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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


4. Confusion and Shopping

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Disclaimer: I don't own anything Twilight! Except 2 posters, a Breaking Dawn Calender and A LOT of Twilight books! :P

Chapter 4

Bella POV

We all stared at the car as it flew down the drive. Carlisle was the first to recover.

"Well… Um… I think we should just move on from that…" He said uncertainly as he turned slowly to face the rest of the family. "Let's head inside and finish that last book before we worry about…" He was interrupted by Emmett.

"HOW THE HELL DID SHE KNOW THAT? SHE'S A BLOODY HUMAN FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!" He yelled, causing me to cover my ears. It was then Esme's turn to shout.


"Sorry." He said, quietly. I removed my hands from my ears and sighed. Carlisle continued.

"As I was saying, let's solve one problem before another." And with that the family turned to head inside. As I was to follow, Edward grabbed my arm and spun me into his chest. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed in his delicious scent. Edward was the first to break the comfortable silence that had surrounded us.

"Are you okay Bella?" He asked, his dazzling eyes looking into mine. It was a moment before I could answer him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?" I said, cupping his face with my hands as he looked down at me. He sighed and looked away.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I have a strange feeling that they are not human and that I have met them before…" He trailed off. I grabbed both his hands with mine and squeezed them as tightly as I could. He looked into my eyes once again.

"Well why don't we read that final book and figure this out later?" I said, using some puppy dog eyes. He sighed again, but he got a wicked gleem in his eye. The next thing I knew he was carrying me bridal style into the living room. "Edward!" I giggled as he placed himself on the loveseat with me on top of him.

"Everyone there's a note in the front page of the book!" Alice announced. She read it out loud.

Dear Cullen's

You are now nearing the end of this past future. This final book is separated into 3 parts. There will be a huge surprise within these pages but trust me; this information will be of use to you all. I would recommend, to keep Bella from becoming permanently red, that herself and Edward read the first part alone as it includes parts of their honeymoon that I am sure they would prefer to remain private.

I will now give you a clue to my identity as I am sure you want to know who can know such information about you family. Of course you do not need to worry about the Volturi; they are scared of me and my sibling, and would not dare get on the wrong side of us. Here is the clue: You have met us and will cause you slight confusion. Enjoy.


Everyone was silent as Alice finished the letter. Emmett was first to speak. "Damn! They scare the Volturi! They must be a couple of crazy dudes!"

Everyone laughed, but as soon as it died down Alice spoke again. "Let's work that out later. Edward and Bella go and read!" At that everyone went their own way. Edward grabbed the book and we headed upstairs to read before I had to go home.


Emma's POV

It had been a week since that evening at the Cullen's and it was now Sunday evening. I had managed to get all the evidence paperwork up to date at the police station and I was now at home waiting for John to call round. I had just gotten off the phone with Emma-Lee who told me what John wanted and I was dressed and ready to drag John to the mall. Nothing fancy, just a tank top, combats, checked shirt and converse.

John finally pulled up after an hour of waiting. I tuned into his thoughts. Okay, breath John, it will be okay just go up to the door and knock. Then… Hold up Emma are you listening to my thoughts!

I laughed and ran out the door to an angry looking John. "What? I'm excited now let's head to Port Angeles, I ordered some stuff from what Emma-Lee told me!" I said as I skipped over to my Volvo. John sighed and followed. When we were both in the car I opened the windows and started to drive.

"Emma, do we have to have the windows open? And where's Emma-Lee?" John asked as he was about to close the windows. I slapped him round the back of the head. "Owww! What was that for?"

"Well you smell of wet dog and I don't want that smell to reside in my car and Emma-Lee is at the hospital." I answered as I pulled up outside Port Angeles Mall.

"Okaaaaaay…" He said as he got out the car. I followed and dragged him into the mall. Now I don't like shopping but I already knew which stores to go to pick up the orders so I just pulled John along for the ride. First we went to the Chanel to pick up Alex's dress, shoes and bag. We then went to some suit shop to get John his suit, which he fussed about but after a few hits around the head he finally got a 'monkey suit'. Queue eye roll. We then went to the jewellers to pick up Alex's jewellery and ring. John was in shock at the price of the ring but after I explained that I had it custom made he just looked at me like I told him pigs could fly. I just sighed thanked the assistant, grabbed the bags with one hand and pulled John out of the Mall with the other. When we got to the car I let go of John and opened the boot to put the purchases in. When I slammed the boot lid down John shook himself out of his trance and I leant against my car as he began his rant.

"Emma, how much did you spend! I can't afford this!" He would have continued but he froze and looked to his left. I gave him a confused look and followed his gaze. I saw Alice, Edward and Bella getting out of Edward's Volvo. I rolled my eyes for seemed to be the millionth time today.

"Consider it an engagement present; now get in the bloody car!" I said as I turned to get in. I saw John head this way, his gaze still on the Cullen's. I tuned into the thoughts around me.

Oh no! I can't see anything! There must be a wolf round here! Now I can't see what I'm going to get Bella! – Alice

I smell a wolf and Alice can't see anything. I hope he doesn't come near Bella, I don't think I can handle that yet. – Edward

Oh, they must be the 'Evil Cold Ones' my uncle keeps going on about. They look harmless to me, hell they look like Jack, Liz and the others in Canada! I don't see what the problem is with them. Actually, Emma do they have any powers like you and Emma-Lee? – John

After John's thought he got in the car. I ignored his question and drove out of the parking lot. I looked in the mirror and saw Edward staring after us wide eyed.


Edward's POV

Oh, they must be the 'Evil Cold Ones' my uncle keeps going on about. They look harmless to me, hell they look like Jack, Liz and the others in Canada! I don't see what the problem is with them. Actually, Emma do they have any powers like you and Emma-Lee?

After I heard those thoughts I looked up at a tall man getting in a recognisable Volvo. As it sped away I saw Emma look in the mirror.

What the heck…

Images of Alex's outfit, engagement ring with wedding ring and John's suit on my profile as well as Emma's outfit! Please review and give me idea's on what I could do next! :D