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What would if a new pair of vampires showed up at the Cullens' door? Charlette is a human turned vampire, turned wolf, after a vampire version of Albert Einstien, changes her. The part-evil scientist is discovered by the Volturi... well, you know what happens when they show up at your doorstep. So Leah runs. She winds up living a not so normal life in a city filled with thousands of people. She goes to a certain bar ever once in a while to find a good "meal". Where she happens to find a devastating stranger... Quinn has spent most of his new life in small town, but he decides he needs a change of pace. Therefore, he moves to Seattle, Washington. When there, he finds a little bar he tends to like. But there's no such thing as a free lunch. This bar comes with a catch... and a pretty one, at that.

Sorry if my thoughts are a little scatterd. This is the first time I've shared my stories with anyone. Hope you like it so far.

1. Fiction Turned Reality

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I woke up in a room I had never seen before.

It was a plain room, nothing fancy. White sheets, artificial wood furniture, normal lights, and a bookcase to my right. What caught my attention, was something that was totally out of place.

To my left there was a room. I swear it looked like a labratory. It had those hospital type white flourescent lights, metal tables, and some beakers just laying out of sorts. I think I even saw some syringes off to the side...

Before I could think about whether or not I actually saw those, a man appeared. He couldn't have been older than thirty five, he was probably even younger. And he scared the living daylights out of me! My pulse should have dramatically increased. That's when I realized someting, I had no pulse! Panic kicked in. In response, my body jumped off the bed and landed in a crouched position.

Why are you doing this?Where are you? Someone really needs to clean underneath this bed. Look at all those dust bunnies... Shut up!

My mind was so hollow. It had a million different thoughts and questions. But there was one question I needed answered right now.

"Am I dead?"

"Of sorts." The man said. He talked with an English accent. Interesting.

"That doesn't explain a lot." Wow. My mind was starting to work faster.

"Calm down and let me explain."

I stood up. I went to go sit down on the bed but found it was more comfortable to just stand there, completely still. I crossed my arms over my chest. Strange, I was always so twitchy...

"Okay then," I said. "Explain."

"You're going to have to agree to something first."

I waited.

"Promise you won't interrupt and when I ask you a question, answer with honesty. Is that okay?"

"I can agree to that."

"That's good. Now, what's your name?"

"Charlette. It's Charlette."

"Okay. Charlette, I'm Charles."

Of course it was Charles. *Mocking british voice* Hello there fair lady! I'm Sir Charles! I have kidnapped you for no apparent reason! He must be from the Medieval Ages.

Apparently Charles was still talking to me while my mind ranted.

"Do you believe in any myths or legends?"

"There are some I wish were true. Whether or not they are? It's doubtful."

"Which one's would you like to be true?"

This was an embarrasing subject. "Vampires." I blushed. Then hurried an explanation before he could laugh at me. "But not the ones who kill people for fun or anything.."

"What kind then?" He sounded serious.

"The ones who try to protect humans. The ones who only take what they need and nothing more. The good guys."

"Hmmm. Interesting opinion. Any other myth you wish to be true?"

"That's the main one."

There was a pause. I was the first one who spoke. "I don't see how this...."

"Ah! No interrupting!"

You can't interrupt someone if they're not talking. I was starting to get annoyed.

"I'm sorry. I'm not explaining this right. What I'm trying to say is, some myths are real. You see, vampires do exsist, Leah."

"That's not possible."

"Oh, that's not even the best part."

Best part?! I didn't say a word.

"You know what the best thing is, Charlette?"


"You and I are both one of them."

Your a vampire?

"No. That's not right..." He cut me off.

"Let me give you a check list. Okay let's see if you have these....'symptoms'."

All ears. Yeah! Because I couldn't work anything else!

"Fast reflexes?"

He threw a book at me and caught it when it was a centimeter from my eye.

"Check." Apparently he was going to do all the talking.