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Not who you thought i was!

Isabella Swan never existed, but Elizabeth Thompason did. after finding the truth about alice and edward jasper leaves the cullens and ventures back to peter and Charlotte. with elizabeth being his mate and also she helped maria he ventures to find her. will he? Non-Canon, JasperxElizabeth, AlicexEdward, CarlislexEsme, EmmettxRosalie, PeterxCharlotte


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-

Jasper’s POV

I searched everywhere in Houston but the place where I bet she is….my home, my human family’s home.

“Where ya going Jazz?” Peter asked

“….Home” I said

He looked shocked.

“Back to those filthy Cullen’s already?” he asked venom in his voice

“What? Hell no! I mean back to my human house to see if Elizabeth is there” I said

He now looked better, and didn’t have venom in his voice.

“Just to let you in on a secret dude, she’s here in Houston before she came up to us she fled the other way” Peter said

Really? My Liz? Not some descendent, my love?

“My Liz?” I asked

“Always, she came home a few hours before you did” Charlotte said coming in.

Why didn’t she want to see me?

“Why did she flee and don’t want to see me?” I asked sadly

“I don’t know, she smelt you and said “gtg” and left” Peter said

She didn’t want to see me! She hates me!

“Now don’t go thinking she hates you because I know she doesn’t!” Charlotte said

That girl can read me like a book when I think of things.

“Oh and jasper I can’t read minds but I just saw it on your face” Char said

I smiled, charlotte can always cheer someone up it doesn’t matter what mood they’re in, she always makes people smile. I know ran to find my Elizabeth to see if shes home.

Elizabeth’s POV

Being back in Jaspers home brings back more memories. Our almost wedding planning, the first time we met, and so much more that have not come back to me yet. This was going to be ours if neither of us had been changed, and we would of grew old here and conceived our children here and die here but we cant do that now. He could always bring Alice here and they could make their own memories and so much more and I cant do that like they can.

“Lizzy?” Someone said

Oh crap I should of smelt him earlier!

“Jasper” I said not turning around

I bet Alice is right behind him with a million bags and I was right they can make their own memories here and I…can’t.

“Lizzy…whats the guilt for?” he asked touching my shoulder

“Jazzy…this was supposed to be ours” I said

He turned me around and hugged me tight letting me cry in his chest.

“Jasper what the hell?” Someone said

“Alice what hell are you doing here?” Jasper growled

I was right, he brought her to bring memories.

“You’re still my husband jasper, I can be wherever I want” Alice said mad

He rolled his beautiful eyes.

“And who the hell are you?” She asked me

“Elizabeth Thompson nice to meet you bitch” I said ignoring her face

Then I saw it in her head, Maria is alive and is tracking me and now they’ve found me since I said my name. Thanks Alice you just ruined my life!

“Jasper, we have to leave NOW!” I said

“Liz what’s wrong?” he asked keeping his tight hold on me.

I ignored him pulling on his hand, if Maria found Alice she would find me and jasper and the volturi would find me!

“Liz! I’m not going anywhere until I know what’s up” Jasper said

“Maria’s back she’s alive and she’s hunting us” I said pulling him away

He immediately let me take him and we began running.

“Ah, so I see my two favorite newborns finally reunited” she said

I turned around and crouched down snarling, she was not going to win me over again.

A/N- *Gasps* Alice and Maria are back! Do you think Alice is helping Maria catch Jasper and Liz? I know this chapter is short but I promise they will get longer over the story, and I have enough courage and don’t jump to far too fast maybe this will get a squeal! Please Review, all it takes is pressing the button below this. If you haven’t already please read my other story “The Famous Siblings” it too will be updated after a few reviews.