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Truth or Dare

The Cullen are playing Truth or Dare! See what crazy things these vampires will do!!


2. Girl's dares and a bikini problem

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Last Time, on Truth or Dare

Edward mumbled something about no good vampires that could detect emotions before pulling me into his lap. He then said to me “Bella truth or dare”

Now on with the game.

I turned around shocked “What? Me?” I asked, I thought Edward would never ask me.

“Yes Bella, you,” he responded. Edward was sporting my favorite crooked smile. I closed my eyes and hesitantly and said, “Dare.”

“Bella I dare you to tell me exactly what you’re thinking every time I ask during this game,” was Edward’s dare. That’s not too evil I thought.

“Ok,” I smiled showing that I was happy with his choice of dare.

I turn to Rosalie “Truth or Dare?”

Rosalie thought for a second before saying “Truth, I can’t be bothered doing anything right now.”

I had to think what I wanted to know about the stunning vampire in front of me. I had an idea.

“Rosalie, are you a natural blonde?” Rosalie looked mortified with the question. I could not help but to let out a giggle because of her expression.

“Of course I am, what gave you the idea that I’m not?” was her swift reply. Everybody would of believed her if Edward didn’t butt in right then.

“Your thoughts are saying something different, Rose,” smirked Edward. Everybody looked appalled.

“Wow Rosalie’s not a natural blonde! What is the world coming to?” said a very shocked Alice.

“Well I haven’t dyed my hair since I got changed into a vampire, so leave it be,” scowled a very annoyed fake blonde vampire. “So, it’s my turn to ask, and Alice is the only one that hasn’t had a turn so, Alice, truth or dare?”

“Hmm… I will go truth, I can already see what your going to ask me,” giggled Alice.

“Well then you should be worried,” smirked Rosalie “Alice, was it you and Japer that had “fun” on Edward’s piano?” Rosalie was grinning with delight, no doubt because she knew what Edward’s reaction to this would be.

Alice looked terrified “Umm... yes! Please don’t kill me Edward, please, please, PLEASE!” begged Alice while she hid behind Jasper.

Edward looked murderous “I can’t believe you did that Alice, that’s something I expect from Emmett and Rosalie!”

Emmett was grinning, “Hey Rose, want to try that sometime?” he teased. Edward looked like he wanted to hurl, no doubt from the thoughts that were running through Emmett’s mind.

“Don’t you dare Miss ‘Boys turn me on’,” referring to Emmetts tank top he was still wearing. “Or I will make sure that Rosalie knows the where abouts of some certain magazines…” warned Edward.

Before Rosalie could ask about said magazines, Alice jumped in and said “Edward, truth or dare?”

“Dare, since I chose truth last time,” said Edward, before gasping in horror.

“Sorry Emmett, I’m stealing your dare for Edward,” grinned a manic Alice “Edward I dare you to put on a bikini on Bella,” and by this point, she was laughing like an evil genius.

I only gasped in horror, me in a bikini, around these Greek gods and goddesses and not only that, Edward putting it on me. It was a miracle that I didn’t faint on the spot.

Edward only stared in horror before getting devious glint in his eyes “Alice, where do I get the bikini?” Edward asked

“Right here,” said Alice she was holding a blue bikini that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I was seriously going to kill that girl when I got the chance, well actually re-kill her, since she is already dead.

Edward grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs and into the bathroom, locking the door behind him, before saying, “Bella, arms up!” he put the bikini over my clothing before grinning, “They didn’t say I couldn’t do this.” I could only thank god for his quick thinking.

We heard catcalls coming from down stairs. They would be very disappointed when they saw how we avoided the embarrassment that was supposed to come with the dare.

Before we left the bathroom Edward asked me “Bella, what were you thinking when Alice gave me this dare?” I knew I had to reply.

“I was thinking how awful I would look because everybody else looks like Greek gods. And I was also thinking of a way to painfully kill Alice,” I muttered I was extremely embarrassed.

Edward only grinned before saying, “I think you look beautiful,” We open the door to face the waiting vampires. All their faces, especially Emmetts, looked disappointed when they saw how we completed the dare.

Then Edward said, “Who is ready for another round?”