you told me you were pregnant, I was scared, then I was... over joyed. We actually made a baby. Our baby is going to be perfect. She's going to be my little princess, and what I would love most of all, is if you would be my wife. Bella, your my best friend, the love of my life, and the mother of my child. Will you marry me?", Edward slid onto one knee and pulled out a ring. Tears were flowing down my face. I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head. He put the ring on my finger and pulled me into a tight hug and kissed my forehead. Our mother's were crying, our fathers nodding proudly and our siblings grinning ear to ear.

" OH YEAH! EDDIE'S GONNA BE MY BRO NOW!", Emmett shouted and everyone laughed.

A month passed by and Edward's family was visiting as Esme was finishing our daughters nursery.

" So, did you pick a name yet?", Carlisle asked curiously.

" Well, we're stuck between two. And when we decide our child's name, when she is born, than you will find out.", Edward laughed as his father growled. We only had one month until the baby was born and we were nervous to say the least.

" Well, you'll know her name when you see her. We knew immediatly with you kids. Bella's parents knew her name before she was born. Everytime someone said isabella you would kick.", Carlisle smiled at me. I smiled back. Esme walked into the living room and smiled at us. Alice and Rosalie walked out covered in different colored paints smeared on their faces. I couldn't help but laugh. Alice ran over to me and sat on the couch.

" The baby's room is done! Soon she's gonna be here, I can play dress up with her, and house and barbies!", Alice squeeled.

" Well, she has to get a little older to do that, but soon she will be able to.", I laughed.

" Bella, what if the baby doesn't like me?", Alice asked quietly.

" Alice, she'll love you. I promise.", I was serious.

" Can I hold her first after you and Eddie?", she asked with puppy dog eyes.

" Oh no little girl, that's a spot reserved for the grandmas.", Esme spoke up. Everyone laughed. I was suddenly hit with the realization. My baby would be born in a month. Four weeks, maybe less.