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Crossing Over

Krista Matthews has just moved from her beloved San Francisco to Mobile, Alabama, on of the rainiest places in America. Upon starting her first day of senior year, she is informed by a classmate that her seventh period teacher, Mr. Black is known for looking like Jacob from the Twilight series, and he has the same name. After laughing off the idea of a real life Jacob Black, Krista meets him and realizes that perhaps there is some truth behind all the hoopla; and she's determined to find out who exactly "Jacob Black" is.

Hope you like the story, started it a few years back, but I am finally able to write out the whole thing. :)

1. A New Start

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"And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever"

I run my fingers across the last words in my favorite book. It must be wonderful to live like that, I think to myself. To find yourself somewhat alone in the world and soon end up in a life full of love and happiness. Bella is such a likable character and my life is even somewhat like hers. I love to read, my parents are divorced, I feel different, and I even just moved to a new rainy city with my father. Sadly, that's where the similarities between Bella and I end. I live in the real world whereas she is just wonderful fiction character. And worst of all I live in this world filled with everything but the mythical creatures that Inhabit the world in the Twilight series. And when you have just moved to a rainy city and know there will be no vampires, werewolves, or any other creatures from your favorite series, you can't help but feel disappointed,

My dad, Bill, thinks Mobile will be just great for us. But I miss my beautiful San Francisco home and city. Since dad was offered a management position that pays twice as much as his old job we had to move to this small rainy town in Alabama. And strangely enough, Mobile Alabama is actually the rainiest city in America, not Forks. But regardless, I'm stuck in this strange wet town and where I don't know a soul and after a whirlwind of moving and getting used to the city, I must now start school tomorrow. West Oak High School is a smallish school surrounded by beautiful oak trees and many, many flowers. The few times I walked passed the school the only thing I knew I had to look forward to was sitting outside reading. As long as it isn't raining that is.

I signed up for fairly easy classes, it is my last year of high school after all. I've already packed up my new writing tools and books; it's only a little longer before I need to go to sleep and the awake for the dreaded day. I have no trouble getting a long with people and making a friend or two, but a close friend is near impossible. I keep quiet often, perhaps because I'm an only child, and I keep a wall up at all times. But maybe this year will be different. Then again, maybe not. I turn off my bedside lamp and curl up against the cold pillows. Please just let this year go by quickly and smoothly I say outloud as I shut my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.


"Krista, get up, get up, get up!" I roll onto my side and cover my hears as my dad wakes me up. We may be in a new house and a new city but some things never change. I wipe my eyes awake and stand up. The sun hasn't risen yet and it's still dark at only five-thirty in the morning. I open my closet looking for something to wear. I need to look presentable but not like I'm trying too hard. Hmmmm. I pick out a navy colored dress with a flowers print on it. That should do it. I quickly get dressed and comb my tangled mane of hair.

Just as I grab my backpack I hear my dad walking down the hallway. "Krista, I cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. This is gonna be a great day, I can just feel it, babygirl!" "Yeah, I'm sure it's a great day for someone who just doubled their salary, but not so much for a teenager." I frown at my dad. He's just trying too hard this morning. Since when does he cook breakfast, or come across so happy at such an early hour? I feel annoyed and it's only been seven minutes since I woke up. I make my way to the kitchen where I munch on a few pieces of bacon. They're not so bad after all. "Are you picking up the groceries after work, Dad?" I wait, but I guess he didn't hear me. The bacon may be good but God know we don't have much in the fridge. So far we've been living off fast-food and bagged grapes. "Sorry, I was getting dressed. But I don't think I'll have time to stop. You know what we need more than I do anyway. Just stop after school. I gotta go. Have fun at school sweet girl."

I stare at the door he just left through. Twenty more minutes before I need to leave. I go to the bathroom and have a look in the mirror before I take off. My outfit is okay. But my eyes look so tired. Hopefully my dark bangs will take away from the bags underneath my brown eyes. I look okay. I decide to leave a little early anyway and start the walk to school. Since we live so close it only makes since to walk rather than drive. The walk to school is quite scenic. Beautiful Spanish oak trees, sprawling southern mansions, and very little traffic. It is a peaceful mile to walk.

