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When the Cullen brothers come across an injured Bella on the side of the road, they take her home to care for her. They quickly realize that she is their soul mate and will do anything to protect her. And they'll never let her go. J/E/B/E


5. Was Billy Joel Right?

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Disclaimer: I own a hairbrush, a ton of books and no bookshelves to put them on. I don't own Twilight, either. I do have really cute dogs, though.

A/N Thank you to everyone who reviewed, favorited, and alerted! You make me happy.

Oh, and to everyone who wanted to know how the Cullens knew –or at least suspected- that they shared a "mate", this is the chapter you've been waiting for. I figured it was time for that little reveal. It's kind of odd, but it's impossible for it not to be. Lol. So I hope you bear with me.


Chapter 5 – Was Billy Joel Right?

The first time he hit her, she was nine. He had gotten into a fight with mom, who left in a fury. It was almost midnight. Bella remembered it clearly. She was supposed to be asleep, but the shouts and curses made their way up to her bedroom. She tip-toed down the stairs just in time to see her mother leave.

"Mom?" She called out, but it was too late. He was there, however, livid. He set his cold blue eyes on her.

"Bella, what the hell are you doing up?"

She scrambled to get back to her room, frightened. He always did scare her.

"Get down here!"

Bella froze, confused, and turned around. She was at the top of the stairs now, he at the bottom. He motioned with his finger for her to come. She didn't want to. He was mad. He didn't like her. Didn't make a secret of it, either.

"NOW, Bella."

The steps creaked as she descended. His eyes stayed on her, as hard as ever. When she met him at the bottom, he yanked her by the arm and-


She cried out in shock.

Why did her dad hit her? She knew he hated her, but what had she done wrong?

Part of what bothered her about Jasper Cullen, aside from his attitude, was his appearance. He reminded her of her father. Perhaps they weren't alike in personality. Perhaps Jasper wasn't a violent man, but when he stared at her like that, she saw the man who had terrorized her for years.

Jasper didn't appear to be a warm person. When he spoke of love, she really couldn't picture him ever being in love. He said it like it was a fact, something undeniable, but there was not a bone in her body that believed him. She was firmly convinced that the man ogling her was not capable of love. It sounded cruel, she was aware, but too bad. She disliked him, and that was an undeniable truth.

The room was filled with tension. Bella wished he would just go away so she could enjoy the movie. He was sitting too close and he wasn't even watching the screen.

Just her.

Emmett and Edward were immediately alert. Jasper didn't mean any harm, but he was not suave. He intimidated a lot of people, mainly those who didn't know better. Usually, they found it amusing, but not now. They didn't approve of their Bella feeling threatened. Jasper had seriously fucked up with her, and he was going to have a heck of a time changing her opinion of him.

"Can you not stare at me like some freak?" Bella snapped. Jasper recoiled, hurt. Bella shifted away from him and towards Edward.

Jasper looked peeved, but respected her wish. He'd like nothing more than to pull her back over and lift her onto his lap, but he was well aware that it would be a mistake. His mother always did tell him that he was spoiled and couldn't take "no" for an answer. Jasper was used to getting what he wanted, whether he asked for or demanded it. He scared some of his students, but they never gave him shitbecause he was intimidating. He was not afraid to give out detentions left and right. Jasper was the authoritarian in every aspect of his life and he was rarely questioned. Esme was right. He was spoiled.

And he was definitely adapted to women fawning all over him. It was the same for his brothers. It made being a teacher all the more difficult. There was the flirting to contend with, the love notes left on the desk, and the gaggles of girls giggling and pointing in whispers. The older women were only marginally better. Everyone wanted a Cullen. They could have their pick of anyone. Jasper had been hit on by two female teachers only the other day as well as five students, not to mention that pesky waitress.

And here was the one woman he wanted, and he couldn't have her. She didn't want him. She moved away from him and sneered and caused his heart to hurt.

He supposed that he deserved it.

No, no, no, he did.

