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stepping up

Isabella Cullen and Edward Masen were high school sweethearts. A party, drunken mistakes and two months later Bella discovers something that will change her life forever. After telling Edward he flees to UCLA and returns a year later. An encounter with his ex's mother is bound to change some things.


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( Edward's POV)


" C'mon Bella! We just graduated, we need to celebrate. Please, I'm begging you come to Mike's party with me tonight.", I was dating the doctor's daughter, Isabella Marie Cullen. She like the other cullen kids except Alice were adopted. She had an older adopted brother Emmett Alexander Cullen and a little sister who was three, Alice Mary Cullen. Bella's parents were murdered when she was five. Bella was then adopted by the Cullens and we became instant best friends. We started dating sophmore year and here we are, college bound young adults.

" Edward, It's a bad idea. I have a feeling that something is going to go wrong. ", She sighed. Finally after an hour of begging and pleading she agreed to go with me. When we reached the party, I couldn't help but let loose a little. Bella knew I was going to drink so we walked to the party.

Six beers and four shots later Bella and I ended up in Mike's room. That's where we woke up in the morning. We had never slept together before that. When Bella woke up, pissed was an understatement.

" I told you something bad would happen! I can't even remember it, ugh! This is why I didn't want to go to the stupid party!", she yelled. We left the house and Our parents could tell she was pissed.

" What did you do?", My dad chuckled.

" I was stupid, and she was right.", I sighed and headed into my room. It didn't help that I could see into Bella's room since we were neighbors. I saw her sitting on her bed with her head in her hands and her head was shaking.

We eventually got over the fight, and started getting ready for UCLA. It had been two months since the party and Bella and I were heading to UCLA that day. I knocked and walked into the Cullen's house to get Bella so we could start our drive to campus.

" Bella! Babe where are you?", I shouted then I heard sniffles from the living room. I walked in and saw all the Cullens sitting around Bella. My guess was that they were saying goodbye.

" Bella, we have to get on the road.", I stated.

" I'm not going.", she said shortly. My breathing stopped for a minute.

" Bella, I know your nervous about leaving, but everything will be ok.", I argued.

" I'm nervous, but not for college. I'll be going to Udub for now, then maybe in a couple years I'll go UCLA.", Tears slid from her eyes. I saw Emmett glaring at me, and emmett was a monster of a 25 year old.

" Why Bells? Your pre med, why can't you go to UCLA for that?", my voice cracked.

" It's your fault. I told you I didn't want to go to that stupid party. Edward, my life is about to change, your's might even change. All because you dragged me to that stupid party and we made a big mistake.", She shook her head and gave a humorless laugh. Somehow, I knew what was coming.

" We didn't use protection that night Edward. I'm pregnant.", she sobbed. I fell to my knees and silent tears slid down my face. Bella, my Bella was pregnant with my baby.

" Your going to give it up right? I mean, you aren't ready to be a mom, I'm not ready to be a dad. We can't handle a kid.", I said in one breath.

" No, I'm having this baby, and I'm going to keep it, whether you want in it's life or not. Make your disicion now.", I made my decision right then. I walked out of the house and to my car, I drove to California and never looked back.


So here I am now. Ten months later and returning home for summer break. My parents didn't even know Bella's baby was my baby. All I knew was from the picture my older brother Jasper sent me. My son was born on May 5th at 3:41 am. He had my skin color, bella's eye shape and nose and my mouth.it made me regret running away.. I pulled into my driveway and my mother ran outside and attacked me with a hug. I laughed and returned the hug kissing her cheek as well.

" Oh Edward, I missed you so much!", she hugged me tighter. My dad walked out of the house and chuckled. I saw a car pull into the Cullen's driveway and the front door opened.

" Jaky's here! Belly BEAN! Give me my godson!", the big indian boy yelled. I didn't like him already, I saw Bella run and hug him. It was the first I'd seen her in ten months. I sat on the porch listening to them.

" Jacob! I thought you weren't going to be here until next week!", Bella said excitedly.

" I got off work early. Well, I see there is no more baby wieght, speaking of baby, where is he? I haven't seen him since the night he was born. Ooo how's the new tattoo? Did it hurt?", Jacob asked.

" Ya it hurt, and yes my baby wieght is gone thank god! I couldn't take being fat any longer.", Bella sighed.

" It was baby wieght! Not fat! Plus if I wasn't gay I would so totally screw you. You are a M.I.L.F.", Jacob laughed.

" Yeah right, I'm a premed student with a baby, no guy wants a kid at this age.", she sighed sadly and shook her head. Jacob frowned.

" Bella, you went through all that just to give your baby a life he deserves. It wasn't his fault for that stupid party, or even the way he was born.", Jacob said. The way he was born.

" I swear to god, if my baby grows up with a mental conditon I will sue the living hell out of him. I almost died and so did my baby.", Bella growled.

" That's why it's bad to drink n drive Bells. Anyway, I'm starving and I'm assuming Mamma C is whipping up some grub since she loves me and I still need to see my perfect godson, let's go inside.", they headed inside and I knew this summer was going to be hell.