As I arrive to the front of the school, there are lots of kids standing around outside. It looks a bit like a tailgating party with trucks making up the majority of the cars in the parking lot. I pass by many of the students on my way to the front office. So far it seems the only distinction of cliques is whether or not they are wearing clothing advertising hunting and fishing brand. Very different from my old California High School.

"Hello?" I call out to the front office receptionist. "Hello Krista." I stare at her strangely. "Whoopsie! I must sound to sinister, already knowing your name and what not. They told me you were coming in for your schedule and I just figured you must be the little California girl." "Yup that's me." I try to laugh with the woman but it's all so strange. The accents here are hard to understand at times. Maybe I'm the only one here that won't have some sort of southern drawl. I really don't belong. "Well here ya go sweetie. Your first class is in building 3. Have a nice day. Don't be a stranger!" I nod at the older woman and start moving towards my English class.

Since it's my first day hopefully there won't be too much hoopla over the new girl. I find my class easily enough. Small desks and chairs individually lined up and a young female teacher. The chalkboard mentions "breaking the ice" so it seems like we will all be having to talk. I hope not. I really don't have much to say. After a few minutes, the bell finally rings. Class is starting and there are only twenty people in here. At least it's not incredibly crowded.

"Okay class, My name is Miss Harmon and I am your English four teacher. We're going to start off by saying our name and our favorite book, since this is English after all. I see on my papers we have a new student, Krista Matthews. So Krista, please begin by stating your name and favorite book." Miss Harmon sits in her chair and all eyes are on me. Great. "Well, I'm Krista, obviously." I get a few laughs. "My favorite book is Twilight. Yeah, I know a lot of you might think it's lame but I don't care, it's a good book." I sit back down, feeling stupid for deciding to defend Twilight. Why should I apologize for liking a book?

The period continues with the rest of the class stating their names and favorite books, a few name Dr. Seuss books; I'm not sure if it's a joke or maybe some of these kids really can't read well. Finally we finish and Miss Harmon let's us relax for the res of the class. Not much to do on the first day I suppose.

"So where did you move from Krista?" I look up and a tall girl with blonde hair and a very low shirt is looking at me. "San Francisco. It's nice there." I smile thinking of my old city. "It looks nice in pictures. I've always wanted to visit the West Coast. I'm Becca, in case you forgot." "No, I remembered, Becca. Favorite book was Harry Potter." "Yeah, I love the whole series. Twilight is pretty good too. If you have Mr. Black for a teacher you'll totally freak out." I smile a little. "And why would I freak out?" "Well, he has the same name as the character, Jacob from the book. And he resembles Taylor Lautner from the movie. He hates it though when people give him a hard time. Last year, this girl in my class was so obsessed with him. She was convinvced he actually was a werewolf. Long story short, her parents had to pull her out of school because she was so crazed."

"Wow. That's uh, quite a story." I cringe at the thought of someone flipping out. I recall from my schedule that I have Mr. Black for seventh period. I seriously doubt I would become obsessed with an uncanny resemblance to a movie star who plays a fictious character. Would I? "Yeah. It was pretty weird. Anyway, I see you have Williams for Stats next period. I'm going there too. Then we can have lunch together. I don't mean to seem clingy, I just know what it's like to be the new girl. I started here in tenth grade after home schooling for many years." "Thanks Becca. To Mr. Williams we go." I smile, Becca is a nice girl, I was afraid to be surrounded by cowboys and rednecks all day. Having someone to talk to will make things much more bearable.

The day progresses yet it doesn't get any more interesting. I go to my classes and introduce myself and my favorite class related item. My name is Krista and I like the number four. My name is Krista and Dali is my favorite artist. My name is Krista and Abraham Lincoln is my favorite historical figure. My name is Krista, my name is Krista, my name is Krista. This is starting to get really old.

