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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


15. More Memories

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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight! It belongs to Stephanie Meyer!

Chapter 15

Bella POV

"Well… We mainly live in New York now as it is a busy city and the weather doesn't bother us. Emma works in the Crime Lab as I work in the Morgue. We have lived there for about 10 years now as we started as freshmen in high school." The Cullens eyes went wide as did mine. Wouldn't the other humans notice them not aging… Emma-Lee spoke before anyone else had the chance.

"We both have a power that allows us to look like anyone we want to look like. We mainly use it to allow ourselves to stay somewhere permanently for a long period of time. We usually start freshman year in high school and move when we 'look' around 40-50. It is a mental power so little Miss Swan over there see's us as our normal 17 year old selves 24/7." She said smiling at me. I blushed and snuggled my face in Edward's shoulder.

"So you are able to set up a permanent residence for over 30 years." Carlisle said in awe, his eyes wide. You could see the cogs in his brain turning. Emma-Lee smiled.

"Yes, and we can expand this power to anyone we want, it lasts for as long as we wish but only humans can see what we want them to see due to stuff that we don't have an explanation for yet but I believe that because it lasts for as long as we wish it has to have some kind of drawback. However we covered a human once and the vampire believed the human was a vampire, but when presented in front of another human, she looked like she would normally and…" At that point Emma covered her sister's mouth.

"And enough with the boring science-y crap." She said with a grin on her face. The others and I chuckled and Emma-Lee's eyes narrowed. Suddenly Emma's hand flew off her sister's mouth.

"Ow! That didn't mean you could bite me!" She said, rubbing her hand. It was now Emma-Lee's turn to grin.

"Okay, okay. So where was I…" She stared off into space before focusing back on the conversation.

"So we live in New York in a condo. Our next door neighbours are Liz, Jack and Ashley. As you know Ashley is half human, half vampire. Jack is a vampire and has been for the last 350 years or so and Liz has been a vampire for 5 years. Alex and John used to live above us. Alex is half human, half wizard while John is a shape shifter, whose father was from La Push." Emma-Lee looked at Emma and she took over.

"Jack found us in the woods around the back of our house and let us join him. We travelled for a few years, had some run ins with loads of other vampires, made some new friends and went to school and college. We have many degrees and graduated many high schools. During the 1980's, Jack found a young Alex in an ally way in Mississippi and brought her home. We were going to put in the foster care system as we were unsure that we could look after a child but we soon found that she was half wizard and so we kept her with us and she grew up knowing about us. We have contacts in Norway whom are part of the wizard world and they sent over the equipment needed to help her develop her full potential. She see's Jack as her father, Liz as her mother, Ashley and ourselves as sisters and John as her soon-to-be husband." Emma said. Emma-Lee then started to speak again but Rosalie interrupted by growling. The girls looked at her questionably.

"You mean she was left all alone in an ally way, by herself, and you were willing to hand her over to the child services!" She said growling. Emma rolled her eyes and looked straight at Rosalie before speaking.

"Rosalie, her parents were nowhere to be seen and Emma-Lee found they had been killed by some human murderers and Alex had managed to escape. We were going to hand her to child services mainly because we thought she was human so she would notice we don't age, and I was uncomfortable having a child in the house."

"Why would you be uncomfortable?" Esme asked. Emma sighed.

"Because… I don't know the first thing about looking after kids. It kinda freaked me out when she came wondering in like she owned the place. While she was younger I wasn't allowed to look after her by myself nor was I even oluad near Ashley during her first year." Emma rolled her eyes. Emma-Lee chuckled and Emma elbowed her in the stomach. Emma-Lee stopped chuckling and pouted at her sister. Emma rolled her eyes again. You can tell their related to Edward, Emma rolls her eyes as much as Edward… I chuckled at that thought. Edward looked at me with an eyebrow raised. I blushed and hid my face in his neck. He chuckled and pulled me closer to him. Emma-Lee looked at the clock and stood up before looking over at me.

"Okay, you have school tomorrow so I think you should get some sleep." She said taking the cups and running into the kitchen." I yawned and nodded my head. I closed my eyes and I felt Edward lift me up. As he carried me up the stairs, he started to hum my lullaby and I fell asleep.

Emma-Lee's POV

Edward had taken Bella upstairs and the other Cullen's were talking amongst them. I got up and went into the kitchen. While Emma was talking, I couldn't help but observe the way Edward acted around Bella. He seemed a totally different person than when he was human. No woman appealed to him then, even though many women were attracted to him. It made me realise that even though I had Emma, there was something missing in my life. Like Emma and Edward I was not attracted to every Tom, Dick and Harry but I now knew that I would eventually find my other half, even if it took another century.

I grabbed a bottle of animal blood from the fridge door and went to the cupboard to grab a pill. The pill meant me and Emma could drink the animal blood as it stopped our bodies from rejecting it. We needed the blood to keep our vampire qualities in tip top condition. Our bodies were so used to human food that when we needed to drink the blood, we rejected it so I created this pill. I took the pill and ran up to my office, with the bottle of blood, to do some paperwork.

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