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College bound small town teenagers part their seperate ways. Bella has to find her ex and tell him about his baby. But will she ever get the courage? What about when he comes home for christmas?


5. Epilouge

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( Bella's POV) 5 YEARS LATER

" Alison, do not try and climb that tree!", My daughter like me, had inherited clumsiness. Just as Alice said, her and Alison were best friends. Alice was proud to say that too. Rosalie had just graduated, Jasper finished his first year of college and Emmett met a girl. Coincidentally, this girl happens to be six years younger than him. Rosalie, yep, they started dating on her eighteenth birthday. They didn't even care about age. Jasper met a girl, Maria and is thinking about proposing. Alice got a boyfriend, Daniel. Edward and I got married after Alison turned four months old, and when she was three we welcomed little Charlott Carlie Cullen and Esme Renee Cullen into the family. My twins had just hit the terrible twos. Three girls kept Edward and I busy. Especially since the twins were identicle. They liked to play little games on us. They both were miniature versions of me without the clumsiness.

Soon, there will be a fourth child for Edward and I. This time, we're getting a little boy who we've already named Aiden Emmett Jasper Cullen. We've already decided no more babies after this.

" Mommy! When's the Aiden gonna be born?", Alison asked curiously and touched my nine month round Belly.

" Soon. Remeber, we have to be careful with him.", I said. When the twins were only a few weeks old, Alison decided she wanted to play house with them while Edward and I were asleep. Luckily we woke up before she got into their crib.

" Bella, love you should be resting. I'll get the kids settled down and we can watch a movie. Now, go inside.", Edward ordered. He was always extremely protective when I was pregnant. I couldn't wait until our son was born and he completed our family.

I got my happily ever after. Hopefully, it will always get better and better. I told Edward about Alison before I made the mistake of regretting not telling him before he was GONE.... Now, we're one big happy family.

THE END!!!!!! <3