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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


21. Confrontation - Edward's POV

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Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own Twilight, if I did Edward would never leave! :D

Chapter 21

Edward's POV

I watched Emma run out the house and sighed. I turned to face my family and put my arm around Bella's waist. Everyone was silent until Carlisle spoke.

"I believe we should get ready to meet the wolves." He said and Rosalie snorted. I turned to look at her along with everyone else. She stared back at us.

"Why do we have to meet those stinky dogs?" I'll never get the smell out! I tried to stifle my chuckle and failed. Rosalie sent me glare. Carlisle spoke up.

"We want to make sure the treaty is still valid Rosalie. Let's get ready." And with that the family went upstairs, me and Bella were the only ones in the room. She turned to look at me. I smiled at her at carried her up to my room. I must get the bed mentioned in Eclipse. I thought. As always Alice was one step ahead of me. I've ordered it already Edward! It should be here tonight! I smiled.

"What should we do now?" Bella asked. I went to sit down on my couch and placed Bella next to me.

"How about we just sit here with each other?" I asked. Bella smiled widely and nodded before sitting next to me and leaning into my chest. I put her head under my chin and closed my eyes.

My mind started to whur as I tried to remember parts of my human life with my sisters but nothing was standing out. I was worried that I was going to loose them before I got them back. They both wore rings on the right hand ring finger which worried me. Do they have lovers? Who are they? Are they treating them with respect? Questions like this kept running through my mind until I heard some unknown thoughts. I love to see Emma-Lee so happy. It seems like a shadow in her eyes has been lifted. I hope Liam will get along with Emma alright. I then heard Emma-Lee squeal. I opened my eyes and turned to the direction of the thoughts. I lifted Bella's head up gently. She looked at me with questioning eyes.

"We need to go. Emma-Lee is here." I also want to meet this other person. I thought. We went down stairs and met the others who were on the porch looking into the front garden. Emma-Lee was being lifted up by a young man. I narrowed my eyes at him slightly. Obviously Emma-Lee noticed because she elbowed him in the shoulder and he put her down.

"Hey guys! This is my friend Josh, Josh these are the Cullens. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, Edward and Bella." Emma-Lee pointed us out to Josh. He nodded politely at each of us. I continued to glared at him and Emma-Lee opened her mind to me. Edward, stop glaring at him! I will explain later okay!? I nodded slightly and she smiled.

"Right, I believe we should go and meet the wolfs." She said. Everyone agreed and ran off towards the boundary line. I pulled Bella onto my back. I then felt Bella hide her head in my back; I felt the heat from her cheeks. I turned to face Emma-Lee and Josh, who were the only ones left. I raised an eyebrow and she shrugged. It's cute with her on your back you know. I can't wait to know her better, I have a feeling she will be an amazing sister. I grinned widely when she said that and ran off. If she can accept Bella, I suppose I can make an effort to be nice to Josh…


We were standing at the boundary line for a couple of minutes before the Quileute's arrived. There were 3 older looking men and 2 younger looking. The older men, I could see from their thoughts, they were the tribal leaders. The younger ones were obviously wolfs as the smell of wet dog was revolting. I had Bella slightly behind me as to protect her if anything happened. An older man, in a wheel chair, spoke first.

"Good evening Cullen's, Bella and others…" He trailed off.

"As you know, I'm Emma-Lee Masen and this is my friend Josh." Emma-Lee said. Billy nodded warily. She sighed. "I told him about the treaty and he agrees to it." Emma-Lee looked up at Josh who nodded.

"Right anyway as you know, I am Billy Black. This is Harry Clearwater, Quil Ateara, Sam Uley and Paul Lahote. I wanted to ask you what you are doing with Bella." He asked turning to us, Carlisle acted as spokesperson.

"Bella is Edward's mate and is now a part of our family." He said. Billy and the other Quileutes glared at us and I could see Paul was shaking. I pulled Bella further behind me and growled lowly. Suddenly he stopped shaking. I looked at Jasper, who was slightly confused. It wasn't me Edward.He thought. I looked over to Emma-Lee and she was looking in Paul's direction. I sighed and looked back at the wolves.

"I don't believe you." Billy said angrily. I growled lowly again and Bella placed a hand on my arm. Just then another wolf came into the small clearing we were in. He walked over to Emma-Lee and Josh. Josh stood slightly in front of Emma-Lee, which made me like him a little better. At least he protects her… I thought. Emma-Lee moved next to him and he put his arm out in front of her. She looked up at him quickly, and he cautiously put his arm down, letting her stand next to him.

"Hey John! This is my friend Josh, Josh this is my friend John. He was my neighbour for ten years so we are quite good friends." Josh looked over at John and back at Emma-Lee. She squeezed his hand and he smiled at her before sticking his hand out for John to shake.

"Nice to meet you John." He said. John took his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Josh." He smiled at him and Josh smiled back. I heard a growl and looked over to see the Quileutes growling in their direction.

"Uncle Billy, leave it alright! I can be friends with whoever I want to be friends with." Said John, glaring slightly at Billy, who had ignored him and began talking to us again.

