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Captured Secrecy

What if there was another member to the Cullen family, one that was such a secret that her name was barely mentioned. Who she was, was even a riddle to her. Her name is Alehana Cullen and this is her story. Would she ever reach her full potential, will there ever be someone who could get through to her?

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2. Memories never fade

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Esme pushed the door of the hospital room open and watched Alehana examine her body and mumbling "I better not get stretch marks." Alehana was a proud girl, she was 5"9 and her hair reached her hips, it was a white blonde, no human would be able to tell it wasn't her natural color, she had made sure of that, her eyes were a dark green with light blue shades in them especially around her pupils, her lips were a soft pink and they were luscious, some have even accused her of using botox.

Alehana's looks brought her a lot of luck but recently some bad luck too. She pulled her hair into a tight ponytail, revealing her high cheek bones as she thought back to the night that brought the result of her current situation. She thought she found true love, he said he loved her and that he would giver her the universe if she asked for it. They'd been together for a year now and he was starting to want more physical contact from her. It was a battle she fought as hard as she could. She was raised by her mother that a woman should be innocent when she marries.

But mother has been dead for some time now. Mother wouldn't have known she lost the battle, would she? That night was a horrifying memory. He was drunk, she never saw him drunk. He pulled into the house her mother had left for her then slammed her against the wall before she could even say anything, oh how she regretted giving him keys to the house. He was smelling awful, it was so bad that it made her nauseas, though she couldn't thin k of that now. He was already ripping her clothes off. She felt him pick her up and carry her to the guest bedroom downstairs. "No Paul please, please don't do this to me" she was crying.

He didn't care, he had been waiting for so long for her to give herself to him willingly, he had waited long enough. She was hitting her fists against his back trying to get him to put her down "Paul dammit! We spoke about this and you agreed." As her words left her lips he threw her on the bed, her head hit against the headboard, the impact broke the headboard, Paul wasn't phased, tonight was the night he took everything he wanted from her.

He pulled her legs towards the edge of the bed as he discarded his pants and shirt then her underwear he removed with his teeth. Alehana tried to close her eyes and hope this was all a bad nightmare, but it was too real. Fear was rushing through her veins, she knew she couldn't fight him off,he was 6"7 and muscled like a bear.

She covered her face with a pillow, atleast she didn't want to see him while he stole the only thing her mother told her to protect. He pushed his sex against hers which caused her to whimper, he must have thought it was a whimper of pleasure but it was more out of fear. Suddenly she felt him push his sex into hers ripping her immediately. She cried out in pain and bit onto the pillow. "Paul stop!!! Please I beg you!!!" She was screaming out her pleads. He continued to thrust himself in and out of her, her thoughts were filled with pain, confusion and a growing hate, this was the man she loved, the man who was there for her when her mother died and now he was destroying her.

After what felt like forever he was done, she didn't know what he would do afterwards . She pulled her legs back together and just laid there not wanting him to touch her again. After what felt like an eternity she opened her eyes and he was gone, she got up and walked to her room where she saw his set of house keys laying on her bed.

Alehana opened her eyes again, shaking the memory off. She wiped the tears from her cheeks then turned around to start packing, she would be discharged that afternoon, she saw Esme standing by the door, smiling softly at her. She couldn't even fake a smile. She just went back to packing.

Alehana finished packing but as she walked to the door Esme placed her hand on her shoulder. "Alehana can we talk please?" Alehana nodded and then sa on the bench, Esme joined her. Esme placed a reassuring hand on Alehana's leg. "Alehana, I want you two to come live with us, I know you have a house and a far and enough funds to keep you going for some time but, I don't think this is something anyone should go through alone. Please come stay with us?" Esme's voice was so soft and mother-like that Alehana just nodded her agreement