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Hate Turned to love

Bella's Parents hate Edward's Parents. Bella and Edward meet at a party, and fall in love. They know their parents hate eachother but they won't let it effect them. Edward proposes and Bella says yes, then come's the trajedy that is telling their parents.


3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

I was fidgiting in my seat. Edward and I were at the resturaunt waiting for our parents to get here.

" Bells, it's going to be all right. We won't let them get between us. They're just gonna have to deal.", Edward grabbed my hand and kissed the engagement ring. I gave a small smile.

" Did I tell you how much I love you today?", I asked.

" Why yes you did Mrs. Masen.", He winked at me. We heard the bell door chime and awaited our parents.

( Carlisle POV)

Emmett, Alice, Esme and I walked into the resturaunt. We told the host that we had family here waiting for us and we went to find them. We went to the back of the restuaunt and saw Edward Masen sitting next to a girl. He was looking at her like she was his everything. The door chimed and in walked the Masens.

( Edward Sr. Pov)

Just our luck to have Cullen's at the same restuaunt. We looked for our son and saw him with a brown haired girl. You could tell he was in love. I walked over to the booth. The cullens seemed to recongize the girl and followed us. That's when my world turned to hell.

( Edward Jr. POV)

" Bella, I love you so much. Please, whatever they say, ignore them. I will not lose you over some stupid fued between our parents.", I told her. She nodded and we leaned in and kissed eachother.

" Edward!", my parents yelled.

" Bella!", her parents yelled at the same time. We were both blushing. We stood up and I took her hand.

" Mom, dad, this is my fiance. Bella Cullen.", I introduced her.

" Mom, daddy, this is Edward Masen, My fiance.", she said shakily. With our parents glaring, her siblings in shock, and the people in the resturaunt. I knew there was about to be a whole bunch of drama.

" No, Isabella I will not tolerate you marrying our rivals!", Mr. Cullen yelled.

" Edward, you are to tell that devil goodbye and follow us home. We will be sending you to a different school. You will not be seeing eachother anymore!", My father commanded.

" No.", I simply replied.

" What?", My father growled.

" No, I love Bella. I've been dating Bella since senior year but you were too blind to actually see I was happy for once! I'm not letting my life go to waste because you didn't like the girl I was in love with! I AM marrying Bella, and you WILL not put up a fight. If you can't tolerate it, then get out of my life and don't ever come back. I am with Bella, till the end.", I told my speach.

" Isabella, I will not allow you to waste your life like this! You're destined for medical school and then you will become a great doctor. You will not be marrying some.. some heathan! You are a Cullen, Cullens do not associate with Masens, let alone fall in love and marry one!", Mr. Cullen growled.

" I love Edward Daddy, and I love you. But if I have to choose, I'm going to choose Edward. I won't give him up for the world. I can't it's not possible. So daddy, please, pick my happiness over this stupid fued that is between these two families. I don't want to loose you but I will so I can be with Edward.", she had unshed tears in her eyes. All I wanted to do was comfort her and tell her it would be all right.

" Edward, please, family is more important than this worthless girl.", the moment my father called bella worthless I launched myself at him getting ready to punch him, somehow Bella kept me from doing that. I stared at my father with rage.

" Bella is not worthless. She is perfect! I love her and if you can't except that get the hell out of my life! I want Bella and for once in my life you are not going to take her away from me. I will be marrying Bella."