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Hate Turned to love

Bella's Parents hate Edward's Parents. Bella and Edward meet at a party, and fall in love. They know their parents hate eachother but they won't let it effect them. Edward proposes and Bella says yes, then come's the trajedy that is telling their parents.


2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

Edward and I had gone on three dates. The hate that used to fill his eyes was always filled with something else everytime we saw eachother. We kept our relationship from everyone, afraid they would tell our parents.

" Bella, I need to tell you something.", Edward said, making me really nervous. He took a deep breath.

" What is it?", I said weerily.

" Bella, I love you.", Edward said with certainty while looking into my eyes. There was a sparkle in them I leaned in and kissed him passionately.

" I love you too.", I promised. A blinding smie lit up his face and he kissed me again.

A week later my family and I went to a resturaunt. And the masens were there.....

" Well, if it isn't Esme and Carlisle.", Mr. Masen sneered. Edward was looking at me. He didn't have hate in his eyes though, it was love.

" If it isn't elizabeth and Edward.", My father growled. The masen's had brought along their nephew Jasper. He ran in between a waiter carrying glass cups that was standing next to me. Before I knew what was happening glass cut into my arm and blood dripped off my finger tips. Mr. Masen even looked simpathetic. Edward was glaring daggers at the waiter and at Jasper. I gave him a look saying not to do anything rash.

" Bells! Are you alright?", My father put his hands on my face.

" I'm fine dad, just a couple deep cuts. How about we head to the hospital and you can stitch me up. I'll be as good as knew.", I suggested. He took my advice and two hours and twelve stitches later I was resting at home..

A year later Edward and I were still going strong. Our parents didn't even suspect a thing.

( Carlisle's POV)

Something's going on with Bella. She's always happy. When she's texting a friend she always gets this look of love on her face. I hope it's just a friend, I don't think I'm ready to let her date yet. Even though she's in college.

( Bella's POV)

Tonight was Edward and I's one year anniversary. He was taking me to our meadow. It was our facorite spot in the world. It was the place where we first..... well you know. I blush everytime we go to that meadow. I even blush when my parents mention taking us on hikes.

" Bella, are you ready to go?", Edward asked leading me to his Volvo. I nodded and gave him a small kiss.

We layed in the meadow and had a picnic. He had romantic music on and candles lit. We sat looking at the stars.

" Bella?", Edward made me look at him. he pulled me up to my feet then cleared his throat.

" Bella, I know we've only been together a year, our parents have no idea about what we're doing and we're only nineteen. But I love you more than my own life. I want to share it with you, for the rest of eternity. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?", he asked on one knee with a ring in hand I had tears pouring down my face. I nodded and he scooped me up into his arms and swung me around.

We were planning on telling our parents that weekend. We didn't want to hide anymore. I spent the night at his apartment that night.

( Edward SR.'S POV)

My son had been acting strange since senior year of highschool. He was constantly daydreaming and always smiling. It looked like he was in love. Whenever he visited on weekends and holidays he would always escape whenever he could and ' drive around '

My cell phone rang and I noticed it was the number of the manager at the apartment I got for Edward.

" Edward Masen speaking.", I said.

" Mr. Masen, I would just like to inform you your son is doing well. He even has a girl spending the night tonight. I've seen her here many times. In fact, she alway's stays here or he stays with her. When they got in tonight I noticed a ring on that girl's finger.", the manager said. My mouth dropped, Edward was never one to date.

" Really?", I asked suprised.

" Si, sir. He's a lucky boy. She's beautiful and you can see the love radiating from them both. They always have adoration in their eyes.", he told me. My phone beeped alerting me my son was calling. I let the manager go and answered my son's phone call.

" Edward? It's good to hear from you son.", I said.

" Hi dad. I just wanted to let you know , this weekend I'll meet you at Bella Italia on saturday, four o'clock. I have some great news.", I could practically hear him smiling.

" Alright see you there son.", we said our goodbyes and I ran and told Elizabeth.

( Carlisle's POV)

My phone rang and I saw Bella's number flash across the screen.

" Hi Bells,", I answered. I heard her sigh happily on the other end and giggle. I then heard a guy's voice. I ushered Esme over and put the phone on speaker.

" Hi daddy!", Bella said.

" Hi, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?", I asked.

" Um, this weekend, I'll meet up with you guys at four o'clock at Bella italia. I have some great news and I need to tell you guys.", she sighed happily again.

" You aren't pregnant are you?", I asked weerily.

" Oh god no! No! It's not that I swear!", she choked out. I heard the guy in the back coughing as if the phone was on speaker and heard what I said. Esme heard the man and her eyes widened,

" Alright Baby girl. See you saturday. ", we said our goodbyes and we hungg up. Esme and I looked at eachother with eager glances. We were eager to know what was going on.