"I want you to leave Bella and the girls alone. I don't want them associating with the likes of you." If Bella was not with me I would have killed them then and there. I spoke up.

"I will not leave Bella and the girls. If they want to be around us it is their decision." I said, glaring. Billy snorted. Of course. Those blood suckers are controlling those poor girls. I had to stop myself from snorting at his thoughts. Suddenly I heard laughter and looked over to see Emma-Lee and Josh bent over and laughing. It took a couple of minutes for Emma-Lee to calm down enough to talk.

"You… got… the… cooker… stuck… in the… doorway!?" she said in-between laughs. I hid my face in Bella's hair to stifle my chuckles. John just rolled his eyes. Great now she's laughing at me as well as some of the Cullen's. I probably look like an idiot now. I need some help to get the thing unstuck before Alex gets home, I don't need her laughing at me.

"Yeah, yeah. I kinda need some help with that." Josh and Emma-Lee finally managed to stop laughing and answered John.

"Emma just finished what she was doing so she will be here with another friend of ours. She would gladly help you but she won't let you hear the end of it you know." she said. John sighed and scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Yeah well…" he began and I saw Emma-Lee roll her eyes. I could then hear Emma and another person arguing about cars. I hope Emma is okay being around me now. I don't know what made her run off earlier. Was I to forward? Liam you really need to apologize for that. Maybe tonight… I heard the other persons thoughts. Emma and the 'Liam' came out of the woods standing close together. Emma looked over at Emma-Lee and she rolled her eyes. They walked over to them. I decided to concentrate on their conversation.

"Hey people, what's going on?" Emma asked. Emma-Lee spoke.

"John got the cooker stuck in the doorway!" she said at vampire speed. John glared at her. Emma and Liam just blinked, looked at each other and started laughing. Josh and Emma-Lee joined in and soon John was chuckling along with them. Emma-Lee looked over to see all of us looking at them. She punched Josh who in turn punched his Liam. Liam sobered up and touched Emma's arm and she quickly stopped laughing. John sighed.

"Emma can you just help me move it then you can tease away okay?" Emma smiled.

"Okay Johno! Let's get running!" And she rushed off. John sighed and ran off after her. Emma-Lee chuckled and turned to face Liam who was looking at the way Emma went with a range of emotions on his face. I felt anxious as well, as she just ran off with a wolf over the boundary line. Emma-Lee was explaining who John was to Liam.

"Don't worry Liam. John is a friend of ours. He just needs Emma to help him quickly and she will be back. He is proposing to his imprint Alex. Otherwise known as, in his words not mine, 'The love of my life, my angel…' yada yada yada." She smiled and the boys chuckled. I heard Billy clear his throat and turned to face him along with the others.

"Emma-Lee, I would like to ask you something." Keep away from these bloodsuckers, please. I growled at him and Jasper came up behind me, putting a restraining hand on my shoulder. I relaxed slightly. Emma-Lee cocked her head slightly and nodded.

"Okay. What is it?" She asked, wondering closer to us, the boys following suit.

"I would ask you to stay away from the Cullen's and those men behind you." I saw Josh's eyes turn to black and turned to him. He noticed me and looked down, slightly embarrassed at his reaction, although I did not blame him. Emma-Lee froze.

"What?" She asked quietly, as if she was afraid that if she spoke any louder she would lose her temper.

"Stay away from them. They are dangerous bloodsuckers!" Billy said again. The others nodded their heads in agreement. Emma-Lee just stood there shaking, her eyes going from emerald green to dark green. Just then Emma comes back into the clearing.

"I will not be told who I can and cannot see!" Emma-Lee said rather loudly. Emma walked over to her.

"What on earth are you talking about?" She asked her. Emma-Lee turned to look at her.

"Mr Black here says we are not allowed to be around the Cullen's as they are, and I quote, 'dangerous bloodsuckers'." She said. I saw Emma blink.

"No." Emma said, looking at the Quileutes. Billy looked at her, a confused expression on his face.

"What do you mean no?" He asked cautiously. Emma took a deep breath.

"I mean no we will not stop being around the Cullen's. It is a free world and I will not let anyone tell me what I can and can't do!" She growled and felt Emma-Lee put a hand on my arm. Calm down Emma... I heard her think. Emma took another deep breath and closed my eyes. After a couple of minutes she opened them again. John had walked over to the side of her, over the boundary line while Liam was on her other side. Both looked ready to grab her if she tried to run.

"Right well how about we just leave things as they are and go home. It's getting late and I need to stuff." John said. The Quileutes looked at each other and Billy sighed.

"Fine but we will be watching." And with that they went back to La Push. John turned to face us.

"Sorry about that. By the way Emma..." Before he could finish Emma fished a CD out of her back pocket and gave it to him. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She shrugged.

"Emma-Lee told me." John nodded.

"Okay, see you around girls!" And with that he ran off. Emma sighed and turned to us.

"Alright guys let's head back." Everyone nodded in agreement. I sent Emma my thoughts. You both have some explaining to do you know... I looked at the boys. Okay.Emma thought to me.

"Race you back to the Cullen's!" She said to us and with that we were off. What happened next, I did not expect…

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