When he was eight his parents bought him the most expensive bike they could find for his birthday. He deserved it.

When he was ten he got a brand new TV put in his bedroom, then a game system. No, two game systems. Because he deserved it.

When he was twelve he convinced his parents to buy him a dog. They did, despite the fact that they were both allergic to them and his mom was obsessively clean. But he deserved that dog.

When he was sixteen they bought him a car, the most gorgeous one on the lot. He deserved only the best, after all.

But maybe he didn't. Edward had called him out on his condescension before, called him an arrogant prick. Emmett had agreed.

Bella agreed too, and that stung. What didn't she see in him that every other female seemed to? More importantly, what did she see that others didn't?

Okay, he confessed. He should have been more tactful, not so forceful. But he had been so enraged, still was, by the state she was in. Add to that a throbbing cock and an eagerness to begin a new life with his one true love, and you have a painfully aroused, murderous motherfucker with a history degree. He was a fucking bomb.

And god, he fucked up! Everything went wrong with her last night! She wasn't meant to hate him and tell him to go rot in the deepest pits of hell. All he wanted was to protect and love her. It was a simple concept, and he intended to do both for the rest of his life, but did she have to make it so hard?

Now it was her, Edward, and Emmett against him. Somehow they'd gotten on her good side and bonded. She wasn't telling them to go jump off a cliff. She wasn't banishing them. But like hell that stopped him.

He watched her sleep. There was no way he was going to stay locked in his room all night with her just lying on the couch and Emmett there to guard her. Emmett slept like a rock. Jasper refused to take chances when it came to Bella. Plus, he craved to be near her. He coveted the couch, wishing he could take his place on it and have her curled into him. He wanted to hold her, wanted her breath on his neck and her scent bombarding his senses. He wanted to soothe her and make the marks on her skin disappear. He wanted to make her forget.

He'd been outside the kitchen when she was with Edward. It'd be a lie to say he wasn't envious of their easy chat. Edward's manners were ten times better than his, and he got along with people more. He and Emmett conversed well, while Jasper preferred to keep the talking to a minimum. And Emmett could charm a plant. They both possessed the social skills that he lacked.

And they were eighty steps closer to Bella's heart than he was.

Jasper hadn't been aware that he was staring at her again until Emmett threw a pillow at him to get his attention. Bella was at Edward's side with a protective arm thrown around her shoulder. She wasn't paying attention to the film and all the killer tomatoes running around. Her cheeks carried a heavy blush and she was trying hard not to feel his eyes on her. Jasper's stomach twisted in knots.

"Hey, Belly, come sit with Emmett and get away from Jazz's perverted tendencies." Emmett said, patting his lap. Bella took a sideways glance at Jasper, weighing her options. It was a bit much to sit on Emmett's lap. Hello, that's where his dick was! Much too close. Even if Emmett seemed like a good guy, he was still a man. She did like the idea of escaping Jasper's intense eyes, though.

She settled herself on the floor near the recliner, wrapping her arms around her knees. Edward relinquished his touch unhappily, casting an accusatory glare at Jasper.

"Belly, that's the floor," Emmett whined, "my lap is so much more comfortable! Come on, I don't bite."

Bella rolled her eyes. "The floor doesn't have genitals." She huffed. "I'm fine where I am." Everyone was surprised by her bluntness. Emmett let out a loud, booming laugh.

"Aw, Bells, you're more likely to get attacked by one of those tomatoes on screen than by my manly bits. But if you do feel something poking you, you should just say 'hello' back." Emmett grinned cheekily. Bella's face flushed a deep crimson.

"Emmett, shut up." Edward said. He had a suspicion that Bella really was afraid of men in general. He exchanged a quick glance with Jasper, who seemed to be in agreement, and looked at Emmett, who was observing Bella with a frown on his face. They were all thinking the same thing: What had her father done to her?

They were silent for the duration of the film, each lost in their own thoughts.

