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Remembering yesterday

Edward leaves in new moon, Bella gets lost in the woods, Victoria finds her, she's changed and it's a hundred years later Bella's returning home, what will happen when there are seven golden eyed vampires there as well?


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( Bella's POV)

Edward left me. He said he didn't want me anymore and I wasn't good enough for him. Stupid me, desides to try and follow him. The next thing I know I'm staring at the wild red hair of victoria as she stalks towards me. Before I know it there is fire seering my veins closed and licking it's way into my heart and throat. I scream, but it's useless. I try begging for death but it's never delivered. How could I have wanted this? Would I live on humans or animals? Would I have a gift? Who would teach me? These were my questions. The only ones I could think of while the fire burned on.

The fire began to fade, my hearing became clearer, as well as my sense of smell. I could now feel the earth beneath me, I guessed I was left alone, I didn't hear anything other than birds. I opened my eyes, stunned at the sharpness of everything. I could see farther, I could think without that stupid one track mind, hell, I could even taste the leaves around me! I was shocked. But right now, I was still heartbroken. It had not been edward's venom used to change me. He didn't love me enough to do that. I was just a pet.


I was returning. After 100 years I would be returning to the place I once called home. I had spent the past 100 years finding myself. I learned I had three gifts. The first was a mental sheild, the second the ability to read minds, and third, I could give vampires the ability to have children. I had never used it on myself, I found no desire to have a child unless it was with someone I loved. I spent twenty years with the volturi, I learned about my bloodlust there. I had slipped up about four times. Each time was more delicious than the others. I reighned myself in though. I went back to my only animals diet.

I had also bought my old home. My car was a new model ferrari, cherry red. I would be starting school the next day. The story was, when I was ten my parents were murdered and with no living relatives I was placed into the foster care system. On my sixteenth birthday I became an emancipated minor, a year later I found out about trust funds that my parents had put in my name, I decided I wanted a nice quiet life and so I came here, to Forks.

I pulled into the school parking lot that was almost all the way full. Everybody staring at my bright red car. I listened to their minds as I got out.


' I'll have her in bed my thursday.'

' Oh god, Edward, another vampire', I knew the mind this person's thoughts belonged to.... ALICE CULLEN......