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Games and heartbreak

Bella wanted Edward, Edward wanted Tanya. Edward decides to start dating Bella, except it's all a game. He's doing it so Tanya will go out with him. All that comes of this is heartbreak..... The worst part? Edward is Bella's best friend.


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( Bella's POV) Age 5

" Eddie! My mommy wants to know if you can go to Pizza Palooza with us tonight!", I screamed out my window to my bestest friend and nieghbor, Edward Masen. He opened his window and smiled at me.

" Mom says yes! Let's go, I'm a growin boy, I need Pizza.", We both ran to our front doors. My mom followed me laughing. Well since I'm in the car I guess I can explain some stuff, hm let's see. Well, my name is Isabella Marie Cullen, but I like being called Bella. I'm five years old. I'm an only child. Um, my bestest freind is Edward Masen. He has a big brother and a big sister, Alice and Emmett. They are fifteen years old. My mommy's name is Esme Cullen, and my daddy is Carlisle Cullen. Mommy makes peoples rooms pretty and daddy is a super hero, he saves people's lives.

OOOOO we just arrived at Pizza Palooza! Well see ya!

AGE 10

" Edward! Come on! We're gonna be late for practice!", I yelled. We had signed up for baseball this year.

" Isabella! What did I tell you about yelling in the house?", my mom scolded. Edward was in my room trying to find his baseball glove. He accidentally left it here.

" Sorry Mom.", I apologized. Edward ran down the stairs, baseball glove in hand and baseball hat on head.

" Bye!", I called out the door to my mom as Edward and I raced to the practice field.

AGE 16

I recently discovered I'm in love with my best friend, but he's in love with the girl who bullies me everyday behind his back. I don't want to ruin our friendship, or even the way he's in love with anyone, so I stay out of it. He wants Tanya Denali, not some bookworm like me. I'm a nerd. I have the school's top grades and I do extra credit.

" Hey Bells! Did you get Em and Roses wedding invitation? Jasper took Alice to Vegas and they got married last night.", Edward laughed. Alice wanted a big wedding and Em wanted a wedding with a car shaped cake. Rose loved Cars. Rose and Em had a two year old daughter Marnie.

" Ya I got it. So, how are you? I haven't seen you since like two days ago.", I play scowled.

" Sorry, I was talking my parents into getting contacts. Tanya doesn't like glasses. I'd do anything for her.", he sighed. They weren't dating but she would tell him what she liked. I liked Edward the way he was. Not the Edward she was creating.

" Cool.", I replied simply. We went to class and then went to our spot after school. We just sat in our meadow thinking.

" What are you thinking about?", He asked quietly.

" Love.", I said. It was true. I was thinking how much I wished I was enough for him.

" So, you are in love, or just the thought in general.", He asked.

" I'm in love. But I won't tell him, I'm too chicken shit. I know who he thinks he's in love with. I'm not gonna push my emotions onto him. It's not fair.", I stated. I felt like crying.

" But if you love him, isn't it worth a little pain over?"

" Not in my situation.", I sighed.

AGE 18

He asked me out! Edward and I are going out! I can't believe it, I'm ecstatic. We've been going out for about three months and he just told me he loved me! I said it back and it felt so good. There's only eight months of school left which isn't a lot. Then I'll be off to college.

Edward and I were always together. He said he saw past all my quirks, such as being smart and clumzy plus my blush which he said was beautiful. The only bad part was I knew Edward was keeping something from me.