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When the Cullen brothers come across an injured Bella on the side of the road, they take her home to care for her. They quickly realize that she is their soul mate and will do anything to protect her. And they'll never let her go. J/E/B/E


6. Close

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Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. Oh, well…


Chapter 6 –Close

The first time Jasper was hugged by a female who wasn't his mother, he freaked out. Margot Jane was her name. She thought he was the cutest thing ever. She made it her mission to get close enough to him to touch those soft lips and tug at that wavy blonde hair. He was thirteen. Girls were parasites, according to him, so when little red-headed Margot Jane jumped out at him on his way to class and flung her scrawny arms around his neck, he went crazy. He was off and running before she got a chance to kiss him. When he got home he took a ten-minute shower, convinced that he'd gotten cooties. It was an overreaction, sure…but he did get the cooties off.

Hugging Bella was nothing like hugging Margot Jane, and it was certainly nothing like hugging his mother. It wasn't a full hug, since Edward and Emmett were both a part of it. He wasn't jealous that they were touching her, but he'd be lying if he said he didn't have the urge to shove them off and have her all to himself.

It broke their hearts that she was crying, that she was motherless. It was tempting to ask her about her mother and how she died, but they feared she wasn't ready for that.

There was not a dry eye in the room, and Emmett, for one, was disturbed by that fact. He was not a crier, heck, none of them were. The subject of Alice was a touchy one, however, and never failed to sadden them. She had been such a tiny thing, but so alive. She was like the sister they never had. And she had given them a gift by telling them about Bella. 'She'll be your beautiful girl.' She'd said. Yeah, they got the meaning behind that now.

It took a few minutes for Bella's sobs to taper off. It was like a stab in the heart, hearing her so distraught. She had unconsciously leaned on Jasper for support, her face in the crook of his neck, soaking his shirt with her tears. He kissed the top of her head reverently, enjoying her touch. Edward rubbed soothing circles on her back while Emmett clutched at her hand with his own large one.

Bella was embarrassed. Crying in front of these guys gave them the perfect excuse to touch her. And why the hell did she tell them about her mother? She'd felt compelled to sympathize with their loss, she supposed. It was probably the only thing they had in common. She felt sorry for them, but didn't necessarily buy the whole psychic thing. Maybe Alice was psychic, but the concept of three guys plus her was ludicrous, even if she did have some sort of vision.

Jasper hadn't expected their talk to turn into this, and he still didn't know what she thought of his revelation. It might be too fantastic for anyone but them to believe. He swore that he would do everything in his power to convince her. There was no way he could go on in life without Bella. None of them could. They had to make her see. Jasper was having the hardest time stopping himself from simply ordering her to love them and telling her she had no choice.

Oh, but that wouldn't do. His baser instincts were telling him that she was his, theirs, and that he should take her as soon as possible.

Her instincts were telling her to run and hide at the first sign of danger, and to not trust anyone. Yes, she would be resistant. She was stubborn but intelligent, and she was driving them crazy.

It wasn't easy to hide their want from her, but her needs came first. They just had to remember that.

Bella suddenly realized what she was doing and who she was with. Jasper was comforting her, and enjoying it, no doubt. They were all touching her innocently enough, but they were still touching her, and she didn't like that. Tentatively, she opened her eyes, removing herself from Jasper's embrace and straightening in her seat.

Emmett smiled at her, leaning forward to wipe stray tears from her face. Their eyes met, and Bella instantly saw the intensity that he shared with his brothers; the lust and adoration. She had to look away. It was too much.

Abruptly she stood, focusing on the far wall so she wouldn't have to look at them. She sniffled. Her three suitors stared at her, hoping they hadn't crossed the line, but their pleading eyes went ignored.

"I think I'm going to get changed. Are my clothes dry?"


"Um, about that…" Edward began, sending an accusing glare Emmett's way, who had no idea what he'd done wrong. Bella waited for him to continue. "Your clothes were accidentally ruined." Edward feared her reaction.

And for good reason.


So he told her about the bleach and the shrinkage and that it was completely Emmett's fault.

"Darling, we'll buy you new clothes. Better clothes. A whole new wardrobe." Jasper said, trying to appease her. Really, her clothes weren't in the best condition anyway, so she should be happy that they were going to buy her new ones. Right?

"But those were my clothes, mine, and you destroyed them! Unbelievable! You did it on purpose, didn't you? Trying to get me naked! You'll probably set your own clothes on fire next and then it'll be one big naked party, won 't it?"

Naked. She shouldn't say that word. Emmett already looked to be in a bit of a situation

"Bella, it was an accident. We'll buy you as many new clothes as you want." Jasper said.

"But I don't want new clothes, I want my clothes. Those were all I had."

She was on the verge of tears again. Emmett went over to console her, but was rebuffed. "And my…underwear?"

Edward and Jasper tried not to appear guilty.

Don't let her find out what I did to her panties!

I hope she doesn't notice the creases I made in her bra!

It took some persuasion to get her to agree to let them buy her new clothes, but she had nothing else to wear except baggy men's shirts and boxers that wanted to fall down her small hips. It was the only option she had, but she hated shopping, so they got her onto Emmett's laptop so she could surf online.

"How much can I spend?"

"As much as you want." Jasper replied.

Bella sighed. This was so boring. But she did need…well, everything. She refused to go panty-less for longer than necessary…and she should put her bra back on. She didn't like that it was out there for them to see.

"Let's watch another movie. I'm bored, and your film education is seriously lacking." Emmett said, taking a peek over Bella's shoulder.

Shit. Panties …everywhere! Bikinis, thongs, boyshorts…

"I, um, I need to go to the bathroom. I-I'll be right back." And he darted off.

Bella scrunched her forehead. I guess he really needs to pee, she thought.

