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Captured Secrecy

What if there was another member to the Cullen family, one that was such a secret that her name was barely mentioned. Who she was, was even a riddle to her. Her name is Alehana Cullen and this is her story. Would she ever reach her full potential, will there ever be someone who could get through to her?

The Story is told in third person. I hope you enjoy it. Oh Anyone wanna make a banner for it, please let me know. LMC This story has two banners Heres the second one: Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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3. Chapter 3 - Welcome to the family

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The pregnant Alehana smiled at the Cullen family, how could she have been this lucky? Alice took hold of Alehana’s hand, though Alehana noticed the coldness of her ouch, she couldn’t find it in her mind to respond to it, she was happy, something she hasn’t been since her family died. Alice tugged her up the stairs and Alehana followed her happily. As they reached the top of the stairs Alice turned to her “You’ll see that no one really comes here, but any ways, not that it matters, what matters is that you are here now and you and your little one will be safe and happy here.” Alice prattled on but Alehana just smiled and followed her to a set of white double doors that had a huge pink and brown ribbon tied to it. Alehana couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. Alice held out a scissor to Alehana and stepped back. “All yours sugar cheeks.” As Alehana stepped closer to the door she heard the others come up the stairs. She grinned then snipped the ribbons and pushed open the double doors. She gasped as she saw the soft brown walls with the pink splatters of paint in different sizes, she scanned over the wall decoration, and all which took her breathe away. Her eyes rested on the lustrous bed with its beautiful canopy. She turned around only too see Alice and Esme standing there and smiling at her with such love that it made her young heart feel like its never felt sorrow or heartache. Alice moved closer to her and took hold of her hand, she pulled Alehana into the bedroom and Esme followed, smiling at the antics of her vampire and human daughter. Alice pulled Alehana to a set of doors and flung the doors open to reveal a magnificent wardrobe, one that would make the biggest boutique look under stocked. Alice giggled then grabbed hold of Alehana again, pulling her to the back of the closet. She moved a set off brown curtains out of the way and pushed open another set of white doors to reveal a beautiful brown and gold bathroom, Alehana’s jaw dropped at the sight of it. The bathroom was a sanctuary to Alehana with its warm brown features, decorated with cold candles, curtains and soft brown towels. She smiled at Alice. “This is so beautiful Alice.” The pixie like vampire smiled warmly at her new sister, her dead heart was so close to beating. Esme watched the two and for some reason she knew that Alehana, her baby where turning her house filed with marble skinned vampires into a home that was filled with love and loyalty. Alice smiled at Alehana then hooked her arm into Alehana’s. “Two more surprises then we are all done.” Alice stepped towards what looked like a set of vintage room dividers and pulled them apart to show a matching nursery, the furniture was a dark black-wood and the linens where a soft green with the same chocolate brown, Alehana gasped softly at the sight and tears started streaming down her face “Oh Alice…” As the tears streamed down her cheeks, Alice and Esme hugged her gently. Esme whispered softly to her “Welcome to the family Alehana