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College bound small town teenagers part their seperate ways. Bella has to find her ex and tell him about his baby. But will she ever get the courage? What about when he comes home for christmas?


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( Bella's POV)

It was official. I was in hell. I was eight days overdue. The doctors were talking about inducing labor. So today, Edward and I decided to go visit our families.

" So, have you picked our grandaughter's name yet?", my mom asked eagerly.

" Yes Mom, and no, we're not telling you. You have to wait just like everyone else.", I rolled my eyes as my mom huffed out a breath and Edward chuckled.

" Bella! Why isn't my niece here yet?", Alice yelled as she ran into the door. As if it was to be expected, my water broke right then.

" E-edward. Go get the car.", I said with my teeth gritted from the pain.

" Why? We just got here.", Edward raised his eyebrow.

" Well, let's see. My water just broke, and I don't feel like having my baby at my parents house.", I said. His face paled and then he ran outside while everyone started freaking out.

" What's wrong Bella?", Alice asked worridly as I took a sharp intake of breath as a contraction hit. Alice had tears streaming from her eyes.

" It's ok alice. The baby is going to be born soon. I'll see you in a little bit.", I was rushed out of the house.

At four twenty three am, my perfect daughter was born. She was born with her father's bronze hair, and her eyes were suprisingly a chocolate brown color, instead of the usual blue most babies had. She was six pounds three ounces and was twenty inches long. I was sitting on the hospital bed watching my fiance holding our baby girl. His eyes were lit up. She already had him wrapped around her tiny little fingers. When we heard her first cry Edward had tears streaming down his face. There was a knock on the door and in came our families. Esme held her first, then my mom, then our dads. We finally came to Alice's turn.

" Ok, sit down Alice.", she did as she was told, and edward layed our baby into her arms.

" Hello Pumpkin patch. I'm your Aunt Alice, I'm gonna be your bestest friend.", Alice leaned down and kissed the baby's head.

After everyone held our daughter they all stared at us.

" So, what is her name?", Carlisle got right to the point.

" We'd like you to meet little Alison Rose Cullen.", Edward stated with a smile on his face. Everyone gasped and Rosalie cried, Alice jumped up and down.

" You named her after Alice and I?", Rosalie asked wiping tears away. We nodded.

" That's so cool! How many of my friends can say they have a niece and she's named after them?", Alice said excitedly.