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changing bad to good

Bella cullen, moves to a new town, and meets her neighbor badboy. Can she change him for the better? Can she turn this playboy into a one girl kinda man?


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( Bella's POV)

My name is Isabella Marie Cullen. I'm eighteen years old and in my senior year of high school. My parents are Carlisle and Esme Cullen. My dad is a worl famous Chief of Medicine in a hospital and my mom is a world famous interior designer. I am an only child. After I was born my parents found out they couldn't have any more kids. I have wavy mohagany hair that reaches the middle of my back and chocolate brown eyes with specks of gold and blue, I know weird. Anyway, I'm moving from my hometown of Forks washington, to the sunny Pheonix Arizona. My dad got offered their position of Chief of medicine, so we're relocating. I don't mind, as long as it makes my father happy. When we get there mom and dad are adopting a four year old little girl. Her name is Alice Mary Brandon, well her last name is Cullen now. I can't wait to be a big sister. It's going to be so fun. We had already set up her room in the new house, we wanted it to be finished before we even moved in. My room, and my parents were finished as well.

" Are we there yet?", I asked. We were going to pick up Alice. The orphanage was twenty minutes away from my dad's workplace. We pulled into a parking lot and I read the sign, ' Sunset Valley Orphanage for young girls '. I squealed and jumped out of the car. Stumbling to catch my balance of course. The seceratary met us outside and ushered us into her office.

" Hello, as you know, I'm Mrs. Carmen Denali. You must be Carlisle, Esme and Isabella Cullen. You're here to adopt our little Alice aren't you?", Carmen asked sweetly.

" Yes, can you tell us about her. We just want to know a little more so we're prepaired for her.", My mother smiled at the lady.

" Certainly. Alice is very energetic. She loves shopping and anything pink, purple and blue. She know's you are going to be adopting her and she is ecstatic. Her parents died three years ago and there were no living relatives or even friends to take her in. She was sent here and has been here since.", Carmen said. I felt bad for my baby sister. Carmen took us into the dining hall and pointed Alice out.

Alice was so cute. She was very small, she looked like a little pixie. She had short spikey black hair and bright blue eyes.Her eyes looked like my father's eyes. I knew she was going to be a fun little sister. I could shop with her, and go to the carnival with her.

" Can I go see her?", I asked eagerly.

" Go ahead.", Carmen siad to me. My parents sat and watched as I approached her. I sat down in the chair next to her.

" Hi.", I greeted her.

" Hi", she whispered shyly.

" I'm Bella.", I stuck my hand out. She smiled a little and then shook it.

" I'm Alice Brandon. But I'm getting a new mommy and daddy today, so now I'm Alice Cullen.", she smiled even bigger.

" That's cool. That's also weird because, well, I'm getting a new little sister today. Plus, my mommy and daddy's last name is Cullen.", I tried to hint at it.

" Well, I'm supposed to have a big sister too. Mrs. Denali said her name is Isabella Cullen. I can't wait to meet her, we're gonna have alot of fun.", Alice sighed happily.

" What a coincidence, my name happens to be Isabella Cullen. And my little sister's name is Alice Brandon soon to be Cullen.", I smiled. Her eyes widened and she threw her arms around me.

" We're sisters! I hoped we were sisters! You're really pretty and have really cool eyes!", Alice held my hand as I pulled her over to our parents. They had wide grins on their faces.

" Are you my new mommy and daddy?", Alice asked quietly. Mom bent down and told her yes. Alice did the same thing to mom and dad that she did to me.

Two hours later we were on our way home with Alice. We showed her around her room and the house. Then we went next door to see the neighbors. We knocked twice before the door opened to reveal a tall man. He had brown hair and blue eyes.

" Can I help you?", the man asked.

" Um, we're the new neighbors. We just wanted to introduce ourselves. I'm Carlisle, this is my wife Esme, our Eldest daughter Isabella, or Bella. And our youngest daughter Alice. We just moved in next door, we're the Cullens.", My father spoke up.

" Ah, well, I'm Edward Masen Sr. Come inside, I'll show you the rest of the family.", Mr. Masen ushered us inside and into the living room. I saw out the back widow there were three little kids playing outside. A teenager pushed past his father and left the house. He had penny colored hair that was wild and dishelveled, and from what I saw, Emerald green eyes. A woman walked into the room, she had penny colored wavy hair and green eyes Also.

" This is my wife Elizabeth, the boy you saw rush out of here was our son, Edward Jr. Outside, we have four year old twins, Rosalie and Jasper and their friend Emmett McCarty is over. I'd like to say sorry about Edward, he's, well let's just say he's not the most behaved child out there.", Mr. Masen explained.

" How old is Edward?", My father wondered.

" He's eighteen.", Mr. Masen replied.

" Bella, my big sister is eighteen. She's going to high school, I'm going to kindergarden. Mommy and Daddy adopted me today. Bella's not adopted.", Alice smiled at her big reply.

" You adopt?", Mrs. Masen asked curiously.

" Yes, after Bella was born, we found out we couldn't have any more children. We saw alice's picture and we knew she was our daughter.", My father smiled proudly. My cell phone rang, I looked apologetically towards our neighbors and my parents.

" Hello?, I asked agrily.

" Bells! Hey, um, look, I think I should be the first to tell you this, I'm your best friend and I don't want anything to come between us.", my best friend Vanessa Wolfe said. I chuckled and told her to go on.

" Well, at your going away party, Jacob and I sorta kinda got drunk and slept together. Bella, I am so sorry! I'm pregnant with his baby.", Vanessa sniffled. Jacob was my long term boyfriend, I had tears streaming down my face.

" Don't- Just don't call me again, and tell Jacob we're over.", I cried into the phone. I was still crying when I walked back to my parents.

" Bella! What's wrong!", My mom asked urgently.

" Jacob- baby - going away- vanessa!", I cried.

" Calm down and tell us what happened.", my dad ordered.

" Vanessa just called me and told me, her and jacob got drunk at the going away party, and slept with eachother and now she's pregnant with his baby. My boyfriend just cheated on me with my Best friend and got her pregnant, it's just so cliche! I thought he loved me mom!", I started crying again.