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Masen Twins

What if Edward wasn't an only child? When his twin sisters move to town, trouble can't be far behind! WARNING there is some language, in English and Italian.


6. Bella Figures It Out

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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight! No matter how much I wish for it! :P

Chapter 6

Emma POV

I could tell the officers were a few miles off and it would take them about half an hour to get here so I was leaning against my car, with suspect in the car, looking across to Bella and Emma-Lee. Bella was looking at the ground with an expressionless look on her face. Emma-Lee sighed and went into the front of her car and pulled a coke out of the front. She then ran to Bella and tapped her shoulder. Bella looked up with a start to see Emma-Lee standing there holding the coke out to her.

"Thank you." She barely whispered before taking it and taking a large sip.

Hey Emma, Edward's on his way over. Alice saw the same vision as me so he will be here in about 10 minutes. Emma-Lee thought.

I nodded my head and took a quick glance at the suspect. I can't believe I got caught. But thinking about it, I wouldn't mind a foursome with them…

I growled and banged on the window. He looked up at me with astonishment in his eyes. I glared at him with black eyes until he looked away. Maybe I should just sit here. She is just freaky…

I sighed and leaned against my car again while pinching the bridge of my nose. I heard a slight gasp and quickly looked over to where the girls were standing. Bella was looking at me wide eyed and dropped the coke. Emma-Lee quickly caught it and looked at Bella.

"What's the matter Bella?" She asked in a soft tone. I looked at the suspect again to make sure he wouldn't escape, and walked over to them.

Bella followed my movements with her eyes. When I was stood in front of her, I looked into her eyes. I could tell what she was thinking; I know who you are.

I was first to speak. "First of all, are you okay? And secondly, do you know who we are?" I asked, raising my eyebrow slightly. Bella took in a deep breath and began to talk.

"Well firstly, I'm fine thank you. I don't understand how you knew but thank you all the same." She took another deep breath and looked at the both of us, who were staring at her. She blushed and looked down but continued to talk. "Your Emma and Emma-Lee Masen, daughters of Edward Masen Sr and Elizabeth Masen, sisters of Edward Masen Jr. You were born in 1902 and went missing on your birthday in the year 1919." She said in one breath.

I looked at her with a thoughtful expression on my face. After a few moments I sighed and Bella looked at me with a worried face. I smirked and shook my head.

"Out of 7 vampires and 1 human, the human figures it out first!" I chuckled while Emma-Lee snorted and rolled her eyes.

"So you're not angry or anything?" Bella asked.

"Of course not! I wanted someone to figure it out instead of us telling them! It would make it so much easier!" I gave her a friendly smile. She sighed in relief and turned to face Emma-Lee.

"So you're the one who sent the books." She stated rather than asked. Emma-Lee nodded. It was then realisation struck me.

"So that's what you were doing on the computer that day!" I said. Emma-Lee chuckled and nodded before turning to face Bella.

"You've read 3 of the four books haven't you." She said. Bella nodded while I listened intently. "Well I think we sould read the last book together, us three and the Cullens." She said as she looked over her shoulder. She sighed and got out her business card from her back pocket. "Here's my number if you want to talk. The second number is Emma's and the third is a video call number."

Bella thanked her and took the card.

God why didn't Alice see this sooner! I don't think I could live with myself if… that happened…

I heard Edward's thoughts as he flew round the corner in his Volvo. He parked and got out at an unnatural speed. He looked around wildly before stopping on us. I lightly pushed Bella towards him. She turned to look at me.

"Hey I ain't stopping you! Go see your man! He's worried sick you know!" I said in a teasing tone. Bella smiled and ran to Edward. She jumped into his arms and started to cry again. I saw him wrap his arms round her waist while whispering words of comfort in her ear. I smiled and turned to face Emma-Lee.

"Well can you keep an eye on things while I tape up the scene?" Emma-Lee nodded and went to stand by the cruiser while I got out my kit from the boot. I then went to work.

Bella's POV

As soon as Edward arrived, I felt instantly calmer. It wasn't that I felt uncomfortable with the girls but I never felt fully myself without Edward by my side. I pulled back from him to look into his eyes. I could see the worry in his eyes as well as love. I smiled and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"Hey." I whispered hoarsely. Edward smiled and nuzzled his nose with mine.

"Hey yourself." He said. Then he became serious. "Are you alright? Alice called me as soon as she saw. I so sorry I wasn't here! I could have stopped you…" I put a finger on his lips to stop him speaking any further.

"Shut up." I said. I saw the humour flicker through his eyes. "I'm fine, although if Emma and Emma-Lee weren't here I wouldn't be." I said trailing off. I looked across to where Emma-Lee stood. She was facing the store watching Emma set up the crime scene tape around the front part of the store. I turned to face Edward again to see he was looking in the same direction I was moments ago, with a strange expression on his flawless face. "Edward?" I asked, cupping his face with my hand. He immediately looked down at me and sighed. His eyes flickered once more to the girls before turning his full attention to me.

"Sorry love, but I just can't seem to shake the feeling that I've seen those 2 girls before…" He trailed off. I giggled and I heard Emma-Lee chuckling. I turned to see that she was looking down at the ground with a small smile on her face. I then heard a police siren and 2 cruisers pulled up. Deputy Mark came out of one, my father out of the other. They ran over to Emma-Lee, who began to explain what had happened.

"WHAT!" I cringed when I heard Charlie yell. He spun round and walked over to me quickly. "Bells are you okay?" He said, worry in his voice.

"I'm fine Ch-Dad. Don't worry. The girls saved me before anything bad could happen." I felt Edward's arms tighten around my waist when I said that. Charlie shuddered. "Well you go with Edward straight home or his house until I get back okay?" He said in a firm tone. I nodded.

"Hey will you look at that!" We all turned to the entrance of the store to see Emma coming out holding up a gun. "My bullet got stuck in the barrel, making it effectively useless!" She smiled as she walked over to Charlie after going under the tape. "Now that's what I call one hell of an aim!" She said as she showed him the gun. Sure enough, there was a small bullet wedged in the barrel of the gun. So Emma didn't miss, she planned to do that.

"Wow! Nice shot Masen!" Charlie said.

"Thanks Chief!" She said as she went to put the gun down. Just then Emma-Lee came up to me.

"Hey, well I have to head home but if you need me or Emma you know the number okay?" She asked with a crooked smile, similar to Edwards.

"Of course! Thank you, the both of you." I said, my voice laced in gratitude.

"No problem!" Emma and Emma-Lee said at the same time. They looked at each other and chuckled. Edward then took my hand and helped me in to the car. I got out the card Emma-Lee had given me and looked at it. Now to set up a meeting…

So Bella has figured out who they are! Next chapter will include Bella inviting the twins to the Cullen house and they all meet formally for the first time! If you have any other idea's please tell me! I would love to have 2 reviews for this chapter!