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Answer to my question

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have been best friends since kindergarten. On her 21st birthday Bella falls pregnant, and can't remember who the father is. Her best friend left the day after her birthday. Ninew months later he comes back and gets a invitation for a welcome home party, turns out the party is for his best friends new baby.


2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

It's been nine months since I've been home. Nine months since I slept with the girl I loved, and Nine months since I ran. I walked inside my parents house and was ambushed by my mother, and brother. Jasper was holding his daughter, she was three months old. Her name was Rebecca. My mom handed me a card and the family watched my face.

' Edward,

Renee and I would love it if you would join us at our house

November 13 for a welcome home party for the newest member of the

Swan family. '

It was from Charlie and Renee. I couldn't believe they had another child.

" Are you guys going?", I asked excitedly. I wanted to see my best friend.

" You are? We would have thou- Alice you never told him did you?", Rose said. Looking her straight in the eyes. She blushed.

" No, I didn't have the heart to.", she whispered.

" The heart to what?", I asked. At that moment Emmett walked in.

" My nephew is amazing! Though he looks nothing like my sister. He has blond hair and blue eyes, well I guess we can add those features to the list of possible fathers.", Emmett sighed.

" What's going on?", I asked nervously.

" We're late for the party, let's go.", Mom said. We all headed over to the swans. To my suprise, charlie was there. Wasn't he supposed to be with Renee, at the hospital with their son.... wait. Emmett said nephew. As soon as that thought went into my head I wanted to sob. At that moment, Bella walked in the house, a smile in her face and a new born baby boy in her arms.

" Guys this is Liam Braden Swan.", Bella smiled down at the little boy in her arms. Emmett walked over and took him. He was so small in emmett's arms. I sat there thinking when I realized something. Bella gave birth three days ago. It takes nine months for a baby to grow, I slept with bella nine months ago.... Was it possible? Could Liam be my son? But he looked nothing like me, nothing like bella either. Well, he looked sorta like my father. The same hair and eyes as well as nose and mouth. All I really knew, was I was screwed.