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Remembering yesterday

Edward leaves in new moon, Bella gets lost in the woods, Victoria finds her, she's changed and it's a hundred years later Bella's returning home, what will happen when there are seven golden eyed vampires there as well?


3. 3

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( Alice's POV)

Bella! Eddie will be soooo happy she's not dead! He's always sulking and is curled up in a ball crying. I told him we shouldn't have left. Geez, and to think, she was changed the day we left... So much for protection. Maybe they will get back together. I also think I should keep Bella's vampire children gift a secret from Rose. She'd be pissed...

" Alice? Were you having a vision? You blanked out on us.", Emmett laughed.

" Em, she isn't dead.", I bounced excitedly in my seat.

" Who?", he asked dumbly. Same old Emmett.

" Bella, she's the new girl! Isabella Dwyer! Dwyer was her stepdad's last name.", I squealed.

" You're kidding. That isn't funny Alice. She was my little sister.", he sighed sadly.

" I'm not kidding Em. Trust me, she really is alive, she's a vampire.", I whispered in his ear. At that point Rose and Jasper entered the cafeteria. Rose took her seat next to Em, while Jazz took his next to me.

" Is it just me, or all of these kids lusting over the new girl?", Jasper asked. Of course he knew what they were feeling, he was an empath.

" They are, I can practically feel it.", I shuddered. Everyone watched as Bella walked into the cafeteria. She passed several boys who were trying to ask her out, only one got in her way.

" Hey, I've seen you before.", the tall boy said. Bella smiled cockily at him.

" Oh really?", she asked sweetly, to sweet.

" Ya, in my dreams, and it just so happens, that my phone is broken.", he winked. Bella kept playing along.

" Oh, why's it broken? It can't be too bad."

" Well, it's broke 'cause it doesn't have your number in it.... Wanna swap digits then I'll meet you in the gym and we can swap some spit?", He leaned down so his face was angled with hers.

" Alright, here's my number, and I'll meet you in the gym in five minutes, I've just gotta fix my hair and grab my purse out of my car.", she winked at him. Our mouths dropped as she kissed his cheek,. The boy ran to the gym as Bella just sat down at an empty table and pretended to eat her lunch.

" Bella.", Emmett whispered in shock. Her head reflexively whiped up. She looked away and continued to 'eat'. I pulled out my phone and text Edward.

( Alice/ Edward )

You are coming to school tomorrow- A

What if I don't want to? High school... hurts to much. Especially here in Forks.- E

Trust Me! You are coming to school tomorrow, you won't regret it- A

I don't have a choice in the mattter do I- E

Nope, see ya in a few hours- A

Damn Evil Annoying Pixie- E

I put my phone away and the bell rang, once again Bella was the first one out. Why does she always leave so fast? Oh well, I just can't wait to see the look on Edward's face tomorrow when he sees her...