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The Famous Siblings

Isabella, Emmett, and Jasper always seemed different to the student body of Forks High. They have a secret only their parents know, not even their other family. Their secret? Their a famous band, and they know how to hide it. Very adictive so please check it out!


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1-

Bella’s POV

Being a famous band with my brothers out of school is for sure the funniest thing to do in the world, but in school we’re not even close to what we do out of school. In school we’re geeks, nerds, the triplets picked on with no friends but each other but out of school I know all those bully’s love our band and would do anything to meet us. People just think our ban was made by friendship and not my family, and bully’s. Everyone also thinks that we’re way older than 17, but litterly we aren’t over 17 yet. I wish I was over 17 so I didn’t have to go to high school anymore but with my luck that isn’t happening any time soon.

Today was our first day back after our 1 week concerts, and I’m tired as hell and ready to go back to bed. I didn’t care what I wore right now because I’m deeply tired and can’t wait until today is over.

“Bella?!” Emmett whined yelling a bit

I yawned before answering him.

“Hmm?” I asked tired

“Are you tired too?” he asked

I nodded my head trying not to close my eyes and falling back asleep. I didn’t need this now, not before school.

“Of course, is jasper up yet?” I asked yawing again

“I don’t think so” he said leaving the room

I heard a shriek come from jaspers room and a laugh, maybe this would wake us all up for once. Maybe just maybe today would be a normal day for a famous band in geek form while being in school, and on the record we have a C signing tomorrow morning at 10 am.

Half Way to School…

I shut my eyes slowly drifting off the road.

‘Bella!” Jasper yelled grabbing the wheel

“Sorry!” I immediately said grabbing the wheel

Being the lead singer makes me have more work to do than the guys so I’m usually more sleepy. ‘Cause I have to sign more CDs because of course they all love me more, than the guys so I sign more things than them. Last night we got into Seattle at 1 am, and it’s an hour drive home so when I finally fell asleep it was 2:30, and I woke at 6 so you get why I’m tired.

At the School…….

I pulled up and parked immediately letting the gadgets go, and closing my eyes while resting my head on the steering wheel, today will not be a good day I can tell.

‘It won’t be a good day’ I thought

In 3rd period……

I slowly and I mean slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Bella’s Dream-

I stood in a room with a velvet white gown on staring at myself in the mirror; I looked happy or sad one of them.

“Bella” Some girl called coming in.

“Alice, what if something goes wrong?” I asked her

She sighed

“Bella, nothing will go wrong he loves you and you know that, you love him defiantly when he saved you I promise” she said

“But…” I protested

‘Bella, he’s waiting at the end of that aisle for the love of his life. Now go make him yours for good” she said smiling

End Of Bella’s dream

This dream really confused me but like normal the bell woke me up and I straightened my hair grabbing my stuff and leaving the room. I yawned once again and stuffed the stuff in my locker grabbing my stuff for history.

In 4th hour….

”’Bella what’s up?” Em asked sitting down next to me for a project

“I fell asleep in English and I had a weird dream, nothing much” I said

“I see” he said smiling

“Oh! I’m sorry everyone go back to their seats, I do have partners” Teacher said

Emmett moved back to his seat and I sighed.

“Ok, Jessica with Mike, Emmett with…..Angela, Bella with Alice, Jasper with Maria….” He said continuing

With Alice Cullen? Is he crazy? It would have been better if he put the triplets together because then we wouldn’t have to worry about exposing our secret. If our secret is exposed to anyone but our family we are defiantly screwed, and we don’t need that.

“This project will be due next Monday, so you have all weekend” Teacher said

NO! We have concerts this weekend and no time for doing projects with other people, no way! Emmett raised his hand for us thankfully.

“Yes, Mr. Swan?” Teacher asked

“My sister brother and I won’t be home this weekend for family situations so what should we do?” Em asked

YES! Save us Emmett, I don’t need to go to its house.

“Well that’s too bad! Get it done this weekend with your partner” he said

How am I supposed to do this with concerts all weekend? I can’t have her come to the concerts and give her tickets, and then help after the concert, no I wouldn’t ever be that stupid.

At Lunch…..

I sat down at our lunch table with the guys freaking out.

“We can’t do this! Nobody and I mean nobody can find out” Jasper said half screeching

“I know that! Do I look deaf?” I asked

“No, but this weekend is going to be a disaster” Em said

Jasper and I nodded our heads sighing, this weekend is going to be a disaster.

After School…..

Jasper got in the driver’s seat and I got in the back, and Emmett got in the passenger seat.

“Ready to go home then leave again 2 hours later?” I asked the guys.

“Yup, let’s get this over with” Jasper said leaving the parking lot

At the Swan House…..

I ran in the house to my room not noticing the people in my living room.

Emmett’s POV

People were in my house, and Bella didn’t see already going up to do her essentials for the plane ride. It was Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale, my middle school crush is in my house and I’m just staring at her.

“Emmett, where’s Bella?” mom asked

“Um…Changing” I said

“Oh! Do you know these girls?” mom asked

“A little, why?” I said

“Because there here to see you” mom said making me leave