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The Next Turn

Renesmee is now 17, and just starting her relationship with Jacob. She how their relationship develops and evolves. The next chapter begins now!


4. Overreacting

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Renesmee’s POV

I stared at Jacob in disbelief. This was everything that I ever dreamed of. “Yes Jacob Black, I will marry you. I love you.” I replied. Jake smiled at me and placed the ring on my finger. It had a huge diamond in the center, and a lot of little diamonds along the sides. It was pure silver and looked amazing on my finger.

“I think we should be getting back to the house, I want to see how my family is going to react.” I smiled, but instantly saw the smile on Jake’s face fade a little bit. I wonder why he was a little against showing my family, oh well I thought I will find out.

We both started running, and within moments we were back at the house. I looked at Jake and for the first time, he looked a little scared. I squeezed his hand comfortingly and started toward the door. I was trying not to think about it so my dad would not know before anyone else.

We walked into the living room, and there was no one there. They all seemed to be doing their own things spread out threw out the house. I was grateful they were all not in one place. I decided we had better tell my mom and dad first. I knew they would be upset if they were the last to know.

Jake led me up to their room, as if he knew what I was thinking. I smiled at him, then turned my attention to the door and knocked. “Come in honey.” My mom replied. I opened the door and saw my mom and dad sitting on the bed both reading books. I smiled at how simple they could be sometimes.

“Mom, Dad; Jake and I have something to tell you.” I started out. They both smiled at us. I was trying to keep my thoughts away from what I was about to say.

“Well, Jake and I have loved each other since the moment I was born. I want to spend my forever with him, so he asked me to marry him ….. and I said yes.” I said and was waiting for the reaction. I knew my dad was going to blow up at it.

“YOU WHAT?” My father said angrily at Jake. I took his hand, and I knew he was not scared of my dad. “HOW COULD YOU, SHE IS MY BABY!!” My dad yelled again. My mom was looking at me, and I knew instantly what she wanted. I showed her my left hand and she took it. She played with the ring for a second and smiled. “Congratulations honey, I’ll sort your father out. I think it’s best if you and Jake leave now.”

I took Jake’s hand and guided him out of the room. I took him to mine, and had him sit on the bed. “I knew he was going to react that way, but I was surprised the way my mom reacted.” I said. But, at the same time I was glad she did not over react like my dad. “I’m not afraid of your dad honey.” Jake replied and took me in his arms. He then turned me to face him. I kissed him and felt the world melt away. If I could I would be doing this 24/7.

“I think it’s time we told the rest of the family.” I said and made my way to the door, and waited for Jake. He took my waiting hand and we made our way to the living room.