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Remembering yesterday

Edward leaves in new moon, Bella gets lost in the woods, Victoria finds her, she's changed and it's a hundred years later Bella's returning home, what will happen when there are seven golden eyed vampires there as well?


2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

Why did I have to have bad luck now? I spent my whole vampire life trying to get over the Cullen's and now they're here.

" Hey beautiful, wanna go to dinner tonight?", A dark haired boy asked.

" First of all, my name isn't beautiful, second I don't date. So, no I wouldn't like to go to dinner tonight.", I glared. I had sun glasses on so he couldn't really see the hate in my eyes.

" Oh, I get it. You're into chicks. That's ok, just bring your Girlfriend and we'll have some fun together tonight.", He wagged his eyebrows.

" Alright, I'll meet you with Danielle tonight at six, Bella itallia. See ya later hot stuff.", I completely lied. Only he would show up and I wouldn't. I walked into my first class and took my sunglasses off. Of course one of the Cullen's had to be in this class.

" Ah, you must be Isabella Dwyer. Introduce yourself to the class please.", Mr. Shefield the english teacher said.

" I'm Bella, and I am an immancipated minor. Is that good sir?", I said cockily. He glared as Emmett and Alice's mouths dropped.

" Miss Dwyer, please refrain from sarcasm in my class unless you'd like a detention.", the teacher growled. But then I read his disgusting pervy mind, ' God she is so hot when she's like that.....'. I shuddered.

" Yes sir. Where will I be sitting?", I caught him looking at my boobs.

" Next to Miss Cullen please.", I internally groaned but sat in my seat. All the sudden I felt a piece of paper on my my leg.

( ALICE= ITALICS Bella= Bold )

Is that really you Bella?

Why does it matter? You left, I am living or at least trying to live without any Cullen interferences.

I'm sorry about leaving, It was to keep you safe. But I guess we didn't do a good job seeing your species.

I was changed the night HE left.......

O_o But, who????

Victoria, I have no idea where she is now. I woke up alone, I've searched but my guess is that she's already a pile of ashes.

Where have you been?

Alaska, Seattle, any where it rains. I spent 20 years with the amazons, and 20 years with the volturi. It helped me learn control with my powers.

" Miss Dwyer, Miss Cullen, is there a note you would like to show us?", The teacher growled.

" Not unless you want to read about the latest guy I slept with.", I smiled real big. His mouth dropped and he continued the lesson. The bell rang and I was the first out of the class. Alice stopped me and pushed me into the wall.

" What do you mean by POWERS? As in you have more than one?", she asked.

" Si, Yo tengo tres.", I said, ' Yes, I have three ', in spanish.

" You know spanish? What are your powers?", she asked excitedly.

" Mental sheild, mind reading and I can give vampires the abiltiy to have children.", I said. Her mouth dropped. I smiled and headed to class getting there just before the bell rang.