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Captured Secrecy

What if there was another member to the Cullen family, one that was such a secret that her name was barely mentioned. Who she was, was even a riddle to her. Her name is Alehana Cullen and this is her story. Would she ever reach her full potential, will there ever be someone who could get through to her?

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4. Chapter 4 - Endurance

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Alehana has been with the Cullen family for about three months now, she was almost seven months pregnant. She was at the hospital with Carlisle, getting her weekly check up. Carlisle was getting ready to do an ultrasound when a knock came from the door. “Gimme a sec Al.” she nodded, the nick name Emmett gave her made her feel more like a part of the family so everyone started calling her that. “You can’t be serious.” She heard Carlisle comment from the door. “Ok give me the results.” She heard the door close and Carlisle was back at her side. “Well looks like your little one might be coming sooner, your blood test have shown that your blood flow has increased and that baby wants out and soon, so if its fine with you, can we do a c-section, I’d prefer to be careful.” Alehana nodded. “Well then lets get back to looking at the next Cullen.” He lifted her shirt then placed the freezing gel on her stomach which made her baby kick but what surprised Carlisle was the fact that he heard a bone crack. He turned around to find a choking Alehana. Fear struck him, the child definitely broke a bone, and this baby can’t be human at all. Carlisle sprung into action, lifting Alehana’s head and turning her so she could spit the blood out, as she continued to cough blood the child kicked her again, causing her to struggle breathing. Carlisle paged the family and the ER room that he kept open for his emergencies. “Al your gonna be ok, promise me your gonna be fine?” He was pleading for the sake of his human daughter. He was pushing Bella’s bed towards the ER as fast as he humanly could with nurses and an obstetrician following close behind. “I heard a bone crack and she was throwing up blood and not even seconds later she could barely breathe.” They finally reached the ER and all the Cullens were in the waiting room, Alice and Edward were having one of their hushed conversations and Rosalie’s face was filled with fear, Al and Rosalie had become so close. Esme was sitting on one of the couches, praying softly, Jasper and Emmett looked panicked. After four hours in the ER a nurse pushed out a nursery cot with a small baby in it wrapped in a blanket. Rosalie and Esme both looked at her then followed her closely. Esme noticed that the baby smelled odd, almost as if it had been playing with dogs instead of being just taken out of its mother’s body. Esme and Rosalie reached the nursery and sat outside in the waiting room, they knew the rules of the hospital well enough but they also didn’t want to steal this moment from Alehana. Carlisle was pumping blood into Alehana as fast as he could, he had sent all the nurses and the obstetrician out of the ER as they had already done their work, he needed his son in here and he needed him now. Edward get in here and fast! He mentally screamed towards his son, his thoughts were barely cold as he heard Edward enter the ER. We are going to have to change her, there’s enough blood in her system to make it to the house and the treaty will just have to wait, I can’t loose my daughter. Edward nodded, no one in the family would be able to handle the loss of Al. She was what made their family stronger. Carlisle stopped pumping blood into her then paged the Chief of Staff, not even five minutes later Michael walked into the room. “Carlisle, whets wrong.” The human was clearly out of breathe. “I need to take her home, she asked that if she didn’t make it through birth to be immediately take her home. Do I have you permission?” Michael nodded then declared Alehana Leandra Mitchells dead. Carlisle and Edward knew differently, they could still hear her heart but Michael was human, he would never even notice. An ambulance team was sent up to the ER and they looked very much like Jasper and Emmett, Carlisle and Edward didn’t dare comment. They lifted Al carefully into a gurney and walked as fast as they could to the Ambulance, they knew time was vital. Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle sped off to the house while Edward and Alice went to the nursery to join Rosalie and Esme, Alice already had the baby bag with her as they reached the nursery. They noticed the smell of a werewolf but thought it might be a Quileute somewhere in the hospital. “Esme” Alice spoke softly. “They are changing her as we speak, she had two punctures in her left lung which almost caused her to drown in her own blood, but she’ll make it, give her 5 days and she’ll be her old self again.” Esme nodded then took the bag from Alice and headed into the nursery, the nurse eyed her suspiciously. “Esme Cullen, Dr Carlisle’s wife and that’s my grandson.” She pointed directly towards the baby that had pitch black hair and a soft pale skin. The nurse stepped aside as Esme picked up the little bundle. She smiled as the little boy’s eyes flew open only to reveal the same blue – green eyes his mother had. Esme walked over to the bathing station and started to run bath water for him. A growl suddenly echoed through the halls and she saw a tall Quileute man standing by Edward and they were in a very deep conversation, she knew her children could handle themselves, but this little baby boy needed to be cared for. As she carefully bathed him she heard the conversation. ”Why do you smell like Alehana? Where is she and why the hell is your blood sucker mother bathing a human baby?!” The man’s words stung. “Calm down Paul, Alehana died today, giving birth to her son and Esme is bathing him because she cares for him and he will be coming home with us tomorrow because Alehana gave guardianship to Esme and Carlisle.” “I will not calm down, who the hell is the father of that bastard child! She wasn’t pregnant when we broke up!” Esme was sure she heard Edward growl, the man’s thoughts must have been upsetting. ”Well your memory seems good enough of the night she was impregnated Paul.” “I did not make her preg…….” His words died down as a loud thud vibrated against the walls, Paul must have either fainted or he was a very heavy man. “You did Paul and if you smell closely you will recognize the werewolf scent coming from your son.” Paul sniffed the air and immediately found his son’s scent, it smelled like a combination of his mother and his own scent, vanilla and rose with the wet dog smell that was a trademark of the werewolf gene. “Does Alehana know what you are?” “She does.” “Is she really dead?” “Give me five days Paul then we will answer that. I can’t answer it now, because I don’t know.” Paul merely nodded. If only he knew that his decision did this to Alehana, he would have asked her to abort the child or anything to not have a child in this world that had his cursed DNA. “Paul stop blaming yourself, she loves him, more then you’ll understand.” Paul looked up at Edward and just nodded. If Alehana loved the boy then he would too. After about an hour of staring at the little boy through the window, Paul left. He returned to the pack. He just couldn’t be alone now. The entire pack was at Sam and Emily’s house, as always. He walked in and headed straight for the lounge, he fell into his usual spot and just stared at the ceiling. He could see his son with his crystal blue – green eyes and his soft wavy black hair and his pale skin, then he pictured the night that the little boy was conceived. If only he did it out of love, how stupid was he? Carlisle had just bitten every part of his daughter’s body, her stomach, her arms and wrists, her ankles, her legs, her neck in four different places. Now he was waiting. Emmett and Jasper playing in the lounge, probably one of those silly games, but he knew they needed to stay occupied. It had been two long days since Alehana was brought home to be changed. Her features were all changed but it was her white blonde hair that suddenly became a raven black that startled Carlisle. He didn’t see her color her hair or smell ammoniac in the house or on her. Maybe it was the venom, maybe she was just meant to have raven black hair? He was so confused, just as he pushed the thought out of his head, Alehana sat up, so fast that he had stumbled back against the wall. “Hey Dad, wow its over?” He just nodded, he didn’t understand why she wasn’t acting out like all the others did. Her hand moved to her stomach and she smiled. “I saw Esme take care of him and I saw his father visit the hospital, maybe things will work out, maybe Triston could know his dad.” Carlisle walked to Alehana and started taking in her appearance, her eyes were the same color just more piercing, more electrifying and her hair was the biggest shock to him, her lips were fuller and her cheeks were so perfectly defined. He must have been staring but that’s how Emmett and Jasper found them, Alehana giggling and trying to explain that her hair had always been black and that she used an organic dye because she didn’t want to risk putting Triston in harms way. Jasper and Emmett’s jaws dropped when they saw their little sister. Carlisle turned around and glared at them, Jasper immediately closed his mouth but leave it to Emmett to be the one to respond. “What dad? She’s hot.” He shrugged his shoulders then looked at her. “Al wanna go hunt?” “Sure, bring it Em, you coming too Jazz?”