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stepping up

Isabella Cullen and Edward Masen were high school sweethearts. A party, drunken mistakes and two months later Bella discovers something that will change her life forever. After telling Edward he flees to UCLA and returns a year later. An encounter with his ex's mother is bound to change some things.


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

Mom sent me to the grocery store for some breakfast ingrediants. I only needed bread now and I headed down the isle. There in front of me was Esme Cullen and a little baby in a carseat.

" Um, Hello Mrs. Cullen.", I mumbled. She looked up, shock crossed her face.

" Edward, good evening.", She replied. At that moment the baby started crying and she picked him out of his carseat. I only stared at him. Esme saw me and gave a small smile.

" Do you want to hold him? I won't tell Bella.", She promised. I nodded and took my son into my arms for the first time. He looked up at me with his big green emerald eyes. He had Bella's hair color. Suddenly I wasn't thinking about the past and everytime I thought of my future, I saw a brownhaired green eyed little boy in it.

" What's his name?", I asked quietly as he had just fallen asleep. Esme smiled.

" Anthony Edward Cullen.", She smiled at me. My mouth dropped and I instantly smiled. I touched Anthony's warm cheek. Jacob came into the aisle then and his mouth dropped.

" Oh, Mamma C, you might not wanna tell Bella bean about this. She will freak the hell out. Especially since your the baby daddy.", he said gayly. I rolled my eyes. I reluctantly passed her back my son.

" I invited your family over for dinner tonight, your mother agreed. Bella doesn't mind that your there. So I'll see you at six.", Esme said goodbye and left, Jacob nodded at me.

At six my family headed over to the Cullen's. I heard Alice's addicting laugh.

" Bella! He smiled at me!", she yelled. I heard Bella laugh. We knocked and Alice answered the door.

" Hi! Mommy and Bella are in the kitchen, daddy and Emmy are in the garage with Jakey looking at daddy's new car and I'm playing with Baby bear in the living room.", she said letting us in. Who the hell was baby bear? Mom went to the kitchen, dad and Jasper went to the garage and I followed mom.

" Mom, I told you, I am not even considering moving out of state until Anthony is two. Plus I think I just want to go to medical school here. So no need to worry about you not seeing your grandson.", I heard bella chuckle. We entered the kitchen and I stood there staring at the floor. I heard baby cries and Alice ran in.

" Bella, I think anthony wants formula. He seems very hungry he kept putting his hands in his mouth. Can I feed him?", Bella nodded and got a bottle ready, she then lead Alice back into the living room. I secretly followed them and watched. Anthony's baby noises were cute.

" There you go baby bear. Bella, why don't you have a boyfriend? Em has a girlfriend, he's gettin married to Rosie, so why are you alone?", alice questioned.

" Ali, things are alot more complicated when you have a baby. I have to go to school, take care of anthony and still visit on weekends. I don't have time for a boyfriend. Plus, not alot of college guys are ready for a family." , she touched anthony's cheek. You could tell he was a mamma's boy.

" Oh, well what about Anthony's daddy? I have a daddy, you have two daddies and so does Emmy. Rosie and mommy and daddy have a daddy. Why doesn't Anthony have one?", I felt my heart shatter.

" He does have a daddy, his daddy just isn't around.", Bella choked up a little.

" Well, Jake is a boy, can he be Anthony's daddy? He loves you, and you love him.", Alice handed the now empty bottle to Bella.

" No, we love eachother like Emmett loves me, or how that human girl and werewolf boy love eachother in that twilight movie. Jake likes boys like I do, not girls.", Bella chuckled and took her baby. She took him into the kitchen and I followed.

" Bella! I forgot to ask, what is this I hear about a tattoo?", Esme raised her eyebrow.

" Ok, well, I got Baby bear's anitials on my hip along with his birthdate.", Bella shrugged.

" Well, I guess that's alright.", Esme chuckled I sat down and just listened to their conversation.

" So Bella, you never mentioned who Anthony's father is.", My mom brought up. I felt my face pale and my heart speed up.

" That's because I didn't and don't want to ruin his life. It was our mistake and now it's my responsability. I gave him a choice to stay and help me with the baby or leave and continue his life, he chose the easier of the two. It's hard being by myself, but I am managing it. I didn't even put his father's name on the birth certificate, only my family and Jacob know who his father is. I want it to stay that way until and if his father comes back into his life.", Bella said sternly.

" Well, that's a shame a little boy that cute has to live without knowing where he came from.", My mom stated.

" He came from me. I was the one who was pregnant with him, I'm the one who got hit by a drunk driver causing me to go into labor half a month early. His father was never there, and as much as I know I'm sure he never will be.", Bella growled and took her baby with her up the stairs. I didn't notice the silent tears dripping down off my face. But my mom did.

" Edward? Sweety what's wrong?", My mom hurried over to me.

" My... fault..... Bella..... Anthony.....father...", I choked out. I pushed past her and ran into Bella's room. She looked up at me and tears spilled over her eyes.

" Bella, I am so sorry. I was scared and I didn't know how to handle it. We were just about to begin our lives together. Then, you tell me your pregnant and I could barely function. I spent the whole trip to california crying and replaying our happy memories in my head. The night you had Anthony I got a picture message from Jasper, as soon as I saw our baby I bawled my eyes out and curled up on the floor and cried. I love you Bella, and today seeing anthony my whole life clicked into place. Please, I am begging you, give me one more chance. Let me be with you and our son, I'll transfer schools, I'll marry you, I'll sign the birth certificate, just please, please give me another chance.... Please.", By this time our faces were covered in tears. I heard a gasp from the hallway that I knew was from my mother. I ignored it though.

" What about your dreams of becoming a music teacher? It's going to be hard to go to college and take care of a baby, I've been doing it since he was born. There's three am wake up calls and diapers and rumors. It's the hardest thing I've ever done, are you sure you can handle it?", Bella choked out.

" Yes, I'll help you! We'll move in together, we can be a family. Just give me a chance.", I begged.

" No Edward! You are only nineteen! You will not ruin your future like this!", my mother spoke from the hallway.

" Bella, I love you, I've never stopped loving you. One last chance, that's all I need.", I took her hand. My mom kept pounding on the door.

" One chance, that's all you get. Please, don't mess it up.", Bella looked into my eyes. I couldn't help myself, I leaned down and kissed her at the same moment Anthony did a cute baby gurgle making us laugh. I went and picked him up and I felt happy for the first time in ten months.....

* I don't know when I'll be able to update in the next two weeks. My family and I will be on vacation for 10 days in Disney World in Florida. *