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Truth or Dare

The Cullen are playing Truth or Dare! See what crazy things these vampires will do!!


1. Boy's Dares

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I was spending the night at Edwards. Charlie had just let me off house arrest, and had agreed to me sleeping over the Cullen’s. Edward and I were just lying on the couch listening to music, when an excited Alice ran into the room.

“Bella, Edward, come down stairs, we are playing truth or dare!” demanded Alice.

“No,” I said, shaking my head “anything but that evil game!”

“Come on Bella,” coaxed Edward “you know I won’t let them do anything that would put you in danger”

I gave in, because really, who could win against 2 vampires.

Every body came down stairs and we sat in a circle. Alice began.

“So Jasper, Truth or Dare?” said Alice with an evil grin on her face.

“Dare” Jasper replied. He visibly shuddered from all the evilness coming off his wife.

“Jasper, sing I’m a Barbie girl, and dance as well” Dared Alice

Jasper reluctantly got up and started singing in a high, out of tune voice, while his dancing resembled Frankenstein doing the can-can. When he finished everybody was singing praises that the song had come to an end.

“Jasper, please never, EVER sing that song again.” begged Edward

“Hey, don’t blame me! Alice dared me to do it!!” said Jasper “Anyway, is it my turn to ask somebody?”

“Yes” said Alice

Jasper struck a thoughtful pose before saying “Emmett, truth or dare?”

Emmett’s immediate reply was “Dare, I’m not scared of anything you can dish out”

“Emmett” he grinned, “I dare you to let Alice and Rosalie give you a make over” cackled Jasper

Emmett started to look scared “Please anything but that, my fragile male ego couldn’t take that!” begged a desperate Emmett.

“Well it’s that, or go on shopping trips with Alice for the next century!” said Rosalie

Emmett gave in. When the girls were done with him, he was wearing a hot pink mini skirt and a tank top that said, “I like boys, they turn me on”. Alice had put on sparkly blue eye shadow on his eyes and bright red lipstick on his now down turned lips, and there was so much blush that it had made my natural blush look pale.

“Emmett, I didn’t know you went that way,” teased Edward

“I’m straight, ask Rose!” yelled Emmett

“Yeah… As straight as a donut…” muttered Edward

Emmett glared for all he was worth before saying “For that Edward, truth or dare”

“Well… Since everybody else has said dare, I will go truth.” Replied Edward

“Damn, I had a really good dare for you” Emmett went quiet for a minute thinking before asking “Edward does Bella blush turn you on?”

If Edward could blush, he would be as red a tomato. I, on the other hand, could blush and I was. I must have invented a new shade of red.

“Um… yes… I mean no… I mean I don’t know?” stuttered Edward. This response made me blush even harder.

Emmett was grinning now “Jasper, can you tell if Edward is turned on now, because Bella is blushing so hard I swear she must have popped a blood vessel” he laughed.

Jasper who was also grinning like a lunatic, said, “Why yes, under all the embarrassment, I can still detect that he likes Bella blushing,”

Edward mumbled something about no good vampires that could detect emotions before pulling me into his lap. He then said to me “Bella, truth or dare?”