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Not who you thought i was!

Isabella Swan never existed, but Elizabeth Thompason did. after finding the truth about alice and edward jasper leaves the cullens and ventures back to peter and Charlotte. with elizabeth being his mate and also she helped maria he ventures to find her. will he? Non-Canon, JasperxElizabeth, AlicexEdward, CarlislexEsme, EmmettxRosalie, PeterxCharlotte


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1-

Bella’s POV

Posing as a human can be hard and it can also be very exciting, since you’re not human at all. My real name is Elizabeth Jennifer Thompson and I was born in 1846 to Carol Karen Davis-Thompson and David Charles Thompson who were only in there 20’s when they had me. I may have lied to the Cullen’s but I did it for my safety, and my creator (who I hunted down and killed) was Linda Jones and she hunted humans!

When I was human my hair was dirty blonde and my eyes were an ice blue. People loved my eyes and loved them too so much. My….friend said my eyes were like the ice on a lake in the winter but in Texas ice on the lakes didn’t happen but every few years. When I got turned my Linda I lost my beautiful eyes and I missed people commenting my eyes when they saw me but instead they ran from me and made me sad =(.

My eyes of course were red when I woke from transformation and they didn’t turn gold from the animals for a few months making me a freak around all humans. Humans called me a freak when they thought I couldn’t hear them but I could hear everyone around me including my family. I’ve went as Isabella Swan since my transformation since I can’t go as Elizabeth Thompson or I would be caught and slaughtered. Ok when I was a newborn I helped Maria with her newborn army and the Volturi are still trying to track me to kill me like they did Maria.

I don’t know what Maria did to me to make the volturi want to kill me but I’m mad as hell at that bitch. You could say my life was never easy and I mean my whole life! I’m not the only one who has a screwed up life on this planet I just know it. When I was free of Maria and her newborn army and…him I went back as Isabella Swan the second and I was her…daughter after 20 years of being with her!

When I moved to Forks I wasn’t expecting to find other vampires here and really I knew what they were the minute I saw them but what they don’t doesn’t hurt them. Then I saw…him and his mate the evil little pixie who hated me. She literally hated me because when all vampires were out of ear shot or we were “shopping” she would tell me she hated me and hated that I came into their lives. I ignored her and focused on how to tell…him my secret but that surely didn’t happen, now did it?

Now that they have left I can go back to being Elizabeth and hiding from the volturi ha-ha! How evil is Elizabeth Thompson? Very!

His POV (A/N- with my story I will not mention his name in POV’s but with other family members but her, yes!)

I can’t believe Alice hated Bella! Bella was an incident human she didn’t mean to meet us she was meant to meet us not be a piece of trash to so many people. Ok, just Alice and Edward but to me that’s a lot. Though Bella reminded me so much of…her. Her dirty blonde hair and ice blue/gold eyes that I fell for so hard but who knows where she is now. She could be dead she could be hiding she could be anywhere but for some odd reason I have this feeling I’ve seen her after back when I was with Maria.

She was an angel no doubt and I fell head over heels in love and I never felt that with Alice, and I know Alice knows it. Alice wasn’t my mate and I know that, Edward is her mate and Elizabeth is mine but my mate is nowhere to be found in my life. I want to find her and I’m leaving the Cullen’s and being a Whitlock just for a little to see if I can find Elizabeth Thompson, is there any chance of finding her?


A/N- I LOVE this story so far and I’m finally going to try a different Bella boyfriend and have her with jasper…maybe. Please review and read! I won’t post a new chapter unless I get more reviews than 1 or 2, I’m tired of no comments and I mean it! When I mean more reviews I mean 5 to 10 and it may grow over chapters…so review!