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A Fallen Angel

Emmett said that he'd never be able to hit the ball to the heavens with a tree trunk instead of the baseball bat, he accepted the challenge. "Looks like you've f****d up big time again Eddiekins, you managed to hit an angel!"

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the intellectual property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is stories and characters belong to their rightful owners. This is a crossover fanfic merging Twilight and Harry Potter verse with Edward and Hermione as main characters. Obviously. The story is set after Eclipse for Twilight and Deathly Hallows for HP. Spoilers here and there mostly for the Harry Potter Universe.

1. A Fallen Angel

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A Fallen Angel

He knew the reasoning behind his family's actions. It was the one big advantage, as well as an inconvenience, of being a mind reader. He already knew the reason for this family outing after reading their thoughts over the last few days. He understood their concern for him, but right now, he could not care less, and he knew that his feelings were carefully monitored by the family's empath. Having existed in this world for ninety-seven years, with only the first seventeen years as a human, he knew exactly how he felt right now. Edward Cullen felt both depressed and angry. The sad state he was in right now only served to frustrate him further and worsen his mood. His family's thoughts and concern was not helping in any way.

And it was all because of her. Bella Swan.

She'd promised to never leave him and to love him unconditionally. But at the first occasion she'd had after they both made it through the fight with Victoria's army of newborn vampires, she told him it was too difficult for her to choose—between the mutt and him. So she just packed her bags and left. She at least had the decency to tell him that she was leaving and did not want to see him again. At first, he had thought that she wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. Something that he'd applied when he and his family had gone away. But he sadly realised, only later, when he watched her get into her truck, that he'd deluded himself. He did not beg her to stay; he did not have the force to do that as he watched her walk away from his life. A life he'd only gotten back the day when Isabella Marie Swan had walked into his Biology class a couple of years earlier, and then it was as if what had been nearly eighty years of mere existence had never existed. Even though his heart had stopped beating during that fateful night in 1918 when Carlisle Cullen had decided that Edward Anthony Masen could roam the earth for eternity as his son, somehow, his dead organ had started beating again, metaphorically at least, the day he caught the first whiff of her scent.

Today was the fourth of July, and while the nation was celebrating Independence Day, the people of Forks were spending their holiday in the shelter of their homes due to the huge thunderstorm that had hit the town at midday. His family, as Alice had predicted, had decided that a baseball match was the right course of action and would somehow cheer him up. How could she think that, he would never know. Every time he tried to read the reasoning behind that, Alice would start to think randomly of occasions where Jasper and she had shagged, and her thoughts were quite graphic during her reminiscing moments.

Somehow, Alice Cullen was feeling very happy, more than her usual chipper and hyper self actually, as if something extraordinary was going to happen to them that day. As if in his current state of mind something or anything might alleviate his sombre mood. He should just stay in his room and wallow in self pity like he'd been doing, according to Rosalie, but he chose to go with his family. He only wanted to calm his family and let them know that he was at least trying to move on, even if it was horribly difficult for him.

They had been playing for a little over an hour before Emmett, as a joke, dared him to hit the ball towards the sky into the billowing, dark-grey clouds above them. Clouds that were the cause of one of the most intense downpours Forks had ever experienced, and rain was somewhat of a Forks speciality. It was, after all, the rainiest area of the country.

"Ah, my dear little bro," Emmett tutted, "though I acknowledge that you're quite a powerful vampire, I am positively a hundred percent sure that you'll never be able to hit that ball into the cloud cover. Even if you used a tree trunk as a baseball bat." And here, you could insert a derisive snort from said jackass. "Plus, you'll have to go catch the ball once it falls," said the big bear he had as a brother. Of course, the dumbass would not make it easy for him. "So, do you think you'll be able to pull that off, oh brother of mine?" Although he knew that he was only doing this so he would stop thinking ofher, there was still no mistaking the challenging smile the oaf gave him. His family laughed at his comment.

"You're on," he responded. There no way he was going to back down from this challenge, since he knew that his brothers would never let him live it down if he'd declined it. "Now give me your best shot!" He positioned himself on the batter's box and waited for Emmett's throw.

Emmett only grinned in response while he waited for Alice to signal when it was okay. Ten seconds later a flash of lightning occurred, and Alice nodded to Emmett. The latter then sent flying towards him the quickest ball Emmett had ever thrown, but Edward's reflexes were perfect, and he did not miss the ball. He hit it fast and hard, sending it flying toward the sky above. The Cullens watched as the ball flew upwards and disappeared into the clouds.

