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Games and heartbreak

Bella wanted Edward, Edward wanted Tanya. Edward decides to start dating Bella, except it's all a game. He's doing it so Tanya will go out with him. All that comes of this is heartbreak..... The worst part? Edward is Bella's best friend.


3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

Bella left town right after graduation. And I mean right after, she got her diploma said goobye to her parents jumped in her ferrari and left. A month after Bella left, Tanya ran away with an old boyfriend. That's when I learned what I lost. So here I am, a year later and it's summer vacation. I heard Bella was coming back into town. My parents already warned me not to mess with her. I was sitting on my front porch step when a midnight blue ferrari pulled into the Cullen's driveway. A guy got out of the passenger seat and helped out the girl. She was not the Bella back in high school. She was... different. She had natural looking red highlights in her hair and a curvy figure that she showed off. She even showed off her long legs. Out of the corner of her shoulder I saw a tattoo. My mouth dropped.

" Jake, I told you I do not want to hear that kind of stuff. It's disgusting.", She shivered.

" Bella, it's nature! I mean, you got drunk that one time and didn't you like it?", he asked.

" I was drunk! I don't remember it. Besides, I can't even drink anymore.", She muttered.

" Bells, you feed him formula. Why can't you drink?"

" Let's see, I'm underage and my dad showed me all of the old alchohol poisoning medical reports. Plus, I've got to take care of Ethan he's only four months old.", she sighed. She also pulled out a baby carseat that was light blue. I looked inside and there was a tiny baby resembling an exact replica of Bella's father, but strangely he looked sorta like my brother Emmett. His size his blue eyes.

" Bella, you are still a teenager! Look, Sam's having a party tonight. Have your parents babysit and come out to the party.", Jake suggested.

" What's the real reason you want me to go?", she raised and eyebrow.

" I need you to be my wingman. I want to get a boyfriend and you should get one too.", OH GOD!! Jake is gay!

" Why didn't you just say so? Plus, you know I don't trust men. Except you, but your gay so it's different.", she laughed.

" Cause, I really want you to go to this party. You need a boyfriend! I mean, you are super sexy! I hear guys talk about your ass and boobs all the time in class!", Jake wagged his eyebrows. I suddenly got really angry. The baby in the carseat started crying and Bella handed the seat to Jake while pulling the baby out. She rocked him back and fourth, and kissed his forehead.

" He looks nothing like his father, or you.", Jake mentioned.

" I know, he looks like his uncle.", Bella sighed. I remembered back before I ditched Bella, we slept together. It was actually the night before prom. It was perfect, that night we both cashed in our V-cards. That was a year and a month ago.. I sighed and went inside.

" What's wrong Edward?", My mom asked worried.

" Nothing mom, I'm just going to go lay down in my room.", I truged up the stairs and opened the window then layed on my bed. I heard Bella's window open and sat up. I looked out the window and saw Bella standing there with her back to me. She turned on her Tv and put a movie in. I then noticed the baby on her bed with his hand in his mouth. The sound coming from the tv told me she was watching the lion king. Bella always loved that movie. She said it reminded her of me. The color of simba's mane was a similair color to my hair. Bella always loved my hair, she would constantly run her fingers through it.

" Ethan, you know I love you right?", She touched Ethan's cheek, he looked at her with his big blue eyes and made a cute giggling noise.

" Ya I thought so. I'm sorry you don't have a daddy, but mommy thinks he's a a-hole. So does Jake, one day I'll tell you who your daddy is but hopefully that'll be when your older. ", She pushed a piece of hair out of his face. He grabbed her finger and played with it. She tickled his sides and he laughed histerically.

" I love seeing you this happy.", Jake said as he walked into her room.

" It's all because of my baby boy.", she snuggled close to the baby.

" I still think you should tell his father.", Jake stated and looked away.

" Are you kidding me? He doesn't deserve to know.", she growled.

" Bella, I know he hurt you. I do, but you're not just keeping ethan away from him, he's being kept away from his family. I understand if you won't be able to trust the douche with Ethan, but at least tell him.", Jake begged.

" It's not that easy. He's going to hate me even more for keeping Ethan from him, I'm trying to keep myself and Ethan safe. I think- I think I still love him.", Bella added the last part quietly.

" GO tell him then, go tell him he hurt you, go tell him about Ethan, go try, just try. If not for me, than for your son. He deserves to have his father, it's not his fauly he's an ass.", Jake pulled the sleeping Baby from Bella's arm and put him in a crib. I wished Ethan was my son, but Bella's beautiful, so odds are he's not.