Jasper was determined to talk to Bella. He couldn't let this go on any longer. When the movie was over, he took his chance. "Bella, can we talk?" Say yes, say yes.

Bella almost said no. He hadn't had anything good to say so far. And what if he tried to kiss her again? She shuddered at the thought. At least he was asking nicely. She might as well. She'd rather attempt to get along with him than go on with this tension and fear floating around.

Emmett and Edward followed behind as Jasper led the way to the kitchen. That appeared to be the place of choice to have nice, calm conversations. Hey, it worked for Edward.

Jasper pulled a chair out for Bella. No one had ever done that for her before. It was such a silly thing to notice, really, and she guessed it was the gentlemanly thing to do, but she couldn't help thinking that he was simply trying to soften her up.

Emmett sat down next to her, Edward on her other side, and Jasper was the odd one out, having been assigned to sit the furthest away. He was still untrustworthy, even in his brothers' eyes.

Jasper prepared himself. Be nice, he reminded himself. You love her, it's not that hard. You want her tostay and fall for you, so stop being a fucking dictator! "Bella, I-"

"Can I have my bra back?" Bella interrupted, startling the men surrounding her. Jasper balked.

Bra? Oh, god, her bra. Shit. Jasper kept his expression under careful control. He didn't want her to know what he'd done. She'd never give him a chance if she found out. He'd be screwed. It's not exactly normal to take a girl's bra and sniff it for the duration of the night. He was supposed to have washed it, instead he stole it. He wanted her scent as close to him as possible. Washing it would erase her from it. So when she banished him, he's taken solace in the flimsy garment and held it under his nose like a fucking pervert all night.

And then there was the whole masturbating thing. What could he say? Even her smell made him hard. It was the catalyst for his fantasies. Hopefully, soon, he wouldn't need to fantasize and steal her bra like the pathetic bastard that he was.

"I'll get it." Edward offered, moving to rise, but Jasper beat him to it.

"No! I'll get it." His brothers eyed him suspiciously. He composed himself, stoic as usual, and sauntered down the hall, bypassing the laundry room and hurriedly dashing into his room. Where was it?

He searched under his pillow, in the sheets, on the floor. He was getting frantic.

"What are you looking for?"

Jasper jumped.

Edward stood in the doorway, smirking. "What did you do with it? Don't tell me you got your spunk all over it. She's expecting it to be clean, not defiled."

Jasper felt his face heat up. "No, I did not come on her bra!" He hissed, ushering his brother inside. "Close the fucking door!"

Edward chuckled, but did as he was told. "It's okay. I can't say I didn't do the same thing with her panties. I couldn't really help myself." He admitted, abashed.

"I guess we're both disgusting perverts." Jasper said, relieved that he wasn't being admonished. He wasn't the only one struggling, although Edward wasn't one to actually discuss masturbation. It wasn't proper to talk about such things, he'd once said. Well, no use in hiding it now. They were all three in the same boat, as they always had been when it came to love.

"I guess we should bring her clothes back, too, before she asks for them." Edward said.

"Can you help me find her bra first?"

Edward nodded, turning around. It didn't take him long. "Jazz," he laughed, "I found it."

It was hanging on the doorknob. How the hell did it get there?

Ugh. He was sick.

What they discovered in the laundry room was worse.

Bella's clothes had shrunk.

"Who the fuck did this?" Jasper held her shirt up. It was not only shrunk, but bleached, too.

Edward and Jasper knew instantly who did it.

Emmett. The man was a disaster with anything domestic. He was incapable of successfully doing laundry, cooking, dishes, and mowing the lawn. He couldn't make his bed, either. Bella was going to be pissed.

Bella looked up expectantly when they came in. "Um, Bella, I-I put your bra on the couch." Jasper said. He'd wait to tell her about the demise of her clothes. "So," Jasper took his seat again, praying she would let him speak this time, "about that talk…I…wanted to apologize for my behavior." There, he said it. It was probably the first time he had apologized for anything, truth be told. They should throw a party to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Bella was dubious. He sure didn't act sorry. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course, darling." Jasper mentally cringed. She hated when he called her that, if he remembered correctly from her ranting and shouting at him the night before.