Edward smirked in Emmett's direction while the latter only rolled his eyes and mentally reminded him that he needed to catch the ball for the challenge to be complete. Edward looked up again, waiting for the ball to start its descent, when he thought he heard a scream permeating the air during a long clap of thunder. He frowned and turned towards his family to gauge their reactions.

Apparently he was not the only one to have heard a scream, as every member of his family turned their gaze to the sky. He did not have to ask if they'd heard, anyway, since he could detect their thoughts loudly and clearly. If he had to make a quick recap of the others' thoughts, it would sound exactly like Emmett's booming exclamation, "What the fucking hell was that?" Had it been another occasion, Edward knew that Emmett's loud swearing would have quickly been reprimanded by Esme, but the latter was looking, like Emmett, towards the sky in the general direction where they thought the scream originated.

A flash of lightning occurred, and Edward thought he saw a human form tumbling down in the quickly moving clouds, but his mind told him that it could have been a trick of the light with a particular dark spot in the clouds above. A few seconds later, something emerged from the cloud cover, and he realised that he had not been mistaken. It was a human that was rapidly going to crash on their baseball pitch if he did not act quickly. He did not have time to think of how on earth a human would be hit by a baseball while apparently hiding in the clouds. Or even how he could have been hiding in the clouds in the first place. All he knew was that it was his duty to rescue this human before he plummeted to death because of him.

"Well," Emmett uncommonly drawled, "it looks like you've fucked up again big time today, Eddiekins! Apparently, you've just managed the impossible. You hit an angel!"

The Cullen family could only watch mesmerised as the "angel" in question continued its quick fall. Edward moved rapidly at vampire speed and found himself directly under the "angel's" point of impact, but he knew that he had to somehow slow the fall to reduce the blow. So since he knew that the force would be immensely reduced if he had already caught the "angel" prior to hitting the ground, he jumped into the air.

He caught the latter only a few seconds beforehand, and the force with which he had jumped managed not only to slow down the fall but, as he'd calculated, the speed as well. When his feet touched the ground, he bore the brunt of the crash while the "angel" was safely cradled in his arms. Due to the force of the impact, his feet sunk a few centimetres into the muddy pitch.

It was only then, after pulling his feet out of the ground and straightening himself, that Edward looked at the collateral victim of Emmett's challenge, and he realised that the "angel" in question was a she. A very beautiful one also. She had flawless, soft, white skin, a heart-shaped face with a straight nose, and gorgeously pink, full lips. Her hair was long with thick, brown, wavy curls, and even though Edward only held her in his arms, he could guess that she was petite compared to his tall frame.

His family had rushed to his side after their abnormal shock, and Carlisle was already checking her to see if there was any damage. Esme was telling them that they needed to get her out of the rainstorm, as she would catch a cold in addition to whatever damage she suffered from the hit and fall. With their superhuman vampire speed, the Cullens quickly found themselves in the shelter of their cars. Edward along with the "angel" still in his arms was at the back of Emmett's jeep while Carlisle still prodded the girl to make sure everything was all right.

It only took a few minutes to make it back to their house and to have Edward placing the "angel" on the couch in his room. He did not know why he had brought her into his room as, after all, it would have been much quicker and more convenient to place her on the couch in the living room, but Edward thought it was his personal responsibility that the angel was in this current state. So he brought her up into his room to be able to watch over her if anything happened. Throughout Carlisle's meticulous examination of the girl, he did not leave her side, nor did he remove his hold on her. He held her hands while he watched Carlisle's thorough examination. He held his breath as he waited for his father's verdict. It was one of those rather rare occasions where Edward Cullen simply forgot his mind reading ability. He was agitated.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with her right now, other than her sporting a very serious bump on the head," began Carlisle.

"Thanks to Eddiekins." Of course Emmett had to share his much unneeded thoughts with everyone, and that only served to annoy Edward.

"Right now she's just unconscious, and she will wake up very soon, and we'll then know how this happened," continued Carlisle as though there had been no unnecessary comment from

It was as if someone had opened Pandora's Box as Edward's mind was assaulted with the thoughts and questions of his family pertaining to their "guest." But all the while, Edward could not help but think that this day had brought on a significant change to his existence. His life had changed with the arrival of the young woman that lay there on his couch, although he still did not have an inkling as to how much change had been brought into his life by the "angel." A fallen angel.

His fallen angel.