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Answer to my question

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been best friends since kindergarten. On her 21st birthday Bella falls pregnant, and can't remember who the father is. Her best friend left the day after her birthday. Ninew months later he comes back and gets a invitation for a welcome home party, turns out the party is for his best friends new baby.


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( Edward's POV) AGE 5

Today is my first day of kindergarten. My big brother and sister, Rosalie and Jasper, are in third grade. My name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. My mommy is Esme Cullen, she's a house maker kind of person. Daddy is Carlisle Cullen, he's a doctor! I want to be like him when I grow up. My teacher is Mrs. Swan. She told us to call her Ms. Renee though. There's a little girl in my class that looks like her, they have the same hair but the girl's is prettier and longer. I think I'm gonna go talk to her!

" Hi My name is Edward Cullen, what's your's?", I smiled at her.

" Bella Swan.", Bella said shyly and hid behind her hair.

" Do you want to play legos with me? We can build cars, and houses and people.", I suggested. Bella nodded and we walked over to the legos.

" What do you like to do?", She asked quietly.

" Well, I like to play the pinano mommy got for me. What about you?"

" I like to read my books.", Bella smiled at me.

From that moment on, Bella was my bestest friend.

AGE 10

" Edward! Why can't I play? Tell Jasper can!", Bella yelled. My older brother Jasper said she wasn't aloud to play baseball with us cause she's a girl.

" Bella, your a little girl, little girls can't play baseball.", Jasper sighed.

" Fine! I'll just tell my sister Alice you like her!", Bella stuck out her tounge. Jasper did have a crush on Bella's older sister Alice.

" OK, you can play.", and that's how bella always got her way, but it was still very cute.

AGE 16

Bella's got a boyfriend. His name is Jacob Black, and he's an ass. I always got so angry whenever I see them kiss or hold hands or be affectionate. I don't know why though.

" Edward, where are you?", Rosalie asked. She was home for the weekend away from college. She was refering to where my mind was.

" Trying to understand why I am always angry when Bella is with Jacob the asshole black.", I told her. Rose was dating Bella's older brother Emmett, who is Alice's twin who is dating Rosalie's twin brother and my older brother Jasper.

" Does yout heart beat faster around her? Whenever you touch a part of her skin does it feel like that static electrisity zap?", rose raised a brow. I nodded. Rose sighed happily and smiled.

" You my baby brother are in love.", she smiled. I shook my head.

" Not possible rose, first, she's my best friend, second, She's always made me feel that way.", I admitted.

Two days later, I finally admitted Rosalie was right. I was in love with my best friend.

AGE 18

I was now holding a crying Bella on my lap. She had walked in on Jacob and a girl from the reservation... doin it. I wanted to tell her to trust me and love me. That I'd always take care of her, but I couldn't ruin our friendship.

" It'll be ok Bells, he was an ass anyway. You deserved better.", I conforted.

AGE 21

So today is Bella's 21st birthday. We're all going out to get drunk since she can finally leagally drink. Emmett and Rose got married the previous year as well as Alice and Jasper who were expecting their first child. So Alice was the designated driver.

Bella did the 21 birthday shots and had like five beers after that, I was equally as drunk as her. Before I knew it we were stumbling into her apartment ripping eachother's clothes off.

I woke up in the morning and was laying in Bella's bed, we were both naked. I had to get out of there. If she woke up and thought what we did was a mistake, my heart would die. So I just left, the worst part, is I didn't just leave, I ran away. I only told my parents and my parents told my siblings and bella.