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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


5. Saving Bella

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Disclaimer: Nothing Twilight is mine! Stephanie Meyer owns all Twilight story line... Stuff

Chapter 5

Emma-Lee POV

It was Monday afternoon and I was just finishing some paper work in the office when a vision came to me.



Bella is sitting at the cash register at Newton's Outfitters. Suddenly she hears a gun cock back. She turns around to see what made the noise but someone puts a gun to her head.

"Don't turn around and get the money out from the register."

Bella is shaking as she goes over to the register and does as she told. After getting the money out, she swallows and whispers quietly.

"What now?" she asks, her voice shaking.

"You die." The robber whispers in her ear and shoots her in the head. He runs out of the store while Bella lies dead on the floor.

End of Vision


I sit there in shock for a minute before grabbing my coat and opening my locked draw in my desk to grab my gun and gun licence. I put my licence in my wallet and the gun in its holster on my leg under my combats. I shove my coat on as I run out the door. As soon as I have signed out, with a few weird looks from people, who are probably wondering why I was in a hurry, I ran to my car.

When I was on the road heading to Newton's Outfitters, I called Emma.

"Emma, get your ass down to Newton's Outfitters NOW!" I said as I weaved in and out of the traffic, trying to avoid getting caught by the cops.

"Errrrr… Why?" She asked.

I explained the vision to her, and before I had even finished I could hear her borrowed cruiser in the background.

"I'll be right there!" And with that she put the phone down.

After several minutes, I arrived at the store. Emma was already there waiting for me. She signalled for me to go to the back of the store. I followed her instructions and went round. I got in through the back door and took my gun out of its holster. I walked slowly towards the door that leads to the front of the store. As I got closer, I could hear Emma speaking.


Emma's POV

It was the day after the shopping trip with John, and I was twiddling my thumbs in my lab. Charlie and another officer had gone to a seminar in Seattle so it was just me and Deputy Mark at the station. It was a slow day until Emma-Lee called.

I was so full of emotions when Emma-Lee told me what was going to happen I could not speak. I told Mark that my sister needed some help and I would be back in an hour. Luckily he agreed and I raced to my cruiser, which the department had lent to me. When I got there I could hear the thoughts of the robber.

Just need some cash then I can get out of this retched town. I'm sure little miss brunette won't mind giving me some. Hell I would even like to rip her clothes off….

I growled quietly but soon stopped as Emma-Lee pulled up. I motioned for her to go round the back while I entered the front. As soon as I went in I could hear Bella's breathing increase and felt total fear coming from her. I grapped my gun from my belt and silently approached the both of them.

"I would put the gun down if you know what good for you." I said in a heartless tone.

The robber chuckled darkly before pulling Bella towards him, pushing the gun even more into her head. She whimpered quietly. "Come one step closer I'll shoot little miss brunette here." He said in a similar tone to mine.

I shrugged lightly. "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you." I took aim and fired at him. It missed him.

"Missed me!" He said and tried to pull the trigger, but it didn't work. He pulled the gun away from Bella's head and looked at it. "What the…" While he was distracted, I ran towards him and kicked the gun out of his hands.

"Get down on your knees, with your hands behind your head." He looked at me and was about to attack me before he heard another gun being cocked.

"I would do as she says or else" I heard Emma-Lee say from behind him. He sighed and followed my orders. I motioned for Emma-Lee to look at Bella while I put my gun away and grabbed the hand cuffs. I read the man his rights and walked him to my cruiser. As soon as he was in the back, I grabbed the radio.

"This is CSI Masen, we have an attempted robbery at Newton Outfitters. Gun on scene. Situation is neutralised. One suspect. One witness. Over." I heard the reply that officers were on their way. I looked over at the store while I leant against the car. Emma-Lee and Bella were coming out and in the distance I could hear sirens. I looked over to Emma-Lee and we were thinking the same thing. This is going to be interesting…


Emma-Lee's POV

Emma had just taken the man out in hand cuffs when I turned my attention to Bella. Her eyes were wide and her heart was beating twice what it normally should. She was in shock. I put my gun away and went over to her and helped her stand up.

"Are you all right Bella?" I asked in a quiet tone.

She looked at me and gave me a hug. I could hear her sobbing and feel tears on the back of my shirt.

"Th-h-h-ha-a-a-ank yo-o-o-ou-u-u." She said as she cried. I held her for a while and lead her towards the front of the store. As soon as we were out, I could hear sirens off in the distance. I looked up at Emma and we were thinking the same thing. This is going to be interesting…

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