Bella sighed, willing her confidence to stay with her. She had to ask. She just wasn't sure the answer would do her any good. "Why do you guys insist on claiming to love me? Are you joking?"

She noticed all three of their eyes darken. It was strange to pick up on that, but she did. Eyes told her a lot about a person and what they were feeling, even if their outward countenance was completely the opposite.

"No, Bella, it's not a joke. Nothing we've said is a joke. It's the truth." Jasper stated. He sounded so convincing, like he actually believed what he was saying. Bella still thought he was a deluded psycho.

"Why?" Bella demanded. "I want to know why you believe such a ridiculous thing. Really, tell me. I'd love to know you're reasoning, because I've gotta tell you, it makes no sense, no matter what planet you're from."

Jasper had to remind himself to keep calm. She just didn't understand yet, that was all. It was normal to no one but them. If only he could make her understand.

"We've known for years that we shared a…love…the same love for the same woman, I mean. I realize it seems impossible, but please listen. I want to tell you about Alice."

Bella frowned. Alice? Who was she, their first victim?

"Alice was our cousin." Well she didn't expect that. "Alice was our uncle's daughter." Jasper explained. Edward and Emmett had taken on somber looks as he related their past. "She'd be about Emmett's age. She was like a little sister to all of us." Jasper swallowed thickly. He didn't think it'd be this hard. He glanced up at Bella. She had the most sympathetic face at that moment. Like she knew what he was going to say, like she felt their pain too.

"The thing about Alice is…she was psychic." He noted Bella's surprise. "Unbelievable, I know, but it's true. We found out early on. When she was a toddler she would say the strangest things about random events that were going to happen. Everyone laughed when she did that. But then what she said came true. Her father's car did get broken into, my fish did die, her mother did get sick from food poisoning, and the neighbor's house did catch on fire. It didn't take long for everyone in the family to take her seriously. So when she told us about what the future would bring us, we believed her.

"I was fourteen at the time. Edward was twelve, and Emmett was almost eleven. She said we'd all love the same girl and live together as one. The odd thing was we kind of already suspected something like that. At least, I did. I was at that age when I was supposed to start liking girls. I had just started highschool and hit puberty. But there hadn't been one instance of a crush or an attraction. As the years went by, that didn't change. Knowing my brothers would love her was weird, but I accepted it. They were a bit young to understand at first, but I explained it more to them later on. I thought it was a blessing, of sorts, that we would all love you. I thought it was the greatest thing. All of us did. Preferred it, to be honest. We've always been close."

Bella raised an eyebrow at that.

"Not like that!" Emmett shouted, somehow grasping her implication.

She giggled. "I didn't say anything." She wasn't sure what to make of this story. It was still implausible in her mind, but she couldn't very well tell them that they're dead cousin was wrong or lying. She assumed she was dead, from the way Jasper spoke of her. "What happened to Alice?"

Everyone looked pained at the question.

"She died." Jasper whispered. "She was fifteen. Brain cancer."

Oh no…

"I'm sorry." She didn't know what else to say. Nothing could make it better, she was well aware of that. Maybe she should hug them. They'd like that…but they might think she was returning their feelings, too. She couldn't allow that.

"My mother died, too." She confided, unsure why she did exactly. The last thing she wanted was to bring back old memories. She tried so hard not to think about her mother everyday. It never failed to make her cry.

"Oh, baby." Emmett placed a hand on her arm. Edward inched closer, wondering if it'd be acceptable to hug her. Jasper closed his eyes. So that's why she felt his pain. She'd lost someone, too.

"I guess Billy Joel was right," Bella said, already on her way to a full-blown sob-fest, "only the good die young." And then she cried. It wasn't right that these people died, and so young.

She didn't object when three pairs of arms embraced her.