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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


1. The Journey

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything Twilight but I do own everything else ;)


Chapter 1

"Hey Emma-Lee! Where the hell are we going?" I shouted as we walked over to our private jet. Emma-Lee just carried on walking and got in to the jet. I sighed, this is going to be a looooong day… I followed in after and sat down. As soon as I buckled in the jet took off. I stared out at the window down at the city of New York.


We were half way through our flight and I was cooking some dinner while listening to my iPod. By the way, I'm Emma. I'm not a normal person, I have powers. The reason for the powers is because I am a vampire. Well I say vampire but I can eat some food like a normal human, drink like a normal human and I have emerald green eyes. I also don't sparkle in the sun like normal vamps but I do have the same strength and speed as one. My sister Emma-Lee is the same, mainly because we are identical twins. We are the same but different at the same time. I'm more of an outgoing person, I work as a CSI out in the field and I am loud and confident. Emma-Lee is the opposite. She is very reserved and quiet. She works in the morgue, performing autopsies, or working as a doctor in the local hospital.

However, we are both into music and technology. We were both taught how to play the piano along with our older brother, when we were 8. We were also ahead of our time.

We were born on the 25th of May 1902. We had a reasonable childhood, we both were interested in things that only men could do at that time. We both stole our brother's clothes and used our sewing skills to adapt them so we could wear them. Some people frowned upon this behaviour, saying it was inappropriate but our family did nothing but support us. There were ups and downs when we got into our late teens but I won't bother you with all that.

In around August 1918 the Spanish influenza passed over Chicago causing main people to die including our mother, father and brother. We were alone for nine months after that until our 17th birthday. That was the day we changed.

Anyway, enough about my human life, let's get back to the present. Me and Emma-Lee are now 104 and heading out of New York to somewhere. Emma-Lee won't tell me where we are going, but she has been acting strange for weeks. It started about a month ago….


I was coming back from the lab with a load of paperwork to do. I knocked on the door but no-one answered, 'That's weird' I thought 'Emma-Lee should be home by now'

I put down the work and used my key to get in. As I picked up my work, I realised that there were no lights on. I put the work on the breakfast bar and turned on the lights. I looked around as the lights turned on and was met with a pile of suitcases open in the living room with clothes thrown everywhere.

I headed towards the bedroom when I heard someone in the study. I opened the door and saw Emma-Lee sat there typing at vampire speed, eyes wide.

"Emma-Lee? Are you okay?" I asked as I crept over to where she sat. Emma-Lee turned to look at me, her eyes were pitch black.

"I'm fine but I must get this finished and sent off before it's too late." With that she turned back to her laptop and continued to type.

I sighed and headed out to get my work done.

(End of Flashback)

I sighed again and went to sit down with my dinner, leaving Emma- Lee some on the side. I started to eat as I wondered where we were headed. Before I had even taken a bite the intercom came on.Emma could please get your seat belt on, we are about to land. I sighed once again and put everything away and sat down. I looked out the window one again as we went into land.


I stretched as I got out of the jet and waited for Emma-Lee. She jumped out and gave the man who was waiting beside the jet the keys and told him to park it. She waved her hand at me for me to follow her. We walked through the airport and went into the car park. There I smelt something familiar, like wet dog. It is then I saw John, our shape-shifter friend. He was with Alex, his half wizard girlfriend, and standing beside an Aston Martin Vanquish*, MY Aston Martin Vanquish! I ran over to then an gave them a big hug.

"Emma, c-c-an't bre-e-e-athe!" John stuttered as I gave him his hug.

"Ooops, sorry!" I said as I put him down. I grinned when I saw my car.

"Emma?" I turned around to see Emma-Lee looking at me with sorrowful eyes.

"Yeah? What's up sis?"

Emma-Lee looked up and breathed. "We are in Seattle, I wanted to move here because…"

"Because…" I said as I grabbed my keys from Alex.

"Because our brother lives here."

I dropped my keys.


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