On the upside of things, lunch was just as wonderful as I imagined. Seniors get an hour lunch break and are allowed to leave campus if the like. Becca and I stopped by a nearby sandwich shop and I was able to enjoy a delicious panini and lemonade underneath the beautiful trees surrounding the area. Say what you want about the south, about Alabama, but not many places are as colorful and gorgeous in the fall as this small city.

When the bell rings, marking the end of sixth period, I realize my heart is starting to pick up speed. My last class of the day is zoology with Mr. Black. And, so what, he is known for resembling a movie star. Who cares? There must be a different reason my heart is pacing so fast. Regardless of why this is happening to me, the thumps grow faster and stronger as approach the science room. I take a deep breath and walk in. Wow. Mr. Black isn't even here yet. The room is full of kids talking to each other, texting under the seats, and taking naps. I quickly find my seat, marked Krista M. I'm in the second row, sitting next to a window. It's beginning to rain. I open up my books and smile and the boy passing my desk, hoping my expectations of Mr. Black aren't met, and that I can go about the rest of the year without wondering if perhaps he is some sort of mythical creature.

"Welcome, welcome class. I am Mr. Black. I promise were going to have a great year, as long as no jokes about Twilight, which as many of you know, seems to be synonymous with my name. I have no interest in ice breakers, or hearing all of you chat loudly while we wait for the day to end, and to be honest, I just had my lunch, and really just feel like taking a nap. So since our first topic this year will be oceanic animals, enjoy this movie and most of all remain quiet." Mr. Blacks flips off the light switch and presses play on the roll away television. As he sits down, I take time to get a good look at him. Becca was right; he does look similar to Taylor Lautner, but I surprisingly don't see an utter twin of him.

Mr. Black has long hair for a man, it ends right below his ears, so it's tucked behind them. He has dark eyes, and every inch of his skin is golden brown. He is certainly tan. He is also a little too dressed up for school. Most teachers dress casually, but Mr. Black is wearing a button up white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up over his muscles. He has on a skinny black tie and matching black pants. Mr. Black is good looking, no doubt, but I just don't see why anyone would get too crazy over him. He's just a coincidental look alike with the same name. I feel much more relaxed now that I know Mr. Black isn't anything to get worked up about. I am actually able to spend the rest of the class enjoying the movie. Who knew manatees were such interesting creatures?

The bell rings, and the light is turned back on in the room. I groan, nothing is worse than a dark classroom suddenly having the light turned on, my eyes burn. My classmates pack up and rush out the door, trying to leave as fast as possible. Unfortunatly, the boy sitting next to me is in such a rush he knocks over my unzipped backpack, spilling out everything I just packed. "Sorry!" The boy calls out over his shoulder, yet he doesn't stop to help. I thought southerners were supposed to be hospitable, but geez!

As I repack my backpack, Mr. Black comes over to help me pick up my things. "Some people can be so rude, sorry about that....Krista." Mr. Black stares at my name taped on the desk.

"Yeah, but that's just life I suppose." I give a smile and stuff my pencils into my bag. This is the way it should be. A regular teacher helping a regular student. Not with me obsessing over whether or not my teacher is half wolf. That girl Becca told me about must truly be crazy if she believed someone as normal as Mr. Black could be a Twilight character. Silly girl. I zip up my backpack and look over at Mr. Black. "Thanks for the help,class should be fun this year."

"Yes, it should be. It's my last year teaching here before I move and I want to leave on a good note unlike last year. Oh, and before you leave, here's the syllabus." "Thanks. I forgot you were giving them out at the door when people were leaving class." I smile and walk over to Mr. Black. His large hand covers the majority of the paper. I reach over and grab the syllabus, and accidently brush his large hand. I shudder instantly.

"Thanks!" I yell it over my shoulder as the boy who knocked over my backpack did. Mr. Black's hand was hot. Not just hot; it was on fire. Could this be my mind playing tricks on me? No, I decide. Perhaps that girl wasn't so crazy after all. Perhaps there is more to Mr. Black than meets the eye. And I want to know what it is.