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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


14. Memories

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Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own anything Twilight related in this story but anything else I do ;)

Chapter 14

Emma POV

"This whole thing stated in 1919 in the month of May. It was three days before our birthday and we were feeling really tired so we went to bed early. When we went to sleep it was just black, nothing happened. No burning, no nothing. We woke up on our birthday like we are today with the exception of having red eyes." I said. I stopped and looked round at the Cullens. They were all looking at me, blank looks on their faces as they listened. I

I turned to Emma-Lee but she was looking out the window. I waved my hand in front of her face. She shook her head and turned to look at me.

"What?" She asked.

"What were you looking at?" I asked before looking out of the window at the luscious green forest.

"Nothing…" She said trailing off and looking through the window again. I shrugged and carried on my explanation.

Emma-Lee POV

I looked out the window into to the green forest as I listened to Emma explain our characteristics to the Cullens. I thought back over the past few years and what we had done. Since we had left our home in Chicago in 1919, we had many different degrees, attended school and collage several times, worked in loads of places, faced the Volturi several times, fought new-borns, been split apart and now we find our brother is alive and well.

I thought back to the day Emma was taken to be part of the Volturi…



I came in with all the paperwork from collage. I was feeling slightly conscious of my surroundings. I had not heard from Emma all day and my visions were going haywire.

When I got into the house it had been ransacked. I dropped my paperwork in shock and quickly ran through the house calling Emma's name. When I got back to the door I had a vision.


Emma woke up and looked around disorientated.

"What the hell…" She murmured as she stood up. She grimaced in pain and pulled up her right trouser leg. On her ankle was some kind of cuff. She tried to get it off but whenever she touched it her hand quickly moved away.

Emma sighed and looked around. She was trapped in a small square room. Suddenly the door opened and she jumped into the furthest corner away from the door. Aro walked in followed by Demetri.

"Ahhh young Emma, so nice to see you again." Aro said as he smirked. Demetri coughed to cover a laugh. Emma scoffed.

"Yeah well I disagree." She said before she whimpered and curled into a ball. Aro smirked again.

"Behave young one! You will be working for us now." And with that he left the room. Demetri made sure he was gone before he walked over to Emma and crouched beside her.

"Don't worry love, you'll soon come round." He attempted to stroke her cheek but she bat it away and growled before whimpering again in pain.

"Vaffanculo bastardo!" She said. Demetri sighed. He got up and walked to the door. Before he went through, he turned back to Emma.

"Don't be like that love, you'll soon be mine." And with that he went out the room and closed the door. There was the distinctive sound of a lock and the footsteps walking away. Emma sighed and curled up again before murmuring again.

"Emma-Lee, I know you can see this. Don't worry. I will find a way out, even if it takes me 10 or 20 years. I will be back. Please, don't worry…" Emma started sobbing and I could see the tears from her eyes…

End of Vision

When the vision ended I collected my work and ran upstairs.


I had spent the next few days in my bed sobbing before Jack, John and Alex finally came back and found me. I told them what happened and they took me out of college and I spent the next 10 years in my room doing nothing. The guys had to bring my food and drink to me or I would not eat. I just stared out of my window until Emma came home.


I had been in the same room for 10 years, not moving unless it was to eat or drink. Jack came up to me with John and Alex. He sat down next to me and put an arm round my shoulders. I was as stiff as a board. Jack sighed.

"Emma-Lee, it's been 10 years. Unless you want to risk your life to save her, she isn't coming back." I just sat there in silence.

"Who said I wouldn't come back?" I heard a very familiar voice from the doorway. I turned and saw Emma, wearing torn clothes, muddy as anything and a big grin on her face.

"I told you I would find a way out!" She said and opened her arms. I ran into her and gave her a big hug as I sobbed. I could hear the others smile as we were reunited.


Emma told me about her time in Volterra at how she was forced to sort out problems because of ability to absorb powers. She went on about how she tried to escape several times and how she eventually got "the dirt" on Aro about his sister and used that as last-resort blackmail to escape.

She also told me about how Demetri tried to come on to her time and time again. I smirk at the memory.

"What's so funny Emma-Lee?" I shook my head back into reality and saw everyone was staring at me. I realised that Edward had asked me and was looking at me strangely.

"Don't worry. Just looking back on old memories." Edward nodded and looked back down at Bella. I smiled again. My brother deserves some sort of happiness. He has been ever so lonely even when he was human. He only ever had us and we stuck together like glue. When we were gone, he must have been so alone…

Emma had just finished describing our characteristics.

"So…" Emma murmured before snapping her head up. She snorted and rolled her eyes. I turned to her and raised an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked.

"Jasper, you're not the weakest. Actually, if you think about it, you're the strongest." She said facing Jasper. I turned and everyone had a confused look on their face. Emma sighed.

"Well, Jasper can feel and change people's emotions right?" She asked and everyone nodded.

"Thirst is a feeling really so he's not just struggling with his thirst but that of 7." She said moving her hand round as to say 'do you get it yet?'

Everyone seemed to be in deep thought and I sighed. I put a shield around everyone so Jasper could no longer feel their thirst. It was permanent so he would no longer be able to feel their thirsts. I made a note to do this for all the vampire he meets in the future. It was the least I could do.

Jasper shot his head up as he realised he could no longer feel the others thirsts. I could tell that he felt surprised and slightly relieved.

"What did you do?" He asked us. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well I used the same power I use on use so you can't feel our emotions…" Emma interrupted.

"Which is a good thing 'cause my emotions change every single second and you would end up having a mental break down or something" I glared at her before continuing.

"Anyway, I used that to make sure you could no longer feel the thirst of the others." I nodded at Emma to continue while Jasper went over this new discovery.

"Emma-Lee how about you tell the Cullens some things that we have done over the years." Emma said to me. I smiled as memories went through my head.

"Well…" I began.

Sorry this took so long but I had to revise A LOT for the rest of my exams and I've been looking for a job, which is hard in my town :/. Hope you enjoy this chapter and I will get the next one up ASAP. Please review and give me some extra ideas that I could add in as the drama in each chapter!