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Hate Turned to love

Bella's Parents hate Edward's Parents. Bella and Edward meet at a party, and fall in love. They know their parents hate eachother but they won't let it effect them. Edward proposes and Bella says yes, then come's the trajedy that is telling their parents.


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( Bella's POV)

My name is Isabella Cullen and I'm eighteen years old. My mom is Esme Cullen and my dad is Carlisle Cullen. Mom is a interior designer known around the world and dad is one of the top ten surgions in the world. I have mohagany hair that is in waves until the middle of my back. My eyes are chocolate brown with flakes of blue from my parents. I live in Florida with my family. My family consists of me, my 5 year old sister Alice and my 21 year old brother Emmett. Alice has dark spiky hair and blue eyes, Emmett has curly brown hair and blue eyes.

Here my parents have rivals that they hate..... The Masens. Elizabeth Masen is a exterior designer, and Edward Masen Sr. Is a Doctor as well. Then they have an only child, Edward Masen Jr. He has bronze hair and emerald green eyes. He's number two in our class with grades and popularity. I have the best grades and am the most popular. We go to Jacksonville High school. So, here's the story of me falling in love, and the twists and turns.....

" Please mom! I never ask to go to anything!", I begged.

" Bella, it's a party! There will probably be alchohol and drugs there. I don't want you doing any of that, so answer is no. You cannot go to that party.", She scolded and shook her head. Alice ran into the room and grabbed a cookie.

" I think you should let Belly go.. Emmy told daddy that if you don't let her go she'll probably party it up in college.", Alice then bolted out of the room.

" Fine, but no drugs or drinking. I want you home by one am. Am I understood?", My mom looked me staight into the eyes.

" Crystal clear.", I smiled and ran to my room to get dressed. My best friend Rosalie hale had invited me to the party and told me to bring Emmett. She was the same age as Emmett with Blonde hair and Dark blue almost violet eyes.

I went out and got into my ferrari after I got dressed. Emmett was already in the passenger seat. He was bouncin up and down in excitement. We arrived there and went to find Rose....

Two hours later it was ten o'clock and I accidentally ran into a guy, of course.

" I am so sorry! I wasn't watching where-", I looked up into his emerald green eyes and glared at Edward Masen. The only child of my parents worst enemy.

" Cullen, what are you doin' here?", he sneered.

" The same thing you are Masen", I shot back. His eyes grew darker and before I knew it his lips were on mine. I couldn't believe it. I pushed him off of me and was gasping for breath.

" Sorry, I um, I've wanted to do that for a long time.", right as the words came out I pulled him back to me and attacked him with my lips. We sat in a corner for the rest of the party making out.

" I have to go, but I'll call you and we can go out sometime.", he said. He took out my phone and programmed his number into it as I programmed mine into his. Everytime we touched there was like and electric tingle and my heart beat faster. I nodded and kissed him one last time before finding Emmett.

When I got home I layed onto my bed and fell asleep. All night I dreamt of Edward Cullen.