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renesmee and the family forever

bella and edward have renesmee and when bella is a vamp she gives birth to a baby boy named eddie cullen emmet and roselie adopt a baby girl that is half vap and humen like rnesmee names chantell cullen alice and jasper adopt tyler that is like renesmee and chantell tyler is aros son the adopted him when he was 7 and hid dad died madie and alic will have kids later jacob and renesmee are dating and get maried and have kids later and chloe eddie are dating and will get maried and have kids later chantell and tyler are friends and will be dating and get maried and have kids later

kate tany and garet will be in the storie too

1. the ring

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renesmees pov

jacob went to the beach we got thair and a diner was set i set in a seat and ate with jacob and we danced jacob i said hmm i love u renesmee i love u to next thng u know he wa down on one nee renesmee carlie cullen will u marrie me i was stund but i just got the words yes yes i will jacob we kissed for a long pasenet momet and stayd at the beach untill it was 12:00am we went to my houseyo tell my family