Emmett came back, relieved, apparently. "Are you done yet?" He made sure to avoid anymore panty incidents.

"No. Maybe I'll just finish this later. What are we watching this time?"

"Eegah!" Emmett exclaimed.

"Eegah? What is that?"

"Only the best movie you've never seen!"


Jasper went out to buy groceries for dinner. The chef in him couldn't resist making Bella the best dinner she ever had. He was determined to spoil her. He loathed leaving her for any small amount of time, but at least his brothers were there. Edward was currently in his room grading papers while Emmett and Bella were planted in front of the television.

Jasper hated shopping for food, despite his love of food. More than half of the cashiers at the local market were female, and every time he went there, he was hit on by at least one. There was Maria, Lisa, Sharon, Teresa, Nicole, and Fran.

He wanted to get in and out as fast as he could without too much trouble. He had gotten almost every item on his list when he heard it. There were voices coming from the next aisle. They were men attempting to be quiet, but successfully reaching Jasper's keen ears despite the whispering.

"You obviously didn't look hard enough, you idiot. You probably passed right by her. She couldn't have gotten that far, not after what I did to her."

"But I did look, boss. We both did. Not a trace of her!"

Jasper paused, a bottle of olive oil in his hand, and listened intently.

"We'll have to find her before someone else does. She could ruin everything. I can't believe that little bitch ran off."

"Boss, if she's alive and tells someone, we're screwed."

"You think I don't know that? Now shut up. We're in a fucking market. This is not the place to discuss this."

Jasper's heart was at double tempo. Could they have been…were they talking about Bella? Fuck, fuck, fuck. He abandoned his cart, dashing to the next aisle to see who those men were, but they were gone. Frantically, he searched the rest of the store. All he found were a few scattered women and children.

It was rattling. Jasper knew in his gut that those men were talking about Bella.

And they were looking for her.

That's it! She was going to talk. He was going to find out, whether she liked it or not. She couldn't keep this from them. Her safety was in jeopardy, and that was not acceptable.

Jasper stormed into the house twenty minutes later, discarding his bags on the floor as soon as he walked in.

Emmett and Bella looked up, noticing his dark mood at once.

"Bella, we need to talk NOW."

Bella shrunk back as Emmett moved in front of her protectively. "Jasper, what are you doing?" Emmett demanded.

"Bella, you need to tell us about James." Jasper said, not quite as nicely as he intended.

Bella gasped. "No. Why do you want to know? You don't need to know!" Oh god, she did not want to talk about this, about him. She was panicking. She wanted to flee. The door was right there, but so was Jasper.

Edward came out of his room on hearing Jasper's raised voice. That was never a good sign. "What's going on?"

Bella gripped the hem of Emmett's sleeve.

"There were these two men at the market." Bella's eyes widened. She had a terrible feeling she knew where this was going. "I heard them talking about a girl, and they were looking for her, but apparently she is nowhere to be found. They were talking about you, weren't they?" He pinned Bella with his fiery gaze. She thought he was mad at her, but he wasn't. It was them. He was going to kill them, make them regret they were born, that they had ever touched her.

Nobody spoke. Bella didn't have to answer, they knew by the look on her face, by the fear displayed plainly in her eyes. Her grip on Emmett increased.

Edward came to stand behind her. "It's okay, Bella. You don't have to tell us right now. But we do want to help you. You can trust us, love. We're not going to let him hurt you."

Love. No one loved her. No one who claimed to really did. It was a horrible word. They shouldn't be saying it. And she shouldn't be here.

They were taken by surprise by her sudden movement. She had slipped past Edward and Emmett before either could react, and sprinted down the hallway, choosing a room at random, which just happened to be Edward's. The door slammed closed and Bella locked it just as the Cullens got to there.

"Fuck!" Jasper banged his fist against it. "Bella, let us in!"

Bella sat on the bed, pulling her knees up. Was he going to break the door down?

"Jazz, calm down. She's just scared." Edward said. "Maybe you should go cool off for a minute. We'll try to talk to her."

Jasper was furious. Why was she running again? Didn't she understand that they loved her and wanted to help her? How many times did they have to tell her?

"Bella, I know you don't want to talk about it now, but you are in my room, and I have work to do." Edward said, hoping to coax her out.

Bella didn't think they were intending to harm her. Well, with Jasper, who knew? But she had to get out of there. If James found out about them, they were dead. If he found out where she was, she was dead. Keep on the move, that was the thing to do. As quietly as she could, Bella grabbed a pair of boots lying on the floor. They were several sizes too big, of course, but they would do.

There was a window in Edward's bedroom just perfect for crawling out of…she could make it, assuming they didn't get there first…

Jasper stepped outside. It wouldn't do anyone any good if he was angry. Bella was still skittish around him. So much for apologizing. He'd have to start all over again.

He inhaled, feeling himself relax, and looked out into the forest surrounding the house. It was a peaceful sight. It could be spooky at night, though. But right now, after a fresh rainfall, it was lovely. Maybe Bella would enjoy it someday with him and his brothers. Maybe, in a few years time, they'd be standing out here together, Bella with a round belly. Maybe there'd already be children. The possibility sent a jolt of excitement and warmth through him. He'd love to have kids with Bella. They all would, and that was the plan. They'd be one big family, happy and content.


A twig cracked not far away. Jasper whipped his head around.

And there was Bella, running away. Again.

And there was Jasper running right after her.

A/N I hope you liked it. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I know how to spell, but I still miss errors sometimes! Lol. Oh, and "Eegah" is a real film. I'd be surprised if any of you have seen it, but tell me if you have. It's one of the best worst movies I've ever seen. And the guy who played Jaws in James Bond is in it. Totally ridiculous, but funny.

I'll try to post again soon.