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The Famous Siblings

Isabella, Emmett, and Jasper always seemed different to the student body of Forks High. They have a secret only their parents know, not even their other family. Their secret? Their a famous band, and they know how to hide it. Very adictive so please check it out!


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2-

Bella’s POV

I hoped into the shower quickly not caring about its temperature, we have a plane to catch in 3 hours and it takes an hour to get there. So you get I have to be quick about my changing and shower.

“Bella?!” Em yelled

“Shower” I yelled

Ah Shit! We have to meet Paramore, before the show. How am I supposed to get this all done and still have enough time to change in between songs and make it to Nevada in 8 hours? Ya having a pop band playing for a country one is strange but everyone else is busy, so ya. You can also blame Emmett because he loves there band and insisted we have them play at the half time show. Jasper and I didn’t really care who we got, but we got this band thanks to our stupid brother.

“Emmett come here!” I called

I heard him barge in the bathroom.

“What is it sis?” he asked

“We have to meet Paramore before the show tomorrow” I said grabbing my towel after turning off the water

“Ah Shit! Thanks for reminding me I forgot” he said

I hoped out of the shower and he grinned.

“Maybe you should show those girls what they’re missing downstairs” he said

“NO! Perv, now get out” I said making him leave

I brought the brush up to my brown hair and brushed through it willingly. Afterwards I got out my blow dryer and blew it dry until I could curl it but, first I put my clothes on then got out the curling iron. Once it was hot, I curled my hair so I didn’t look like myself.

1 ½ hours later……

I finally walked out of my bathroom after 1 ½ hours going to pack. Ok, I’m already packed but I have to take the stuff out to the car. Once I got downstairs the sight shocked me.

“Well finally, we do have a project to do” Alice said turning around

She gasped at me I didn’t look like myself but I didn’t look like the singer either.

“Whoa, you’re so pretty” Alice said

“Um…Thanks?” I questioned

“But I thought it was a family thing” rose asked

“It is its photos” mom said saving me

“Where are they? And why do you have luggage?” Alice asked

“You could say it’s more of a reunion, and because we’re staying” mom said saving my ass once again

“Arizona” I added to her rant

“Then why are you all dressed up?” rose asked

“You know grandmas” I laughed

They nodded, I was lying through my teeth and they’re believing every word.

“Do you want us to go?” rose asked

I nodded and they got up and left, I didn’t talk to my mother until I saw their car hit the road and screech off.

“Oh Thank You Mom! You saved my ass once again” I said hugging her

“You’re welcome, now go you don’t want to miss your plane” she said making me run out to the car

The driver John was waiting for us in the famous garage.

“Good Evening Miss Scott” he said at the tip of his hat

Ya, we go by different names, so what, and it’s our choice.

“Thank You John” I said running back inside

I grabbed the guy’s bags and ran back to the car giving them to John while getting in the back. Soon enough the guys jumped in the back and we said our goodbye to our parents giving each a kiss on the cheek. While we pulled out I looked to the house I wouldn’t see until Monday morning at 1 am possibly later.

“Those girls have such squeaky voices” Em whined

“Huh?” I asked

“they talked to me, like you know which band we hate the most? It was US. They call Bella a whore and I’m just a stupid back up and jasper, well they think he’s hot” Em whined

A WHORE? I’m not a whore, I’m just a girl being famous with her brothers.

“That’s stupid” I yelled

“That’s awesome” jasper said

I glared at my brother and he looked down, it would be awesome for jasper to be called hot but me being called a whore is not.

At the Seattle Airport……

I’ve ignored jasper ever since he said that in the limo and now I’m making my way to my seat in the plane, still ignoring him.

“Bella, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it for you” jaspers pleads

I ignore him, I don’t really care for his pity.

“Bella, please look at me” jasper pleads

I gave up and looked to my brother tears in my eyes.

“Oh Bella, I’m so sorry” he said pulling me into a hug

Half way through flight to Nevada…..

I’ve had my head rested on jaspers shoulder since we got in our seats.

“Married couple?” the lady asked us.

“No, siblings” jasper said

“I’m sorry, didn’t see the similarity” she said walking off

Jasper looks more like mom anyways; he has blonde hair and blue eyes just like mom. While Emmett and I both have brown hair and brown eyes.